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David W

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My Votes :

Gold - The Byrds "All I Really Want To Do"
Silver - Sheryl Crow "All I Wanna Do"
Bronze - The Beach Boys, "All I Wanna Do".
Tin - Heart "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You"

Al Green soulifying a Beatles classic 

Elton and (I Wanna) Kiss The Bride

Cantina Margarita

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Hi guys,

funny thing was that I decided to work on BOTB voting right after experimenting with my studio mixer's effect processor, not really getting what I wanted. So I wasn't quite sure if what I heard was what I wanted to hear, listening to the Beach Boys song. Next funny thing was hearing Sheryl Crow distort Shania's great hit song, which I remember as pretty good and well-behaved in comparison. Then, swapping browser from Firefox to Edge because of suspected sound card problems, I read about Greta T. being through with climate protests and joining a death metal band now, via MSN. After asking my wife to check the fair traded coffee's ingredients we just had consumed for breakfast, I decided to launch a very familiar and typical eastern German rock song from the 1980s as a sample to hear if everything was alright. God bless ! Engerling Blues Band sounded like Heart as usual.

That made my decision:

Heart … due to being born and raised in the half hearted republic

Sheryl … if it had been Coolio tuning up Stevie's „Pastime Paradise“, it would have been easy gold.

Beach Boys thru „GATED REVERB 1“ Decay 11 PreDelay 25 Type „gated“. Still a nice song, hearing it naked would be nicer.

Byrds ... I just don't like the lead vocalist at all.

Here's an additional song for the „forgotten gems“ drawer. Mentioned above.

Next week is mine, do I remember that right ?


paul g adsett

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oversaturated by nyc & philly,
with 2 rather good shows.
i'll offer my votes if no comments:
gold: The Beach Boys, "All I Wanna Do".
also gold: The Byrds "All I Really Want To Do"
bronze: Sheryl Crow "All I Wanna Do"
tinnish: Heart "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You"

genuinely can't pick between top two.
both produce frisson for different reasons.
going home tonight.

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I have to throw mine in too. For me it was The Beacon and The Palace in Waterbury plus a family birthday party today that took the week away.
Something must have gotten through though because I did not see my votes going this way earlier in the week.
Gold - Sheryl Crow "All I Wanna Do"
Silver - The Beach Boys, "All I Wanna Do".
Bronze - The Byrds "All I Really Want To Do
Tin - Heart "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You"
I remember a few times drinking beer at noon on a Tuesday in a bar and I used to work for a car wash. 🍺
Thanks, bonnie.

What a field-day for the heat 
A thousand people in the street 
Singing songs and carrying signs 
Mostly say, hooray for our side 
It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound 
Everybody look what's going down”
— FWIW, Buffalo Springfield 
Tom Tobben

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All good songs this week, bonnie, but easy enough for me to rank:

Gold -- "All I Wanna Do", Sheryl Crow. I loved this song when it first came out. The song and her sound were so fresh-sounding for that era, and I still like the song a lot. I have to admit I'm a big fan of my fellow native Missourian and University of Missouri graduate. And I have just about all of her studio albums and still enjoy them. 

Silver -- "All I Want to Do Is Make Love to You", Heart. One of my favorite female groups from over the years. Lots of great songs. Ann and Nancy Wilson have such great vocals, whether rocking out or singing ballads. Here's an example of how they can do it both softly and really rock out, from their live performance when Led Zeppelin received the Kennedy Center Honors recognition in 2012 (and featuring Jason Bonham on drums):

Bronze -- "All I Really Want to Do", Byrds. Just one a number of their memorable covers of Dylan songs. Love the jangly guitar interplay and those delicious Byrds harmonies on this song. Here's one my favorite Dylan covers by the Byrds, from their legendary Sweetheart of the Rodeo album from 1968:

Tin -- "All I Wanna Do", Beach Boys. A decent enough song from Sunflower, but not one of my favorites. The melody is not very strong in my opinion, though there are some nice backing vocals. 

Here's yet another by country artists Sugarland from 2008:

And here's one from the R&B charts in 1991:

Excellent battle, bonnie!

And, Al, an absolute YES! to Ken Burns new Country Music documentary series. I'm still catching up, but last night I watched the episode that featured, among other things, Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison, Bobby Gentry's "Ode to Billy Joe", and Jeannie C. Riley's "Harper Valley P.T.A. 
bonnie bella

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Thanks to the following voters

Lisa - glad to see you here. I smile in anticipation whenever I see you've posted.

Verden - you never owned it for a reason.

David - surprisingly enjoyable Al Green track.

paul - trust you to be out galavanting around. And you did the splits. Impressive.

Cantina - your exotic additions are just so cool, you are a true asset around here.

Deb - those stellar lyrics don't just sound American, they feel American.

Tom - my bet was on you putting the girls first, but then you lost me at Sugarland.

Here's how it worked out.

Sheryl took it out with a total of 47 points, (6G,4S,5B,1T), but it was mighty close.

The Byrds managed to outperform The Beach Boys with a total of 44.5 points, (4G,5S,4B,2T), but again, it was close!

The Beach Boys did not gain the popular vote, with a total of 41.4 points, (3G,4S,6B,2T), and it was the slew of bronzes that eventually knocked them out of the competition. However, as I said above, for a while these three were running neck and neck.

Heart turned most people cold, with their outdated and duplicitous lyrics, but some saw the great rock song and sound that it was as it was. Way below the others, Heart scored 27 points, (2G,2S,1B,11 - yup, eleven T)

That's an aggregate of sixteen voters. Ta very much.

Over and out.



Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Darren J. Ray

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Well done, bonnie.

They’re in the ‘book’ marked ‘Season X’, currently sitting on page 2 of this forum.

‘All I Wanna Do’ is the second entry for Sheryl Crow.

‘Soak Up the Sun’ won the Bronze in Week 15 of Season IV (Kevin Witts).

‘All I Really Want to Do’ is the sixth entry for the Byrds.

Their record:

Chestnut Mare (a Silver in Week 3 of Season II - Roy Roger Bridge),
So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star (a Silver in Week 38 of Season VI - Deb#1),
Eight Miles High (a Gold in Week 36 of Season VII - Larry Franz),
Goin’ Back (a Tin in Week 2 of Season X - Larry Franz),
Mr. Tambourine Man (a Bronze in Week 9 of Season X - stkilda4ever),
All I Really Want to Do (a Silver in Week 32 of Season X - bonnie bella)

It was the second time around for ‘All I Wanna Do’ by the Beach Boys.

It won the Gold in Week 6 of Season VI (bonnie bella) and finished 6th in the Preliminary Final.

Last time, it scored 70.5 points and 33.57% from 21 voters.

This time, it scored 41.5 and 25.94 from 16 voters.

Seven tracks from Sunflower have been used.

Its record is:

Slip On Through (a Gold in Week 13 of Season III, 10th in Preliminary Final - Michael F. Becher),

This Whole World (a Gold in Week 17 of Season II, 5th in Gold Play-Off - Domestic Animal Noises; a Gold in Week 3 of Season VII, 7th in Gold Play-Off - Al Forsyth*),

Tears in the Morning (a Tin in Week 10 of Season I - Gordon Higgins),

Our Sweet Love (a Gold in Week 29 of Season X - Larry Franz**),

All I Wanna Do (a Gold in Week 6 of Season VI, 6th in Preliminary Final - bonnie bella; a Bronze in Week 32 of Season X - bonnie bella**),

At My Window (a Bronze in Week 14 of Season II, 4th in Bronze Play-Off - Michael F. Becher),

Cool, Cool Water (a Gold in Week 15 of Season I - Verden McCutcheon; a Gold in Week 40 of Season IX - paul g adsett)

* This version was a 2016 re-master with a longer ending.

** still in contention

A live version of ‘Forever’ was used in Week 3 of Season III (Cynthia D. Hood). It won the Gold and finished 7th in the Gold Play-Off. 

The version of ‘Cottonfields’ that originally featured on a variation of Sunflower, released in some countries including Australia, has been used twice. It won the Gold in Week 40 of Season III (Tom Tobben) and again in Week 25 of Season VII (Darren J. Ray). Both times, it failed to make play-offs. 

The only version of ‘Add Some Music to Your Day’ that has been used is a Norwegian version by Trygve Thue, 'La deg løftes av musikk’, used in Week 13 of Season IX by D.A.N. It won the Bronze.

‘All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You’ is the second Heart song used.

‘Crazy on You’ (single version) won the Bronze in Week 44 of Season IX (Al Forsyth).

‘All I Really Want to Do’ (The Byrds) is a chance for the Silver Play-Off.

With the most points and the fifth highest percentage for Bronzes so far this year, ‘All I Wanna Do’ (The Beach Boys) is looking very likely for its play-off.

Please continue to support our hosts and the work they put in. 


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