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Darren J. Ray

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Very interesting choices, Cantina. Thanks for pushing the envelope. My rankings are clear. 

Gold - Solar System (The Beach Boys - 1977)
This song is anal. No mention at all of Uranus. Why, Brian? I had a band in the ‘90s called Mission to Uranus. 

Silver - Kometenmelodie 2 (Kraftwerk - 1974)
Iconic album. The track itself reminds me of ‘Popcorn’ (written by Gershon Kingsley, German-American composer), a #1 hit here in 1972 for Hot Butter. 

Bronze - Hats Off Gentlemen (Renaldo and the Loaf - 1980)
Cute album title. Listened to some of the album the other night. I’m sure my neighbours must’ve wondered what was happening. Quirky track, and the sounds are appealing in an edgy kind of way, except that monotonous riff gets tiring. 

Participant - The Man in the Dark Sedan (Snakefinger - 1980)
I don’t do reggae, maan. 

This is an anonymous band of notoriety here in Australia – TISM….

This first clip features some vision from the old locker rooms at the mighty St Kilda Football Club and would have easily gotten my Gold….

(You’re a professional, Sainters)

(Song and clip may offend some.)


Cantina Margarita

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Originally Posted by "Darren J. Ray"
... the mighty St Kilda Football Club ...

Thanks. Again, BOTB proves to be educating. Sorry Melbourne for mixing it up with a subpolar archipel. :-))
Happens when dealing with the one and only saints of sports.

TISM ... this is worth a deeper dive. Great idea to create new music for Chaplin's Great Dictator movie. And thanks for the new vocabulary.

I prefer biting my nails to eating popcorn.
Al Forsyth

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Coming in with votes after a few listens.  I'll go with what is the most soothing to ears and all the way down to the most offensive.

Gold to Kraftwerk - BIG respect to them and they were purveyors.  My fave of there's is below.

Silver to Snakefinger and for the synth bass line.  Would Bob Marley like this?

Bronze to Brian and the Boys with music from Love You.  I still don't get this album, but the song sounds like a child's song.

Tin to Renaldo Malpractice and Ted the Loaf and Ralph Records - The Residents' label. It's a bit painful to listen to. 

Now some synthy things:
Using the synth only for solo or interest:
Not the real tracks but the thoughts are there, with George the Moog man:
The synthy band that I liked in the mid-eighties: the instruments aren't what is depicted in the video:
Favorite Kraftwerk

Cantina, if you are going Linux and open source with Yoshimi then you are setting your path.  Understand you with no Windows.

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Cantina Margarita

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If synthesizing is faking musical instruments and human voices by use of electronic devices, then I can think of two very early examples.

Can anybody name older ones ?
Larry Franz

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I often don't know where the sounds are coming from, but this song included one of the earliest uses of a Moog synthesizer, for what purposes I don't know:

Simon & Garfunkel -- "Save the Life of My Child" (later than "Tomorrow Never Knows", before "Crimson and Clover")

More recent electronic messing around:

Architecture In Helsinki -- "Pet Sounds" (pardon the disturbing album cover)

Beach House -- "Space Song"

of Montreal -- "So Begins Our Alabee"

Tame Impala -- "Let It Happen"

One more? Why not? (I can think of some reasons.)

of Montreal -- "The Past Is a Grotesque Animal"

Al Forsyth

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Cantina, the strange sounds on Tomorrow Never Knows were tape loops (which was a very cool thing to do in that time).
If you go back to the video series Anthology, they get into it:

They supposedly played their loops over the track and thus it became a performance - electronically. 

Supposedly the first use of Moog by a pop band - The Monkees
And those Beatles, particularly George Harrison, using Moog in 69 during Abbey Road sessions:

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
bonnie bella

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Hi Cantina, another highly interesting week with music we may not ordinarily listen to. The Love You album is one of those things.

GOLD - Snakefinger. An instant winner. This is a real good song. Unlike John B, I love the repetition and drum solo. Snakefinger, huh? Sheer curiosity had me looking Phillip Lithman up.

"It is said he was given the name 'Snakefinger' by The Residents themselves based on a photograph of Lithman performing, in which his finger looks like a snake about to attack his violin."

Sad to hear this guy died young.

SILVER - Renaldo And The Loaf. Bready interesting. As soon as I saw the word "swinging larvae" all I could imagine was wriggling writhing maggots. Thanks very much. Intense, and for that reason, I'm placing it here.

BRONZE - TBB. I'm comfortable with the song in general, but lyrically, it feels like Yellow Submarine gone too far. I'm also less enamoured with the way Brian is barking at it a bit. I thought all the women were shopping on Venus anyway? 

TIN - Kraftwerk. It's very good, but I expected more. Like this, which is all I'm really familiar with from this band.

Owl Eyes. 

Thanks, I enjoyed this selection.



Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Larry Franz

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A kind person indicated that I forgot to identify two of this week's bands when I voted earlier this week. (Duh.) That oversight has been corrected.

Two from Stereolab -- "Brakhage" and "The Black Arts"

The Dickies -- "Killer Klowns (From Outer Space)"

Off topic: My favorite song from the Broadway musical and 1958 movie Damn Yankees. Because we all gotta have heart.

"Ya Gotta Have Heart"

David W

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My votes :

Gold -The Beach Boys 1977, „Solar System“

Silver - Snakefinger 1979, „The Man In The Dark Sedan“

Bronze - Kraftwerk 1973, „Kometenmelodie 2“

Tin - Renaldo And The Loaf 1981, „Hats Off, Gentlemen“

These have the vibe :

Cantina Margarita

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I'd like to give some support to Brian and the BB on the synthesizer playground. Because they're not so bad at it.

I like their robot version of “Rock 'n Roll Music“. Mike's vocals is pure gold, I wonder how long it took ChuckieB to gain back breath after laughing his ass off.

Then we have one of my favourite NPP tracks. Bright, excellent lyrics. Widely underrated, imo.

The synths are more Hyper Canvas Super Premium Bonzo De Luxe than Yoshimi. They've got the €€€, those guys.

Some great synth ingredients on TLOS, too. The first narrative, “Venice Beach“, and his great 21st century RnB number. Love the album.

The Love You album has already been mentioned. Pure Yoshimi.

Votes have arrived up to now from:
Cindy Hood, John B, Larry Franz, stkilda4ever, Darren J. Ray, Al Forsyth, bonnie bella, David W.
Thanks to you all. Looks like an easy win for Brian's spacey Yoshimi style Marlboro waltz. We'll see tomorrow.
Larry Franz

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Originally Posted by Cantina Margarita

I like their robot version of “Rock 'n Roll Music“..... 

Then we have one of my favourite NPP tracks. Bright, excellent lyrics. Widely underrated, imo.

I agree about "Runaway Dancer" being underrated. It's also one of my favorites on that album. On the other hand, their "Rock 'n Roll Music", in my opinion, stunk. Yet it got up to #5 in the US, making it their most popular single in the 22 years between "Good Vibrations" and the one about the fake tropical island.

Again, I'm not sure about the instrumentation on these, but:

Kevin Max -- "Help Me, Rhonda" (it starts slow but speeds up very nicely)

Neutral Milk Hotel -- "Ghost"

PS: David W -- Thanks for the xx. Very nice.


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G Beach Boys
S Kraftwerk
B Snakefinger
T Renaldo and the Loaf
Verden McCutcheon

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 Season 10 Week 8..Goodbye hyper canvas...

                    1)Brian Wilson...Strange as it is I can listen to it once in awhile

                    2)Snake Finger..Better than the two below

                    3)Kraftwerk...It got monotonous halfway through

                    4)Renaldo and the loaf....YUCK

                                       Votes are in !!!
Cantina Margarita

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What‘s best ?

Not easy for me. There‘s one „song“ pulling me right into strange hypnotic larvae harmonies which I‘ve loved for 35 years. There‘s another, making me swing into sweetest holiday mood, providing coolest brit-caribbean distortion guitar play, and making me try Yoshimi drums seriously. There‘s a nice one from our Maestro, a little weird like that whole decade used to be for him. And there‘s one, featuring something from the center of my musical preferences.

What else could that be but SMiLE related.

Sit down by your piano, take the Cantina section from H&V. Play it a half speed, but in 4/4, and in reverse chord order. With a catchy bass riff right under it. And transposed in a way so that it can be played on white keys only.

That‘s all you need to do Kometenmelodie 2.

For my ears, it‘s one of the cutest chord progressions and melodies I‘ve ever heard outside SMiLE. Might be a bit boring, with all the repetitions. But that doesn‘t make it any worse though somewhat incomplete. Might be the right stuff for creating catchy cover versions. Hobby musicians, don‘t you feel like trying ? I do.


Kometenmelodie 2. No more words.



The Man In the Dark Sedan. It‘s been in my ears since 1980. Nothing ridiculous about it.

„Dark Sedan“ sounds good, but always was a mystery to me. Until I watched the original Blues Brothers movie in English, in which that type of car was wrecked.



Solar System. I‘ve learned to love the Love You album, looking for a Yoshimi song from Brian.



Hats Off, Gentlemen. Great one, but competition is too hard.


Thank you D. A. N and Verden for your votes.


Let‘s see what might arrive later in the evening. Final score tomorrow at about 9 a. m. central Euro time.

Here's another one for our entertainment.

paul g adsett

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oops, not lazy,
but emerging from a long weekend of fab Americana / roots music,
sat in our campervan,
and realise my musings are on the 'pooter at home!
so, a short entry before curfew...
gold: 'solar system'
silver (almost gold):''the man In the dark sedan'
(again, thanks for this, reinvigorated me)

bronze: 'kometenmelodie 2'
(not my favourite track on an excellent album)

tin: hats off, gentlemen'
(i'll get my coat...)


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