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John B

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ha ha.  Love that quote about ambiguity.  That's me as Patrick Henry...  
Tom Tobben

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Bonnie, since your reference to "Legs 11" was right below your George Harrison song/video "This Guitar (Can't Keep from Crying)", I thought you might be alluding to this other song by Harrison, "His Name Is Legs":

But no, something entirely different!
t bedford

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This came up today (so apologies to Cindy for interrupting her week), Del Shannon sings Orbison's "Crying":

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Darren J. Ray

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Darren: You used the phrase "associated with", but to allay any confusion on the part of the internet public, "Fun, Fun, Fun" and "I Do" were bonus tracks on a Surfer Girl CD, but weren't on the original album. "Fun, Fun, Fun", of course, was on Shut Down Vol 2 and the Beach Boys' "I Do" wasn't released at all until the 1990 "two-fer" CD that combined those two albums. [smile]

No worries, Larry. That is true. 

The German version of 'In My Room' is, of course, also on that two-fer. 

The 'Fun, Fun, Fun' version on the Shut Down Vol 2 is the stereo album version. 

The 'Fun, Fun, Fun' bonus track on the two-fer is the mono version (the single) and is the track that Deb and t used in their weeks; hence its inclusion on that list (post #148). 
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