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Darren J. Ray

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Good work, DAN. 

How did you find that?

Yep, recorded in September 2005 but not released until 2006, so I'll use the latter date. 

The dates I include are always the first release dates, unless the songs were recorded several years before and weren't released at the time, in which case you'll notice I reference both years. 

For example, 'San Miguel' (The Beach Boys; from Week 9, Season II) is listed as 1969/1981, meaning it was recorded in 1969 but did not see light of day until Ten Years of Harmony in 1981. 


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The clip description mentions where it is.  Yeah, in Spanish.
paul g adsett

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tempted to give 'em all 'nul points'
for lack of imagination,
but also add a point or two for managing not to make total pigs ear'oles
out of their ardent efforts.

oro:  'a deg løftes av musikk'
- one of my alltime favouritest bw songs.
impossible not to like this,
even though they attempt
(and almost succeed in) completely recreating the original,
with arrangement, tones and, timbres and fade.
given it's in another tongue, for another audience,
they done well and i hope it was a big hit for them,
since the song deserves to be heard everywhere everyday.

prata: 'hasta morir'
- brave, in that they're performing it 'in vivo'
and making a good effort at the arrangement.
i'd happily listen to 'em  do other things..

bronzen: 'solo dios sabe'
- not at all unpleasant,
a little ploddy,
a bit too slavishly attempting to recreate the original,
with some strange alterations
(eg, not at all sure about the piano bit at around the 1:11 mark).

blech: kleines surfer girl'
- another effort that decides not to take the song in any other direction.
it chugs along,
sounds pretty.
but, quite honestly, it sounds pretty naff,
since they can't be arsed to translate the lyrics fully and leave it semi-american.
perhaps it was aimed at german camp followers at the american bases in w germany.
a quick snog or more behind the nissan hut on a saturday night...

paul g adsett

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before class is dismissed,
here's the incomparable joyce grenfell
with the 'nursery school' sketch

David W

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I forgot this on my previous post . No idea why but I prefer the Spanish version of this tune by Jon Secada , Just Another Day.


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My votes are for the best rendering of the song by the artist (obviously IMO) and not by how I would rank the song on its own merit.  There is just a hair’s difference between Gold, Silver and Bronze, but the vocal on ‘Til I Die pushed it to third.

Gold – Kleines Surfer Girl (Germany) - Die Strandjungs (Surfer Girl)
Silver - Sólo Dios sabe (Argentina) - Charly García y Pedro Aznar (God Only Knows)
Bronze - La Deg Løftes av Musikk (Norway) - Trygve Thue (Add Some Music to Your Day)
Tin - Hasta Morir en vivo (Argentina) - Super Ratones ('Til I Die)

Great week, D.A.N and I’ll be back later tonight.

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

Larry Franz

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I don't know why I remember this song in its Spanish version, at least its opening line, which I thought was "Cuando Caliente el Sol":  

"Cuando Calienta el Sol", which does not mean "Love Me With All Your Heart". 

Connie Francis sings it in Spanish then English. It's memorable.


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Gold : Sólo Dios sabe (Argentina) - Charly García y Pedro Aznar (God Only Knows)
Silver: Hasta Morir en vivo (Argentina) - Super Ratones ('Til I Die)
Bronze: Kleines Surfer Girl (Germany) - Die Strandjungs (Surfer Girl)
 Tin: La Deg Løftes av Musikk (Norway) - Trygve Thue (Add Some Music to Your Day)

Graciegirl [smile]


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i miei voti...

OR Charly García y Pedro Aznar - Sólo Dios sabe

ARGENT Kleines Surfer Girl - Strandjungs  I'm pretty sure they just threw that Ganz Allein lyric in there as a nod to a certain other song.

BRONZE La Deg Løftes av Musikk

ÉTAIN Super Ratones - Hasta Morir (en vivo)

Gosh that was tricky


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This week is open for a few more hours.  It's close.
paul g adsett

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not that any of us need to seek it out and watch,
but i fell upon this saga,
a japanese soap opera called 'beach boys'
- synopsis includes such profound plot lines as:
'Upon getting thrown out of his girlfriend Fujiko's apartment, Hiromi (Sorimachi) decides to head for the ocean. En route, he crosses paths with Kaito (Takenouchi), an elite employee of a large multinational trading company in Tokyo who is running away from his problems at work after losing a key client. The two stumble into a quiet B&B on the beach run by the aging surfer Masaru and his high-school-aged granddaughter Makoto. Hiromi immediately applies to work there for the summer, and Kaito is forced to join him after he loses his wallet. The two share a room, with Hiromi trying to make friends, and Kaito at first resisting, unimpressed by Hiromi's devil-may-care attitude...'
all episodes available, should the spirit move you:



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Thanks to everyone who voted.  Crunching the numbers reveals these rather strange results:

Super Ratones - Hasta Morir     37 pts (3G, 5S, 2B, 4T)
Charly García y Pedro Aznar (en vivo) - Sólo Dios sabe    35 pts  (4, 2, 5, 3)
La Deg Løftes av Musikk - Trygve Thue  35 pts (3, 2, 6, 3)
Kleines Surfer Girl - Strandjungs)  33 pts (4, 5, 1, 4)

Yep, that's equal most Gold and equal most Silver for the Strandungs - in 4th place.

This was my main source:

Now it's over to Deb.
Darren J. Ray

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Genuine congratulations, DAN.

Four points between first and last make this the closest week ever, surpassing the previous record of 5.5 points from Week 30 of Season VI (paul g adsett) and Week 11 of Season VII (Tom Tobben).

You now hold that record. 

Allow me to offer you a hearty hand clasp.

These were the previous record holders:

Week 30 (Season VI) (21 voters)
Gold - Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long (Nelson Bragg - 2012) (55.5)
Silver - Almost Cut My Hair (live) (Crosby, Stills & Nash - 2009) (52.5)
Bronze - Hair (The Cowsills - 1969) (52) (finished 4th in Bronze Play-Off)
Tin - Cut My Hair (The Who - 1973) (50) (finished 6th in Tin Play-Off)
(paul g adsett)

Week 11 (Season VII) (18 voters)
Gold - Spill the Wine (Eric Burdon and War - 1970) (47.5)
Silver - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer (George Thorogood and the Destroyers - 1977) (46)
Bronze - Chug-A-Lug (The Beach Boys - 1962) (44.5)
Tin - Tennessee Whiskey (Chris Stapleton - 2015) (42) (finished 5th in Tin Play-Off)
(Tom Tobben)

The situation with the most Golds is not quite as unique as Week 39 of Season V (Larry Franz) when the result was inversely proportional to the number of Golds each song allotted.

Week 39 (Season V) (21 voters)
Gold - Wildewoman (Lucius - 2013) (3G, 12S, 4B, 2T) (58)
Silver - Just Like Me and You (Brian Wilson - 2008) (5G, 6S, 8B, 2T) (56)
Bronze - WOR (Django Django - 2010) (6G, 3S, 5B, 7T) (50)
Tin - Your Protector (Fleet Foxes - 2008) (7G, 0S, 4B, 10T) (46) (finished 8th in Tin Play-Off)
(Larry Franz)

Some other stats….

The 14 voters equals the same number as Week 3 of Season VIII (t Bedford). Week 1 of Season VIII (Cindy Hood) had only 13 voters.

The 37 points for ‘Hasta Morir’ is the second lowest score for a Gold ever. Only 33.5 points for ‘Roots’ (Show of Hands - 2006) from Week 27 of Season II (Karate Worm) scored lower. That week only summoned 12 voters, the lowest turnout we’ve had.

The 23.57% of the vote for ‘Kleines Surfer Girl’ should be enough to qualify it for the Tin Play-Off.

Personally, I dare say I found the turnout for the challenging and imaginative week disappointing.

Hoping more people jump on board and show support to the hosts who obviously put a lot of thought into preparing their weeks.


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