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Al Forsyth

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Hal had a charity:  Wrecking Crew trailer

MORE talk of Wrecking Crew - "The working man".  Hal explains origin of WC - which he came up with.

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Tom Tobben

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Have been traveling on vacation so little time to spend on my iPhone or to vote, so here are my votes for this week:

Gold — “Summer Means New Love”, Beach Boys (aka Brian and the Wrecking Crew). I love pop/rock instrumentals and this one by Brian is a personal favorite.

Silver — “A Taste of Honey”, Herb Alpert. Just one of his numerous instrumental hits in the mid/late ‘60s. Lovely.

Bronze — “No Matter What Shape”, T-Bones. The catchy Alka Seltzer commercial jingle turned into a fun pop hit.

“Plop, plop, fizz, fizz. Oh, what a relief it is!”

Tin — “Batman Theme”, Neil Hefti. Popular TV show with a catchy theme song.

Excellent and timely Hal Blaine tribute week, stkilda!

Cantina, sorry I wasn’t able to make time to vote last week while traveling. I always enjoy your battles and distinctive song selections.
David W

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My votes : 

GOLD - “No Matter What Shape”, T-Bones

Silver — “A Taste of Honey”, Herb Alpert.

Bronze “Batman Theme”, Neil Hefti.

Tin - “Summer Means New Love”, Beach Boys 

A Spencer Davis instrumental :

and a smooth track from Willie Mitchell

Darren J. Ray

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RIP Scott Walker

'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore' - The Walker Brothers (1966)
(a Gold in Week 12 of Season I - Prodigal Son;
a Bronze in Week 39 of Season I - Roy Roger Bridge;
a Gold in Week 10 of Season IX, 2nd in Preliminary Final, 6th in Gold Play-Off - Cindy Hood)

'Sons Of' - Scott Walker (1969)
(a Gold in Week 25 of Season III - Frankie Teardrop)
Darren J. Ray

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Gold - Batman Theme (1966)
Internet sources, particularly Wikipedia, are a bit ambiguous about this and, indeed, Hal Blaine’s involvement. This is not the Neal Hefti recording. It’s obviously the TV version by Nelson Riddle. It was covered by Jan & Dean, The Who, The Kinks, The Jam, and others. Which version is Hal Blaine on? He’s definitely credited on the Marketts version. Plus he’s on ‘Strangers in the Night’, arranged by Nelson Riddle. Chances are he’s on this too. 

But this is EASILY my Gold. Anyone here under 60, how can it not be? Memories of Mum driving me to nursery and passing a model batmobile in a shop window every morning. I begged her for it! I could never work out how those villains were escaping from jail so often to reappear a few weeks later. In the 1960s tribute show I produce, one segment we go out and play songs for the audience to identify. Can you imagine if I played these four tracks what the reaction to Batman would be? It’s frickin’ awesome. Such a great show. And look at all the spin-offs. I hated the cliff-hangers. But couldn’t wait for the next episode – SAME BAT TIME, SAME BAT CHANNEL.

Silver - No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach’s In) (The T-Bones - 1965)
A friend gifted me this track via iTunes about 10 years ago. That’s when I first heard it. It also features on that Wrecking Crew doco (that I was sent by our missed mate t Bedford). The key change indicates there’s not an awful lot to the tune, but those backing vocals and the harmony on the end of each phrase do the trick.

Bronze - A Taste of Honey (Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass - 1965)
These guys were HUGE in the ’60s – their albums were #1 for weeks – so it’s perhaps surprising they haven’t been used here before. But this was not the version I grew up with. We had a 1968 album called Tijuana – Sound of Brass. It took me a few years to realise this was NOT Herb Alpert’s group. My mother presumed it was. The credits on the back reveal it’s the Torero Band. Turns out they were a bunch of British imitators. We also had their Lennon & McCartney Tijuana Style album. Lots of people must have bought their albums here because I find them in second-hand record stores frequently. Anyway… that’s the ‘A Taste of Honey’ I grew up with. And it’s just as good as the TJB version. In fact, I prefer it. In the TJB version, what’s happening at 1:10 and 1:52? Al? Anyone? What sort of timing is that? To me, it just sounds sloppy. And it’s not on the otherwise identical Torero Band version. 



We even had this in our collection….


Again, not the TJB. But a great imitation…

Then, of course, there’s this….

(no timing problems here)

Participant - Summer Means New Love (The Beach Boys - 1965)
Why, when listening to this, did I have visions of an unkempt Ringo Starr being told off for throwing bricks about, calling out ‘Southerner’, ‘Come in Number 7, your time’s up’, and falling over a wayward tyre? It was played at the end of the C50 concert in 2012. I remember informing the friend I took along what it was.

Looking forward to your second instalment of Hal Blaine tribute week, stkilda4ever. 


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My votes:

Gold: No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach’s In) (The T-Bones - 1965) A short version is on my mobile phone as ring tone. Makes sense it's the 'Wrecking Crew' musos.  I used to wonder why a band that created such a great instrumental, couldn't muster another hit.  Did anyone waste their money on the touring band T-Bones?

Silver: A Taste of Honey (Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass - 1965) As a kid - to admit you like Herb Alpert and JB ... would have been very uncool.  As I got older I began to really appreciate their great sound.  Now we know it was made by some 'cool' musicians.

Bronze: Summer Means New Love (The Beach Boys - 1965) Like this.  Nice. 1965 ... what a great year for music.

Tin: Batman Theme (1966) Fun TV show.  Teenage son and I began watching the DVD set.  Got a bit 'too much the same' by Season 2. Some great '60s TV themes.  No one would know The Samurai in US.  But it was my fave show and the Japanese program had a different musi theme for all 10 seasons. Cult classic in Australia. (Did show in Hawaii).
Al Forsyth

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Darren - the range and guts of the Beatles to have included this in their live sets and of course first album.  Love it!  
A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Darren J. Ray

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stkilda4ever, I forgot to mention that three of the touring T-Bones went on to form Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds who released one of my favourite records, 'Don't Pull Your Love', in 1971.

#1 in Canada, #4 in the US, #10 in Australia. 

Cindy Hood

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R.I.P. Hal Blaine.  Another one goes to that great gig in the sky.  

I'll vote this way:

Gold:  The Beach Boys for Summer Means New Love.  

Silver:  Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.

Bronze:  Batman

Tin:  T-Bones.

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Verden McCutcheon

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  Season10 Week 6...tribute to Hal Blaine..

                       1)The Beach a whisker

                       2)T-Bones.....New to me but I enjoyed it

                       3)Herb Albert...To good to be ignored

                       4)Batman(Neal Hefti)...Great tv tune but pretty simple

                                            I"m a  Big fan of Hal Blaine so enjoyed this week !!
Cantina Margarita

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Hi guys,

my votes come in order of appearance.

No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In) - T-Bones (1965)
No matter what product - this advertising song has my full respect. Excellent production for the mid-sixties ... that's what I often say about BWRG, which is an authentic Sixties style record to me, produced at 21st century's standard. You're kidding us - the song was recorded in 2009, wasn't it ?
And ... uhm ... I especially like the drumming.

A Taste Of Honey - Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass (1965)
A classical song for dancing lessons (Samba, Rumba ?). The rhythm cuts like a knife in the dancing instructor's pocket, besides other things.
I would have loved to hear Hal's collaboration with this band instead.

Summer Means New Love- Beach Boys (1965)
I never knew that “Somewhere Quiet“ is an old song. But what I know now is why I liked it at first listening.

Batman TV Theme (Neal Hefti) (1966)
Quite a nice idea, to create a blues cadenced song, dissonant enough for fitting a weird comic strip figure.
Here's what Hal really planned to do on that day. He must have withdrawn his suggestion, noticing it's not for a good purpose.

@Tom T.
You'll get the next doubtable pleasure soon, when I'm going to host my next week. I'm keeping my promise: Helge Schneider remains banned. :-(

what's eternal ... the beach near Melbourne, or the north atlantic islands ?

Cheers, I have spoken.
bonnie bella

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I'm out of time this week, so here's the briefest and least silly response ever from bonnie.

GOLD - Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass. I once got food poisoning in Tijuana so I'm really surprised the Tijuana Brass didn't put me off.

SILVER - The T-Bones. Not sure what tickles more, the band name or the song name.

BRONZE - The Beach Boys. Lovely, if a little plonky.

TIN - Batman TV Theme. This would have swapped out the Beach Boys if it weren't for the lyric.

Unlike Darren, the Batman theme does little for me. In fact, I always felt slightly obscene watching two men in skintight lycra biffing and baffing about. Male anatomy displays and the dawn of yoga pants, right there.

Thanks, St Kilda.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

paul g adsett

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not easy.
all enjoyable.
each appealed more at different times.
each appealed less ditto ditto ditto...
final plump =

gold: 'batman'

silver: 'a tasty hunny'

bronze: 'tummy means new trunks'

tin: 'no matter what's up'


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G  Summer Means New Love
S  No Matter What Shape
B  A Taste of Honey
T  Batman.  Yeah cool drums though


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Week 6 Winners.

First: “A Taste of Honey”, Herb Alpert. 42 votes.

A tie for second
“Summer Means New Love”, Beach Boys
 “No Matter What Shape”, T-Bones. Both registered 35 votes.

Fourth: “Batman Theme”, Neil Hefti. 28 votes.

THANKS to everyone for their votes and input ... and for sharing your trivia stories. The 'Hal Blaine Tribute to Vocal Songs' coming soon. Enjoy Round 7.
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