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Al Forsyth

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Did anyone get Jack Johnson?

And since the original contest had a cover - but this does sound like Jack:

A diamond necklace played the pawn...

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These are fine songs this week. Here's how they shook out for me:
Gold - The Beach Boys - Friends
Silver - Queen - Friends Will Be Friends
Bronze - Straight No Chaser - You're My Best Friend
Tin - War - Why Can't We Be Friends
I have kinda liked this pairing of song and film since the movie "Stand By Me" came out. I had run around friends like these...

What a field-day for the heat 
A thousand people in the street 
Singing songs and carrying signs 
Mostly say, hooray for our side 
It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound 
Everybody look what's going down”
— FWIW, Buffalo Springfield 

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Not going to add to the clips collection

GOLD  Beach Boys

SILVER Queen.  Ugh - crowd singing.

BRONZE Straight No Chaser - they're no Queen but I'd consider going to see them if they tour here again.  Didn't see Queen recently, though, so...


Tom Tobben

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My friendly votes:

Gold -- "Friends", Beach Boys. Lovely little ditty. I liked it even more as it originally appeared on the Friends LP, where the even shorter ditty "Meant for You" opened the album then segued directly into "Friends". Several years ago, I hosted a battle of "segue songs", which included the paired duo of "Meant for You / Friends":

In that weekly battle, "Meant for You / Friends" came in second to the Beatles' stellar segue threesome of "Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End" from the legendary Abbey Road album. This week, it appears that "Friends" is in good position to grab the gold!

Silver -- "Why Can't We Be Friends", War. Fine song and a strong War fan here. Strong second place above the two Queen songs. 

Bronze -- "You're My Best Friend", SNC. Pleasant a cappella cover of this early classic by Queen.

Tin -- "Friends Will Be Friends", Queen. This one didn't do much for me, which was also true for me with much of Queen's later catalogue. 

A bit more friendliness to throw into the mix for this past week's battle:

Short (thank goodness!) and to the point:

And a couple "friend"-ly Stones classics:

And from Flo & Eddie's excellent Moving Targets album, they are "Best Friends":

Finally, Canadian group Steppenwolf had an excellent "Snowblind Friend" (written by Hoyt Axton):

Good battle and wide-ranging theme this week, GGH. Nicely done!


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Thanks for voting everyone! With my vote, the week is closed. I apologize for not being very talkative, I've had a hectic week. I have enjoyed reading your responses.

GOLD: Beach Boys



TIN: Straight No Chaser

I'll have the results up soon. Thanks again for participating friends!!!

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
~The Beatles

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GOLD: Friends by The Beach Boys-75.5 points

SILVER: Why Can't We Be Friends? by War-50.5 points

BRONZE: Friends Will Be Friends by Queen-42 points

TIN: You're My Best Friend by Straight No Chaser-32 points

Aggregate: 200 points

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
~The Beatles
Darren J. Ray

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Thanks, GGH.

It was the third appearance for ‘Friends’ in the Battle.

Its history:

- a Silver in Week 25 of Season III (Frankie Teardrop), 
- a Silver in Week 31 of Season VI, 3rd in Silver Play-Off (Tom Tobben)*,
- a Gold in Week 5 of Season IX (GGH)

* this was presented in a segue with ‘Meant for You’

Six tracks from Friends have been used.

Its record: 

Meant for You/Friends (a Silver in Week 31 of Season VI, 3rd in Silver Play-Off - Tom Tobben),

Friends (a Silver in Week 25 of Season III - Frankie Teardrop; a Gold in Week 5 of Season IX - GGH), 

Wake the World (a Gold in Week 25 of Season I - John Potter; a Gold in Week 6 of Season IV, 9th in Gold Play-Off - paul g adsett), 

When a Man Needs a Woman (a Bronze in Week 7 of Season VIII - D.A.N), 

Busy Doin' Nothin' (a Silver in Week 18 of Season II, 3rd in Silver Play-Off - Teenage Symphony; a Gold in Week 45 of Season II - Tom Tobben), 

Diamond Head (a Bronze in Week 32 of Season VII - bonnie bella)

It was the third appearance for War in the Battle.

Their history:

Slippin’ Into Darkness (a Tin in Week 14 of Season III, 8th in Tin Play-Off - Michael F. Becher),
Spill the Wine (a Gold in Week 11 of Season VII - Tom Tobben)*,
Why Can’t We Be Friends? (a Silver on Week 5 of Season IX - GGH)

* The record was credited to Eric Burdon and War

‘Friends Will Be Friends’ was the seventh Battle song for that polarising band called Queen.

Their record:

Bohemian Rhapsody (a Silver in Week 8 of Season II - Cynthia D. Hood),
Love of My Life (a Tin in Week 31 of Season II - Al Forsyth),
Under Pressure (with David Bowie) (a Silver in Week 27 of Season V - Deb#1),  
We Are the Champions (a Silver in Week 38 of Season V - Roy Rogers),
Bicycle Race (a Bronze in Week 45 of Season V - Darren J. Ray),
Somebody to Love (a Silver in Week 34 of Season VIII, 4th in Silver Play-Off - GGH),
Friends Will Be Friends (a Bronze in Week 5 of Season IX - GGH)

With only three Golds between the remaining three tracks from the week, ‘Friends’ looks Gold Play-Off bound.

The songs that beat ‘Friends’ in its previous two weeks were ‘Sons Of’ (Scott Walker - 1969) and ‘Golden Slumbers’/’Carry That Weight’/’The End’ (The Beatles - 1969). 

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