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Tom Tobben

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A few more road songs:

A live classic from the Marshall Tucker Band:

A rockin' Steve Earle classic:

And this nugget from Brewer & Shipley, with the title of the song and album taken from a small town in the northwest corner of Missouri where they played some gigs early on:

Since nobody else has mentioned this rockin' classic from AC/DC, here goes:

Seems like everybody and their brother has done a version of "Route 66". So here's Chuck Berry's classic version, with some memorable accompanying video images from along the "mother road":

And if you get lost, or don't really know where you're headed, here's some advice from George Harrison:

Darren, nice to see you resurrect "Lakeshore Drive". Although that KSHE Classic song by Aliotta Haynes & Jeremiah was not a major chart hit in the U.S., it remains one of the all-time fan favorite classics on Real Rock Radio KSHE-95 (FM) in St. Louis. Here's a link to their latest (2018) list of their fans' top 500 all-time favorite KSHE Classics, selected annually and played sequentially over Memorial Day weekend in late May. "Lakeshore Drive" checked in this year at #148. (Here you can see a lot of the music and artists that I also listened to between the late 1960s through 1980s, as an alternative to "pop" radio during that era and beyond.) This list may also be of interest to some of the other "rockers" here.
David W

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My votes :

Gold 😋acific Coast Highway - The Beach Boys
Silver:Rockin' Down the Highway - Doobie Brothers
Bronze:Route 66 - Jeffrey Foskett

Tin: Highway 61 Revisited - Johnny Winter

Then there's these guys little Fiat Panda wouldn't be able to keep up them !

Lee Marshall

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Tom...Thanks for the 'tuneage' too David...not to mention the votes.  Always appreciated.

Darren...Due to an unavoidable commitment to the local Legion's biggest money maker of the year [apart, of course, from the annual November Remembrance Day campaign] I will be tied up most of the weekend and likely won't get to tallying up the week until Monday.

Meanwhile vote on.  Nothing to see here.  But there's loads to hear.
t bedford

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My weakling, er, weekly vote:

GOLD to Pacific Coast Highway - The Beach Boys
SILVER for Rockin' Down the Highway - Doobie Brothers
Bronze to Route 66 - Jeffrey Foskett

TIN for Highway 61 Revisited - Johnny Winter

Ray Charles - Hit the Road Jack

The Blue Meanies also block King Crimson in the studio, so here's a live "Ladies of the Road" from 1971

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Larry Franz

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Gotta go....

The Nerves - "Many Roads To Follow"

Van Dyke Parks - "Wall Street"

10cc - "Wall Street Shuffle"

Grandaddy - "Under the Western Freeway"

Gerry Mulligan Quartet - "Freeway"

Dave Edmunds - "Standing at the Crossroads"

Lee Marshall

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Spinach *t*...Then you're "strong to the finish".... ... ...Like Larry.
John B

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Love Steve Earle!  ...but that's what happens to your hair when you do drugs, boys and girls...
bonnie bella

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Okay, Lee, some of these songs have more horsepower than others.

GOLD - Johnny Winter.  Not being a fan of Dylan, I've only heard this song, not listened to it.  Fantastic lyrics and Lee is right that this version is pretty damn good.  Love the groove.  You could play all kinds of "spot the" games with the kids down route 61.  "But dad, what does God look like?" "I don't know son, but keep an eye out for those laces too".

SILVER - TBB.  This is exquisite, but it doesn't feel like a whole song to me, not long enough. Really mournful lyrically. However, in reality, Brian is far from alone with his gaggle of children around him.  If he's really going down Pacific Coast Highway, I bet he has to stop for ice-creams.

BRONZE - I love the Doobies, I really do. [wink]  But there is something to be said for a change in style from time to time.  I can do a couple of Doobies in a row, but that's about my limit, Lee. 

TIN - Jeff Foskett.  I did want this to be higher because of who it is and because it's just been released, but that's not going to happen. It's a tad boring.

Ta and thanks very much.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Larry Franz

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A tribute to the much-traveled, much-maligned New Jersey Turnpike.

Chuck Berry on the Turnpike in the wee wee hours - "You Can't Catch Me"

Bruce Springsteen - "State Trooper" and "Open All Night"

New Jersey Turnpike riding on a wet night
'Neath the refinery's glow out where the great black rivers flow
License, registration, I ain't got none
But I got a clear conscience 'bout the things that I done
Mister state trooper, please don't stop me

Early north Jersey industrial skyline
I'm a all-set cobra jet creepin' through the nighttime
Gotta find a gas station, gotta find a pay phone
This turnpike sure is spooky at night when you're all alone

Fountains of Wayne heading south on - "I-95" (Interstate 95 is the Turnpike in their part of New Jersey)

Simon & Garfunkel counting cars - "America"

Thank you, Lee.

PS: Hank Williams could have traveled on the NJ Turnpike before his early departure. (By the way, he didn't write this one.)

"Lost Highway"

Lee Marshall

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'B'...Bonnie...Larry and Lee.
It's hairy how music makes cars more 'speedy'.
Larry Franz

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Hey, Lee, it looks like it's just you and me today. Here's a few more for the road.

Bright Eyes - "Road to Joy"

Arctic Monkeys - "One for the Road"

Radiohead - "Street Spirt (Fade Out)"

Jeff Beck and associates - "Freeway Jam"

The Champs - "Turnpike"

Jan & Dean - "Surf Route 101" (Berry/Christian/Wilson)

U.S. Highway 101 goes from East L.A. up to Oregon and then almost to Canada, usually not real close to the beach. Its path in California:

Lee Marshall

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We're spinning our tires and wasting gas Larry.  Better put the vehicles in the parking lot.


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G Brian and Jeff... sorry, the Beach Boys
S Doobie Brothers
B um... Jeff
T Johnny Winter
Lee Marshall

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Thanks DAN.  You're up 'late'.  I'm up early.  How's today going to be?
paul g adsett

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back indoors after  a few long highways up to cropredy and back,
where mr wilson performed his 9th+7 live 'pet sounds' show
and was welcomed with a degree of awe by the fairport convention festival audience.
nice of him to turn up at our regular annual jaunt, i thought.
and, yes, it was ok as a show.
they'd travelled a bit more than the odd highway to get there
- tel aviv, israel beforehand.
the m25 and m40 from heathrow and straightback off to gatwick, 
via the m40 / m25 / m23, to fly to italy,
where they've just played way down by the beach in sicily.
they'll be on their way to berlin now, then back to the uk
for the end of this week.
that's 'the road' for you...

and, here's a surprise - i've voted gold for something i wouldn't've thought possible...

gold: 'rockin' down the highway'
- not a fan of any stuff that included old macdonald,
but the first couple of albums were fine.
at least, at the time.
not stuff i'd usually play
- giimme little feat any day from amongst all those bands
who really quite sound too much alike.
i'll listen to them any day of the week.
this is so similar to the fab 'listen to the music',
(which, alongside the allman broithers' 'jessica'
tingles up fond memories of our early 70's bedsit in muswell hill)
yetit's  different and more than ok,
given just how many times this stylee has been copied over the decades.
it holds up today, which surprises me so much,
i put it up here atop the pile this week.

silver: 'pacific coast highway'
- how beautiful.
truly beautiful.
ultimately, it's just a bit too contrived in its construction,
its performance,
its production...
but it's beautiful.
yes, and it's evokes memories of california and that very highway
(which, in the early beach boys' days, i'd never've thought we'd ever visit,
yet alone drive up and down that highway!).
so how come it doesn't rate above the bloomin' doobiedoos?
becasue they're more honest, to me.
but it's beautiful...
yes, it's beautiful, but, i'll stick with the doobiedoobiedos, thanks.

bronze: 'highway 61 revisited'

- never saw johnny winter live
and he's one i'd've loved to
(did see his bruv edgar with a funkier, less blues, sound)
used to play this album quite a lot, way way back.
it still sounds good to me,
but the rhythm section is a trifle old hat
and holds the whole thing back, 
otherwise it might've gone gold.

tin: 'route 66'
- routine.
not even 6.6 / 10
the boy's done better.
far better.
best i can say about this recording is
jeff's diction is far better than most people who tackle this song.
and the the guitar break is competent.

now, if you'd included 'honkin' down the highway' that'd've been gold...

we're back in brighton to set up a gig tonight for
iain matthews,
(who, as a founder member of fairport convention,
was on stage last night joining that band for a tribute to sandy denny).
he's here at his request, with a reinvented matthews southern comfort
(the band who had that massive #1 hit with joni mitchell's 'woodstock')
with a warm up gig for a festival appearance.
i'm really, really chuffed he asked and that i'm able to do this
and it gives me the 'everything connects' opportunity to offer this track
- a song by steve young, arranged by iain and produced by mike nesmith
'seven bridges road' from his album 'valley hi'
this is the arrangement that was completely ripped off by the eagles:


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