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Good week, Lee, not at all weak.

GOLD - Pacific Coast Highway - The Beach Boys
SILVER - Rockin' Down the Highway - Doobie Brothers
BRONZE - Route 66 - Jeffrey Foskett
TIN - Highway 61 Revisited - Johnny Winter

I'm traveling too this week. Currently enjoying the Great Smokie Mountains. So here's one from me for y'all:

(Guess you'll have to watch that that little ditty on YouTube...)

Here's a photo I took off my current front porch looking down into Inglescott Holler, with some storm clouds rolling in.

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I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

Larry Franz

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Just for the hell of it....

Talking Heads - "Road to Nowhere"

Bruce Springsteen

"Stolen Car"

"Wreck on the Highway"

"Racing in the Street"

"Thunder Road"

"Born to Run"

Bob Dylan - "Highway 61 Revisited" (live)

Nat King Cole - "Route 66"

...the tank is empty.

PS: It's a little disconcerting when you visit here and there is only one person visiting the site (so it's you).

Tom Tobben

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Three out of four ain't bad:

Gold -- "Pacific Coast Highway", Beach Boys. One of Brian's stellar songs from the ending of the TWGMTR album. Gorgeous, reflective melody and wistful lyrics, even though the song is a bit short. When Brian is on, he can still be at or near the top of his game. And, as Lee alluded, the song is perfectly followed by the poignant "Summer's Gone". 

"Our dreams hold on
For those who still have more to say."

Silver -- "Rockin' Down the Highway", Doobies. Just one of the many excellent pop/rock songs from the early Doobies when Tom Johnston was the lead singer. The music of the Doobies took a turn to a more R&B-flavored style once Michael McDonald replaced Johnston as the lead singer. But those Doobies also had a number of excellent hits and awards. 

Bronze -- "Highway 61 Revisited", Johnny Winter. An excellent, blues rock interpretation of the Dylan classic. The bluesy sound of this interpretation is perfect, considering that the "Crossroads" lies along this legendary highway at the intersection of US Highway 61 and US Highway 49 near Clarksdale in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, where blues legend Robert Johnson allegedly sold his soul to the devil in exchange for becoming a great blues guitar player. Johnson did not become famous in his lifetime, and he was allegedly poisoned at age 27 (an early member of the "27 club" of famous musicians who died at that age) for messing with another guy's wife.
Here's Johnson's original version. Johnson's original lyrics to the song can be found under the song clip on YouTube:

Tin -- "Route 66", Jeff Foskett. A journeyman cover of a classic song that has been covered by numerous artists. Jeff's version seems to find its roots in both the earlier Chuck Berry and Rolling Stones interpretations of the song but lacks the impact of either. 

A couple more road songs for good measure:

Taj Mahal's take on "Six Days on the Road":

And for Steve Earle fans, here's his early hit "Hillbilly Highway" from his classic debut album Guitar Town (1986):

Fun battle this week, Lee!
Lee Marshall

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So Paul...and Deb...and Tom [and Larry who's always handy with more grist for the mill/more wood for the fire, more songs for the weekly battle]'s darned close to the grand finale.  Seems the only thing I forgot was to vote.

Gold  Brian and the Boys...Pacific Coast Highway...Another solid gem.  No fakery. No Tom foolery.   While it does need Summer's Gone to make it whole...It's good enough on its own to stand atop this weeks lineup.  Hard to believe that they managed to pull this one out of their collective sleeve so far into the 'game'.  [Their collective sleeve?  Ya...sure.[wink]]

 Silver...and by miles...Edgar's older brother who like Carl and Dennis's older brother knew how to serve up a song...I've been a fan virtually since the get-go.  From Dallas & Good Morning Little School Girl to Johnny B. Goode, to Rock and Roll Hoochie Coo...Johnny paved the way for folks like Zed Zed [I'm Canadian] Top...and George thoroughly good Thorogood.

Bronze...and a solid bronze at that...Tom and the Doobies.  Easy to 'allow' their earliest successes to meld into a kind of Doobie Stew...but in real they were released...Tom and Patrick were excellent...  ...Michael?  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  This one was part of a great body of work.  Romancing the Stone is dated.  The Doobie Brothers live on and Rock on.

Tinish...Perhaps less than the definitive work.  Nat King Cole eats all others...This was a nice version from Jeff.  Does it stand up to the other 3 songs competing this week.  But I like it and Jeff gave us stuff along the way so I gave him a tip of the hat.  I'll leave the 'political' comments on the shelf.  [Other than let's just leave it at Jeff ain't the best chooser who ever came along.]

Time for me to tally.
Lee Marshall

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OK...Just before Darren confirms my math and totals...with assistance from, as always, D.A.N....and just before Bonnie kicks of another week of fun and festivities...I had 14 voters and the results seem to add up to 140... ... ...

Beach Boys/Pacific Coast Highway makes it debut in 'the battle' and pulls off a first place finish based on 9 firsts, 3 seconds, a third and one, lone, singular 4th??/ [eek] /  Really?  4th?  OK [rolleyes]... ...48 points.

The Doobies captured 2nd spot with 2 firsts, a league leading 7 seconds, 3 thirds and 2 lasts??... [nono] ... ...37 points

Our Bronze Medallion goes to the late/great Johnny Winter who grabbed 3 firsts, 3 2nds, 4 3rds and 4 lasts...adding up to a respectable 33 points.

Jeffrey scored NO firsts, 3 seconds, 6 3rds and a further 7 lasts...which adds up to a total of 22 points.  Not sure when I'll be able to host again...but when I can...I will.  [Me 'can'.  Jeff tin.]
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Lee.

Those scores are in the book.

‘Pacific Coast Highway’ is the seventh track from That’s Why God Made the Radio to be used in the Battle.

Its record:

That’s Why God Made the Radio (a Gold in Week 12 of Season III - Darren J. Ray; a Gold in Week 12 of Season VII - Darren J. Ray),
Isn’t It Time (a Silver in Week 27 of Season III, 8th in Silver Play-Off - Al Forsyth; a Bronze in Week 9 of Season IX - Larry Franz),
The Private Life of Bill and Sue (a Bronze in Week 8 of Season VII - Cindy Hood),
Strange World (a Silver in Week 9 of Season VII, 8th in Silver Play-Off - kds),
From There to Back Again (a Silver in Week 28 of Season III, 6th in Silver Play-Off - D.A.N; a Silver in Week 36 of Season IV - Tom Tobben),
Pacific Coast Highway (a Gold in Week 25 of Season IX - Lee Marshall),
Summer’s Gone (a Gold in Week 19 of Season IV - Tom Tobben; a Gold in Week 43 of Season IV - Deb#1)

‘Rockin’ Down the Highway’ is the fourth Doobie Brothers track to be used.

Their record:

Long Train Runnin’ (a Silver in Week 25 of Season II, 9th in Silver Play-Off - Roy Roger Bridge),
Another Park, Another Sunday (a Bronze in Week 14 of Season III - Cynthia D. Hood),
Little Darling (I Need You) (a Bronze in Week 39 of Season VIII - The Egg),
Rockin’ Down the Highway (a Silver in Week 25 of Season IX - Lee Marshall)

‘Route 66’ is the second Jeffrey Foskett track used and his second Tin.

‘Cool and Gone’ won the Tin in Week 3 of Season IV (Tom Tobben) and finished 9th in the Tin Play-Off.

Please support bonnie’s Week 26. 

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