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Darren J. Ray

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My favourite Neil Young record...
Lisa G/TS

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bonnie -- Thanks for sharing "Angels".  Taking note of that as a great hospice or bereavement song. (Had just about enough of Sarah McLachlin's "Angel" over the years.)  [frown]

Larry -- You want us to double/triple/quadruple vote to keep you company here?  [wink]

In the mean time, here's a retro 80s Canuck tune about Splitsville that has a good beat you might be able to dance to it:

"Stay-cation for the Nation", "Crush that Curve"
Al Forsyth

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Geez - a lot this week.  First to Cindy, so sorry to hear this news.  Our grandparents are usually huge figures in our bigger picture.  All about reverence.

Lisa, Sully got to me as well. 

Bonnie - when you put in Eva Cassidy doing Somewhere Over, - that's just another one of thus amazings.

I knew my Gold all along and clearly to Brian and I Just Wasn't Made for These Times.  One of those songs that MADE Pet Sounds.  I can say so much about this and the entire song, but won't now.  It's an amazing piece of music.
Start with the prelude:
And then the closing song.

The Silver is a tie between the Everlys and Smokey.  I went about this all week - which one.  BOTH.  Anything by either of these artists is usually gold standard (but not this week).

Neil really doesn't belong with this group but gets the tin. 

a great week of music!  The Byrd's song would have made it impossible to vote.

What is she losing, missing here?  Or finding?   Your Smith

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Tom Tobben

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Cindy, sincerest condolences on your elderly father's passing. When my father passed away a month shy of 95 a few years ago, this is the touching Dan Fogelberg song that immediately came to my mind, and which we used to accompany a video montage of photos of our Dad and with our various family members over the years. The lyrics were so perfect and the music so touching:

Lisa, nice to hear Chilliwack's "My Girl" again after so many years. A fine Canadian band! My favorite song by them, which was a popular FM rock hit here in St. Louis:

bonnie, nice find with the David Byrne / Brian Eno song! I'll have more to show for Byrne when I host this coming week's battle. 

Al, nice finds and a good read regarding "IJWMFTT" and Pet Sounds!

Larry, you made this battle so difficult. Every song could have been a gold; they're all classics by famous artists. So, here's my take, although I could have placed them in reverse order and been happy with that vote too:

Gold -- "Like A Hurricane", Neil Young with Crazy Horse. My favorite song from Young's excellent 1977 album, American Stars 'n Bars, and one of my all-time favorite Neil Young songs. This longish song also gives Young the opportunity to give us some really stellar extended guitar solo work. It doesn't get much better than when Young rocks out with his main backing band over his career, Crazy Horse. As a bit of a purist on this song, I still favor his original version from the American Stars 'n Bars album, though this week's live version is quite faithful to the original:

Silver -- "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times", Beach Boys. A Brian Wilson confessional classic and one of my favorite songs from Pet Sounds. Those sensitive growing up years, when we're still trying to find our way and relate to the world and people around us. Timeless! 

Bronze -- "Crying in the Rain", Everly Brothers. It doesn't get much better than those pure Everly Brothers vocals and harmonies, and this is one of their classics. One of the very first albums I purchased as a young teenager was The Best of the Everly Brothers, which included this and numerous other Everly Brothers classics. This song could easily have been my gold choice this week. 

Tin -- "Ooo Baby Baby", The Miracles. Just one of so many classics written by William "Smokey" Robinson for Berry Gordy's various Motown artists and labels, and then later for his own solo career. His vocals are so pure and his melodies are so lovely. As George Harrison once referred to him in song on his fine 33 & 1/3 album, he's "Pure Smokey":

"...And as I think back over so many years,
Love that's filled my ears,
I got to thank you Lord for giving us Pure Smokey.
And anyone who hears that voice so free,
He really got a hold on me.
And I thank you Lord for giving to us pure Smokey, pure Smokey.

Singing it so sweetly
Like no one else could do,
Always trying something new,
I thank you Lord for giving us Pure Smokey..."

Excellent battle week, Larry!

bonnie bella

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Larry and Tom, Byrne has also just released a new album this year; American Utopia.

Larry, thanks for clearing up the quote thing. I never knew. Sometimes a misquote is a cooler name for a band than a quote. In this case, certainly.

Lisa and Al for enjoying my clips. [smile]

Van Morrison, way back.

Van Morrison, more recent.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Larry Franz

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Wow! Quite a burst of activity this afternoon. (Eastern Standard Time)

Darren -- Cute. Of course, nobody does parodies of obscure musicians. Here's another one you'd hate.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse -- "Tonight's the Night"

Lisa -- We've finally hit double digits, but, sure, vote as often as you like. There ain't gonna be any darn voter suppression 'round here!

Al -- Thanks for your votes (even with that tie), links and comments. I'm glad you loved three of the songs and kind of glad I didn't use the Byrds. Then we'd still only have nine voters.

Tom -- Thanks for your votes, videos and comments too. As you said, "it doesn't get much better than when Young rocks out with his main backing band over his career, Crazy Horse".

I've never been crazy about extended guitar playing or big name guitarists, but I love the way Neil plays, especially with Crazy Horse. I don't know why. Maybe an expert could explain it. (Either a music expert or a brain expert.)

bonnie -- Thanks for the Van Morrison videos. His "It's All Over" was distinctively good, but I especially like the newer song.

Bob Dylan -- "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" (live in Manchester 1965)

Two more before it's all gone:

The Black Keys -- "She's Long Gone"

Elle King -- "Good Thing Gone"

Tom Tobben

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bonnie, David Byrne is certainly a fascinating artist, though I'm much more familiar with his career with Talking Heads than his subsequent solo career. I did hear, however, that his solo concert tour this year was really excellent and innovative. 

And any Van Morrison, whether old or new, is always interesting to me. I've got most of his albums from over the decades, but I haven't yet purchased his newest album. One of my favorites from his excellent 2016 album, Keep Me Singing, is this catchy instrumental:
Larry Franz

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Ok, folks, we're heading into the seventh and final day of "It's Over" week. A mere 10 voters so far.

No sign of John B this week. kds hasn't logged on since October. Lee is busy elsewhere. Three regular contributors almost always skip my weeks. Lisa has only voted once (so far). It's enough to give a guy a complex.

But tomorrow is expected to be another day and not all endings are unhappy.

Nevertheless, I'm going to wrap up day 6 with good music on disturbing themes.

Men who disappear

Hank Williams -- "Ramblin' Man"

Owl City -- "This Isn't The End"

Harry Nilsson -- "1941" (he was born in 1941, his father walked away in 1944)

Serious illness and a truly infamous serial killer

Sufjan Stevens -- "Casimir Pulaski Day" and "John Wayne Gacy, Jr."

John B

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sorry, I'm just back from 8-9 days in Florida.  Did not drink all night or even at all, and I did not get into a fight, although argued with the Mouse a lot...but not nearly caught up yet.  I would never skip a Larry week without good reason!   if this contest continues tomorrow, I can find time to listen.   If it ends today, sorry!    
Larry Franz

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Hi John B! I'm glad you had a vacation and there wasn't some other reason you weren't commenting this week. Unfortunately, there are only about 12 hours before the curtain comes down and It's Over.....

Panic! At The Disco -- "The End of All Things"

Skeeter Davis -- "The End of the World" (she had an easy win the first time I hosted, five years ago)

Brian Wilson -- "The Last Song" (a nice tribute to the guys)

Cantina Margarita

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Hi guys,

I’m a theme surfer. I always need a certain concept to get into a certain mood. This week, I must admit I can’t see any. Or at least I don’t get it. Or it doesn’t get me. So no mood, no mode, only four songs to tell which I like best or worst. But that’s the name of this game: rate songs to find out what people like. Sunday evening already, so no time either. No problem.

1. (best) The Beach Boys -- "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times"

2. Neil Young -- "Like a Hurricane"

3. The Miracles -- "Ooo Baby Baby"

4. The Everly Brothers -- "Crying in the Rain"

I have spoken. Quite simply.

Another rule is, you can make proposals what song might be even better or even worse. Also, you can grant the honour of appearing on Brian Wilson’s site to somebody you think he/she deserves. Feel free to guess what this one is meant to be.


David W

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My votes :

Gold-The Everly Brothers -- "Crying in the Rain"
Silver-The Beach Boys -- "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times"

Bronze-The Miracles -- "Ooo Baby Baby"
Tin-Neil Young -- "Like a Hurricane"

Think this fits the theme

Verden McCutcheon

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 Season9 week 42 ..its Over

                         1)Neil Young

                         2)Everly brothers

                         3)Smokey Robinson and The Miracles

                         4)The Beach Boys

                                                  sorry fast..busy weekend

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Lots of power in all these songs. But they are all in different universes. They almost come out equal.
But in spirit of the battle here are my rankings:
Gold-The Everly Brothers -- "Crying in the Rain"
Silver-The Beach Boys -- "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times"
Bronze-The Miracles -- "Ooo Baby Baby"
Tin-Neil Young -- "Like a Hurricane"
Another time, Brian would take Phil and Don or most anything with IJWMFTT but not with this match up. Just who I am.

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

Larry Franz

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Thanks to late voters Deb, Verden and David W, and especially to C. Margarita, who wasn't pleased at all but rose to the occasion and voted anyway.

The Everly Brothers took an early lead this week, but the Beach Boys came on very strong in the end.

The Miracles looked like they would take third place easily, but late support for Neil Young made it fairly close.

With 14 voters, the results are (subject to confirmation):

Gold -- The Beach Boys, "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" -- 43 points (6-G, 4-S, 3-B, 1-T)

Silver -- The Everly Brothers, "Crying in the Rain" -- 37.5 points (5-G, 2-S, 3-B, 3-T plus a tie for Silver)

Tin -- The Miracles, "Ooo Baby Baby" -- 30.5 points (0-G, 4-S, 7-B, 2-T plus a tie for Silver)

Bronze -- Neil Young, "Like a Hurricane" -- 29 points (3-G, 3-S, 0-B, 8-T)

Having hosted six times this year, I'm not planning to host in 2019. Anybody who wants the battle to keep going but doesn't host should take the plunge and volunteer for a week or two.

As for this week's battle, it's over! Tom is up next.

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