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Darren J. Ray

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She's My Baby (Johnny O'Keefe - 1959)

Hangin' Five (The Delltones - 1963)

Girls on the Avenue (Richard Clapton - 1974)

Summer in Paradise (live) (The Beach Boys - 1993/1997) *

* This song has an interesting history. It was, of course, originally recorded for the often maligned Summer in Paradise album and released in 1992 in the US (with a lead vocal featuring Mike Love). It was subsequently re-recorded and re-written (and this time featured Roger McGuinn on both guitar and a guest vocal on an added verse) and released on the UK version of the same album. Both versions are decent and underrated, in my opinion. The US version is available on YouTube, and I will post it in time. There is, unfortunately, not an intact UK version of the song available on YouTube. I chose to select this live version, apparently recorded in 1993 that features Bruce Johnston singing McGuinn's part. This edit was released on the Mom II - Music for Our Mother Ocean (various artists) CD in 1997. As you will notice, it's a YouTube generated clip. I don't advise hosts using such clips as they are provided by the record companies - Warner Music Group, in this case - as promotional and are usually blocked in certain countries around the world. Our international team advise me this video is viewable in all their areas. Maybe Warners figure no-one would wish to buy it anymore! In fact, neither version of the Summer in Paradise album is currently available to purchase through the stores. Hey, everybody, wouldn't it be nice if we could bring back Summer in Paradise?

Happy listening.

Some of you may not have heard a couple of these before, so please do your due diligence and feel free to deliberate all week before casting your votes (and comments).

Please try not to tie your votes. Four songs – how hard can it be?

I’ll be back with the results next week.

For copying and pasting purposes:

She's My Baby (Johnny O'Keefe)
Hangin' Five (The Delltones)
Girls on the Avenue (Richard Clapton)
Summer in Paradise (live) (The Beach Boys)
paul g adsett

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ah, a plethora of pleth fit to play and pleath the earth
(that'th the plural of ear, not talking about thingth global).
thought i'd carry on my bonzos fetish and add something from
'do not adjust your set'
a kids' afternoon tv show,which is now over 50 years old,
predating monty python and featured the bonzos each week.
here they play a track that featured in the club scene
in the beatles'magical mystery tour'.
does it fit this week's botb?
you, dear listener, may decide as you wallow in just how
the fabulous vivian stanshall creates a crooning character that outloves mike love...


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Gold: She's My Baby (Johnny O'Keefe).  A hit twice in '60s and '70s. From memory recorded in America when he went there as the 'Boomerang Boy.'
Silver: Hangin' Five (Delltones) Great Aussie surf song.  I think the composer, Ben Acton, was a policeman. Group still going with one original singer.
Bronze: Girls On The Avenue (Richard Clapton) Could have been Silver.  His biggest hit down under. No relation to 'Eric' - just a stage name.
Tin: Summer in Paradise (Beach Boys) 
Lee Marshall

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In good consciousness I can't vote in favour of any of these songs.  Each and every one of them is just SO annoying.

Parodies of shyte  =  4 X tin.
paul g adsett

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'parodies' lee?
a knocking parade of paradoxical posturing
not ringing your postman's knock? 
i'd stick with the bonzo dog band , then
- nothing of the parody in what they expose in public...

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Gold - Beach Boys - Say what you will about the SIP album.   It is the worst album the BB ever released, but it's not without its merits, and I think the title track is a fine song.   It's somewhat stifled by the dreadful production of the album, but in concert, it sounds great.  

Silver - Johnny O Keefe

Bronze - Delltones

Tin - Richard Clapton 
t bedford

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I'll vote after a few listens.

On first listen, your Delltones track reminded me of this, written by Gary Usher & Roger Christian.
Donna Loren - Muscle Bustle

Here's the same song from "Muscle Beach Party", featuring Donna, along with Dick Dale & his Deltones, who are not the same band as this weeks contender.

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Larry Franz

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I'm tempted to follow Lee's lead. It's good there are only four of them.

Gold --  Girls on the Avenue (Richard Clapton) 
Silver -- Summer in Paradise (live) (The Beach Boys)
Bronze -- Hangin' Five (The Delltones)
Tin -- She's My Baby (Johnny O'Keefe)

That Muscle Beach Party clip makes a strong argument for the area now covered by the lower 48 states to have been left to the Seminole, Apache, Mohawk, Delaware, Pawnee, Navajo and fellow peoples.

"Hangin' Five" kind of reminded me of the Honeys' "Shoot the Curl".

"Girls on the Avenue" made me think of Springsteen's "Girls in Their Summer Clothes".

Al Forsyth

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Interesting and I knew they were Aussie - as I'd never heard of them. I never played the later BB's albums either but this one has something to it at least.  Promise a vote this week and apologized to Tom already for the last week. My life may be slowly returning to me. 

Lee, your maths (we don't call it maths here but just in case) put the selections straight down the middle.  Not the bottom where you may want them to reside.  

T,  Donna was pretty poor (ability-wise, but was kind of bubbly like Dr. Pepper) but shakes it and wails at the end:
NOT Donna's version:

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
bonnie bella

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Four Aussie lots here.  Who'll take 'em?

GOLD - Richard Clapton.  Haha.  Named himself (with almost admirable overconfidence) after Keith and Eric.  That's ten times better than Ralph, Ralph.  This was a minor hit in Aussie, and it's actually okay.

SILVER - Johnny O'Keefe.  I remember this guy.  He covered this and totally b@##$ed the end up.

BRONZE - The Delltones were actually real surfers, I have come to believe.  

TIN - Bummer.  Top ten worst Beach Boys songs contender, right here.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery


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Hello everyone 😉

Gold - Hangin' Five, I don't know much about this song other than the fact that it's the most Aussie sounding song I've heard in my life, but that adds a bit of a comical element to the song which puts it at the top for me, I haven't (yet) got bored of the Delltones telling me they're "feelin' mighty fine."

Silver - Girl's on the avenue has a pretty awesome guitar riff that is fairly catchy and unique, and the bridge just before the outro is awesome! Some cool chords and piano melodies as well, good fun!

Bronze - She's My Baby is still catchy almost 60 years later, but it is fairy short and simple

Tin - Compared to some of the more catchy Beach Boys songs, Summer In Paradise is not a song I feel enticed to listen to again after the first time around. Normally the unique vocal style of the Beach Boys suits their songs, but in this case it feels like it get's on my nerves slightly
Lee Marshall

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Originally Posted by Al Forsyth

Lee, your maths (we don't call it maths here but just in case) put the selections straight down the middle.  Not the bottom where you may want them to reside.  

I get THAT Al...but no one gets an edge here atop the other 3.  They're all equally crappy.  Reminds me of a 'bar' I once d.j.'d.  Tuesday nights during the pre party dinner hour...we spun the worst songs of all time...2 of us trying to under 'do' the other.

Here?  This week?  Darren's the winner.  I'm the winer.

'Tis a no-holds-barred poop-fest.
John B

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liamios:  you go!  beat me to it--my order exactly!

1.  "Hangin' Five" by the Delltones

makes perfect sense to me that there would be a surfing group in Australia, and points for name-checking 'Surfer Joe.'  What do the critics say?  that they ...lacked originality?   I buy it.  and the actual verses, nice melody, too.  Best here.

2. "Girls on the Avenue" by Richard Clapton

I'm almost there.  But.  It's a song about prostitution?    plus, it kind of blands out near the end in a kind of mid-70's way. 

3.  "She's My Baby" by Johnny O'Keefe

"Simple" is being too nice.  Sounds like it could have been written as they recorded it, and in fact, almost anyone could have "written" the song no worse.

4.  "Summer in Paradise"

Doesn't kds care about lyrics at all?  To me, this is awful.  and you know, you get to about 2.20, and you still have embarrassing lyrics to go!  Most people could come up with a better rhyme for 'mess'.  Now, I know what Lee means by 'simple Simon going to the fair' lyrics.  This is them.  I almost like part of a line, about interdependence being nature's way.  I know, interdependence is still too awkward for a song lyric, and Mike would not really say he believes in globalism for fear of alienating the red hat folk.  all in all, this is probably worse than 'Endless Harmony' ; and much worse than 'Somewhere Near Japan' or 'Brian is Back' or 'Getcha Back'.  It's got those same reactionary 'remember when times were better'? Statler Bros. lines...but they just sound more stupid as assembled here.  If you want to go line by line, there's something bad that could be said about nearly every couplet---starting with why 'Barbara Anne'? (to join with Rhonda?  as examples of their ideal 'rockin'?').  Is it only cause it rhymed?  (or if he sang 'Rhonda and Do it Again' would the reference/top 20, be too vague?).
Cindy Hood

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Darren, Good work in getting me stumped this week with the top 3 songs.  I hadn't heard any of them before.

After careful listening to each one, I'm going with:

Gold:  Summer In Paradise by the Beach Boys.  I'm probably one of the few fans that actually loved this album.  Gotta love those guys!

Silver:  Girls On The Avenue by Richard Clapton.  Nope, not Slowhand, but a good song still.

Bronze:  Hangin' Five by The Delltones.  

Tin/Pewter:  She's My Baby by Johnny O'Keefe.

That's all folks - my final answer!

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Larry Franz

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Congratulations to our English compatriots! That was exciting. We're thinking of celebrating by having traditional English food for dinner, like pizza!

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