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David W

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My late votes  :

GOLD :The WondermintS

SILVER : Gus Dapperton

BRONZE ; Reverand Horton Heat

TIN  Damn Damn etc.

bonnie bella

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A flurry of voters at the end here. Thank you to Verden Darren, st kilda, Deb, paul and David, who effectively doubled the voting numbers in one fell swoop. Thanks also for your considered votes and suggestions. Deb, you are speaking my language; nonsense.

Here's how the week panned out:



The Wondermints whitewashed everything this week with their "Invisible Paint", which had a visible reaction with eight gold places and not a single Tin, winning with a grand total of 42 points  (8 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze, 0 Tin)

Dapperton tried but could not quite make first placing, with only half the number of Gold placings as the Wondermints, but he and his digestive system are happy to have met you. "Prune, You Talk Funny" gained a total of 36 points  (4 Gold, 5 Silver, 2 Bronze, 1 Tin)

The poor old Reverend lost his dog, his toothbrush, his couch, and his live-in cleaner! Plenty of you enjoyed a laugh, and for that I am happy. "Where In the Hell ..." got a grand total of 25 points (0 Gold, 4 unexpected Silvers, 5 Bronze, 3 Tin)

Finally, Be Your Own Pet tried hard but failed to impress, must have been that "Damn Damn Leash". Only 17 measly points but one sparkling little silver.  (0G, 1S, 3B, 8T)

Twelve voters this week. I appreciate you all for showing up. Thanks, paul, I understand you're further away than Timbuktu at present.

A final song from me. I call this courting disaster aka asking for it.



Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Darren J. Ray

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Well done, bonnie.

Alas, the 12 voters equals the lowest turnout for a week, along with Weeks 15 (Cindy Hood), 17 (Larry Franz) and 24 (The Egg) of Season X, Week 14 of Season IX (Deb#1) and Week 27 of Season II (Karate Worm).

It was the fifth entry and first Gold for Wondermints.

Their record:

Tracy Hide (a Silver in Week 3 of Season IV - Tom Tobben),
Ride (a Silver in Week 6 of Season VII - Teenage Symphony),
No One’s Girl (a Bronze in Week 6 of Season VII - Teenage Symphony),
Knowing Me, Knowing You (a Tin in Week 6 of Season VII - Teenage Symphony),
Invisible Paint (a Gold in Week 26 of Season X - bonnie bella)

They were the debut entries for the other contenders.

The 25 points for ‘Where In the Hell Did You Go With My Toothbrush’ is the equal third lowest ever for a Bronze.

The list:

22 - Dream On (album version) (Aerosmith - 1973) (16.92%) (Week 1 of Season VIII - Cindy Hood)
24 - Wildwood Flower (The Carter Family - 1929) (18.46) (Week 21 of Season X - Al Forsyth)
25 - Tales of Brave Ulysses (Cream - 1967) (20.83) (Week 15 of Season X - Cindy Hood)
25 - In the Still of the Night (The Beach Boys - 1976) (20.83) (Week 24 of Season X - The Egg)
25 - Where in the Hell Did You Go ... (The Reverend Horton Heat - 2012) (20.83) (Week 26 of Season X - bonnie bella) 
26 - White Sandy Beach of Hawaii (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - 1993) (18.57) (Week 24 of Season II - Cynthia D. Hood)
26 - Walk Away Renee (Rickie Lee Jones - 1983) (18.57) (Week 11 of Season III - Al Forsyth)
26 - Do That to Me One More Time (Captain & Tennille - 1979) (20.00) (Week 1 of Season X - Cindy Hood)
26 - Breakdown Dead Ahead (live) (Boz Scaggs - 2004) (18.57) (Week 18 of Season X - Cindy Hood)
27 - Here In My Heart (The Wizards - circa 1981) (22.50) (Week 14 of Season IX - Deb#1)
27 - Breakfast in Bed (Dusty Springfield - 1969) (20.77) (Week 26 of Season IX - bonnie bella)
27 - Love and Mercy (Randy Stonehill - 2002) (22.50) (Week 17 of Season X - Larry Franz)
27 - Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top - 1983) (20.77) (Week 25 of Season X - Cindy Hood)

The 17 points for ‘Damn Damn Leash’ is also the third lowest ever for a Tin.

That list:

15 - Die Trompeten Von Mexiko (Helge Schneider - 2007) (10.00%) (Week 38 of Season II - Cantina Margarita)
15 - A Song of Ice and Fire (Ramin Djawadi - 2019) (12.50) (Week 15 of Season X - Cindy Hood)
17 - Damn Damn Leash (Be Your Own Pet - 2004) (14.17) (Week 26 of Season X - bonnie bella)
18 - Hats Off Gentlemen (Renaldo and the Loaf - 1980) (13.85) (Week 8 of Season X - Cantina Margarita)
19 - Abra-Ca-Dabra (DeFranco Family Featuring Tony DeFranco - 1973) (13.57) (Week 3 of Season VIII - t Bedford)
19 - Heads You Win-Tails I Lose (The Beach Boys - 1962) (12.67) (Week 15 of Season IX - Larry Franz)
20 - Love Keep Us Together (Martin Sexton - 1996) (11.11) (Week 45 of Season III - Al Forsyth)
20 - Love Walks In (Van Halen - 1986) (15.38) (Week 1 of Season VIII - Cindy Hood)
20 - Hey, Soul Sister (Train - 2009) (12.50) (Week 19 of Season IX - Tom Tobben)
20 - This Time  (John Cougar - 1980) (15.38) (Week 1 of Season X - Cindy Hood)
20 - Who Says You Can’t Go Home  (Bon Jovi - 2005) (15.38) (Week 19 of Season X - Deb#1)
20 - Shama Lama Ding Dong (Lloyd Williams (Otis Day and the Knights) - 1978) (16.67) (Week 24 of Season X - The Egg)

Please continue to support our hosts. 


Darren J. Ray

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It is Nick singing lead on ‘Invisible Paint’.

As a tribute to Nick Walusko, I asked Darian Sahanaja to furnish us with some titles of the songs Nick sang lead on.

He, unexpectedly and most graciously, went through the Wondermints catalog of released material and has provided us this full list of songs all written by Nick (unless otherwise noted).

According to Darian, each member would generally sing lead on the songs they wrote, and they’d split leads on collaborations. 

Wondermints (1995)

Proto-Pretty (0:00) (co-written with Darian; Darian singing on verses and bridge, Nick singing on “The DNA is pretty” chorus sections)

Fleur-De-Lis (3:46)

She Opens Heaven’s Door (11:44)

Shine (18:05)

Global Village Idiot (29:46)

Carnival of Souls (41:03)

Wonderful World Of Wondermints (1996)

Louise (Paul Revere & the Raiders cover)

Arnold Layne (Pink Floyd cover)

Skyman (Geoff Goddard cover)

Bali (1998)

Sting O' Luv

My Id/Entity


Spoke Of A Wheel Whirled

Puppet Grrls R Go


Mind If We Make Love To You (2002)

On The Run

Time Has You

Out Of Mind


So Nice  (co-written with Darian; Nick singing the verses, Darian singing choruses with Brian Wilson)

Kaleidoscopin' Exploring Prisms of the Past (2009 compilation of odds and ends)

No One's Girl



Silly Place (written by Brian Kassan, but Nick sings lead on the song)

Runnin' Thru The Nite

Invisible Paint
Al Forsyth

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Thanks Darren for doing this.  Now I'm getting into the "Mints" kick.  They are amazing and I think that we take them for granted at times.  I'm listening to Proto-Pretty now and getting it.  LOVE Nick's guitar part - Byrds meets Johnny Rivers.  Love it  - don't touch that dial. Tracy Hide now playing  (Darian).

I think that we saw and heard Nick as the guitar player standing in the back and to the side.  Also when you are lead guitar this takes precedent.  What a fixture in this band and of course the Wondermints work showcases them all as a band that was very much together.  What I find odd about them is that they like to put the lead vocal way in the back and it doesn't stand up front on the mix. Almost like saying - don't feature me, we're a band. Of course the lyrics are kind of difficult to try and figure and decipher. 

No Wondermints - NO return of Brian Wilson to us in so many ways. The motor and sound behind Brian. 

Thanks for contacting Darian and getting the vocal info.  I just don't know each voice well enough to tell the difference. At the shows Darian, Nick, and Mikey would kind of run away from you.  Probyn - always there, the guy always being the ambassador.  I have NEVER spoken with Darian nor Mikey in following this band in the 20 years now. 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
John B

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Just want to add support for Al's enthusiastic thumbs up for "Blinded by the Light."  in addition of course to the wonderful music--and that great peeling lyrics cinematography emerging from the tapes and records into our protagonist's brain, it all seemed so eerily contemporary.  e.g., the conservative govt., conservative musical trends, economic uncertainty, 'trade' and other wars, race riots, and scapegoated foreigners, what have you.  I went to the theater on Sat., hoping Portland would not be another Charlottesville by the time I got back.  Rock n Roll can make a difference.  What a thought.  (even liked the dialogue/aside: "what's in Manchester?  the Smiths?).   This movie is set in the less hip/more desperate town of Luton, at the time.   I've already ordered the guy's memoir on Amazon! 
Al Forsyth

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I lost my follow up to this but John B speaks truth here.  I didn't like the Elton John movie earlier this year and Yesterday was just alright - clever idea.  I LOVED Bohemian Rhapsody last year!

The film ending - make sure you stick around for.  (Only thing I'll say about that). 

When I saw the Springsteen exhibit at the R&RHOF it was amazing to see the painstaking process of lyric writing that Bruce used.  A lot of his writing journals were there - and his surf-board even. 

He speaks to people!

Now, I had a torrential downpour ride home on the motorcycle after the film.  I saw the dark sky and lightning ahead - so I set off on my own Thunder Road only to get blasted by a BIG rain half way home. What saved me?  The screen door slams  * Mary's dress waves * Like a vision she dances across the porch  * As the radio plays  Home safe and happy and content that I was safe and enjoyed a wonderful film. 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
John B

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Yes, 'Bohemian Rhapsody' turned out to be solid.  I finally saw it on cable.   haven't seen the Elton one yet.

your last paragraph, Al, sounds like one of the very best scenes in 'Blinded'.  almost a 'twister to blow everything down'--even though it was from another song (and album).   Practically Wizard of Oz' tornado. I'll even stand up for the logic that he pops in BITUSA and out comes 'Dancing in the Dark'.   You see, it was borrowed, and his friend must have stopped after 'Glory Days' without rewinding.   !   

yes, then, he got 'Because the Night' from a bootleg. 

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