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paul g adsett

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not a great footy fan, m'self,
but, yep, i watched it.
more exciting than any of this week's botb contenders
(can i say that? i just did...)...
Lee Marshall

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Well hey now!!!  There's something "footy" about these 4 tunes Paul.  [eek] 

I was in Merry Olde, Wales and Scotland back in '78 when the World Cup was 'on'.  St. George's squad wasn't as highly touted as the Scots side those 40 years ago.  [Kenny Dalglish was the name on many a lip heading into the affair.]  St. Andrew, it appeared, must have been somewhat happier than his counterpart who, along with Patrick provide the necessary ingredients in order to compose a Union Jack.

Of course Argentina was the team to topple.  It was fun watching the various matches in the pubs scattered hither and yon.  T'was the last time I actually enjoyed the whole quest for short-lived glory.

Scotland [the country] was sensational.  Must have been the people.  [and the 'pipes'... ... ...and Harry McNamara 'having' a tinkle in the legendary Loch Ness.]  I quite loved it all.  [and the McEwans]
Al Forsyth

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Okay - got this! I'm on my vote on 4th of July eve (3rd). 

GOLD - She's My Baby (Johnny O'Keefe)  -This sounds so much better produced than you would expect from 59.  I LIKE it!
Could Gene have done it? I can hear it in my head.
More about this artist, Darren?  I like the Aussie listens. 
SILVER - Summer in Paradise (The Beach Boys) - it gets better and better as the song goes on. The beginning was rough though. I have to admit that I was NOT a Beach Boys' fan during this period of Kokomo and Uncle Jesse. Some call it the worst.  Some may be right. I REALLY liked the guitar and sax breaks on this.  Won me over.
BRONZED - Hangin' Five (The Delltones) - Right in Midget Farrelly time and has the sound going on. I didn't realize that BF had passed:
The guy's footwork was unbelievable!
This leaves to Tin - Girls on the Avenue (Richard Clapton) No girls on the beach or anything – just your edge of the street walkers. Whew! The vocal is buried in this.

A diamond necklace played the pawn...

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Hi Darren,

Here is my vote. It was hard to choose as they are all great songs.


Gold - Girls On The Avenue – Richard Clapton


Silver - She’s My Baby – Johnny O’Keefe


Bronze - Hangin’ Five – The Delltones


Tin - Summer In Paradise – The Beach Boys


Graciegirl :-)
Popeye (not the sailor)

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After giving all 4 of these gems a few good spins this is how my ears ranked their listening pleasure.

Gold: Summer in Paradise (live) - Beach Boys - This live version rocks!!!

Silver: Hangin' Five - Delltones

Bronze: Girls on the Avenue - Richard Clapton - I like this song in a 1974 kind of way.

Tin: She's My Baby - Johnny O'Keefe

Another gem from Summer in Paradise. Carl shined on this one.

Thanks Darren!

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There's a local guy who sometimes plays in Richard's band.

Seen the ad for "The Block", Darren?  I Get Around plays in the background a bit..  Definitely not the original track but it sounded pretty good if it's a cover.
t bedford

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If you don't vote, you're not allowed to complain.

GOLD: She's My Baby (Johnny O'Keefe)
SILVER: Hangin' Five (The Delltones)
BRONZE: Girls on the Avenue (Richard Clapton)
TIN: Summer in Paradise (live) (The Beach Boys)

More about this artist, Darren?

Well, I'm no Darren, but we've mentioned him before....he wrote & had the first hit with "Real Wild Child", recorded by everyone from Jerry "Ivan" Allison of the Crickets to Iggy Pop, to Joan Jett among many versions.

Here's Johnny!:

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Larry Franz

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A propos of nothing except it's damn hot out there and a study shows that women's favorite songs were released when they were 13 and men's when they were 14 (on average, of course), a few from 1964:

The Hondells  "My Buddy Seat"  (Wilson-Usher)

The Rally Packs  "Move Out, Little Mustang"  (Wilson-Berry-Christian)

Joey & the Continentals  "She Rides With Me"  (Wilson-Christian)

The Beach Boys  "In the Parkin' Lot" & "Don't Worry Baby" (both Wilson-Christian)

About the study:

Lisa G/TS

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GOLD -- The Deltones. Hangin' Five

SILVER -- Johnny O'Keefe, She's My Baby

BRONZE -- Richard Clapton, Girls On The Avenue

TIN -- Beach Boys, Summer In Paradise -- Really wanted to give this a chance. It might have scored higher with a different vocalist...any other vocalist. Alas, Mike reminds me of a summer flu or throat infection I've picked up a couple of years (not this one, touch wood) just as summer's starting.  [frown]

Thanks, Darren!
Tom Tobben

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After numerous listenings this week, here's my take:

Gold -- "Girls on the Avenue", Richard Clapton. This song grew on me, and it had that certain 70s sound, reminiscent of several artists from that era, such as Al Stewart and Badfinger. Pleasant song and new to me this week.

Silver -- "Hangin' Five", Delltones. Certainly of its surf music era, and even has a Mike Love-style bass vocal and So Cal "upon the Mailbu" reference tossed in. But, surprisingly, no cute girls and no guys with their "woodys" to be found in the lyrics.

Bronze -- "She's My Baby", Johnny O'Keefe. Definitely has that late 50s rock and roll style, with a bit of that "Mr. Bassman" backing vocal tossed in for good measure -- "Bom-bom-bom-bom".

The "bom-boms" in this song also reminded me of a similar-flavored song titled "Bom Bom" by Australia's Daddy Cool, a band that Darren introduced in one of our early battles (with their biggest hit, "Eagle Rock") some years ago. Here's their "Bom Bom":

Tin -- "Summer in Paradise", Beach Boys. No matter how many times I give it a listen, I cannot get into the SIP album, or this title song in particular. Despite the tons of Beach Boys original albums and compilations I have owned over the years, this is the one original album I could never bring myself to purchase, and now it's mercifully out of print. That may have something to do with Brian's absence from the band at that time, or with Mike's thin reedy vocals by then, or just the music itself.

Thanks, Darren, for introducing some more interesting Aussie songs and artists that at least some of us were not previously familiar with.  

The oldie Delltones surfing song and the Beach Boys song this week also bring to mind a newly recorded surf instrumental song, "High Surf", evocative of those mid-60s surf instrumentals, that was recently released this past week by longtime former blueboarder (whom a number of you will readily remember), Miami Dan Yoe and his Hayes Street Band. The song also features original Beach Boy David Marks as one of the guitarists. It's one of the feature songs on Miami Dan & The Hayes Street Band's newly released fourth album, Left Hand to the Sky

Last month Miami Dan asked me to write a review for his group's excellent new album. He subsequently posted my review on Facebook, for any of you who may be interested in finding out more about the album or its individual songs. The album also prominently features appearances by a number of current or past Brian Wilson or Beach Boys band members, including Probyn Gregory, Scott Bennett, David Marks, Gary Griffin, and others.

Lee Marshall

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I was supposed to head down to S. Carolina for a week...6-7 years ago order to spend some time golfing with Dan.  Now with my breathing'll likely never happen.  Oh well.  A true shame.  Liking ANY of these songs?   THAT will never happen.  There's too many great songs I've yet to discover.   No sense getting stalled.

Sometime the 'exercise' here is rather like being force-fed.  [s]pitooey.
David W

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My votes :

Gold:Summer in Paradise (live) (The Beach Boys)
Silver:Girls on the Avenue (Richard Clapton)
Bronze:She's My Baby (Johnny O'Keefe)
Tin: Hangin' Five (The Delltones)

Another (sad) summer surf song :


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G Girls on the Avenue
S Hangin' Five
B She's My Baby
T Summer in Paradise.  Oh dear.

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I spent most of last week off the grid. It was refreshing. I almost forgot about voting.
But here it is, as it is:
Gold / Silver Tie - Richard Clapton - Girl's On the Avenue; I see Al's point about the buried vocal, but even with that it was the most musically appealing to me.
Gold / Silver Tie - Johnny O'Keefe - She's My Baby; I liked the doo-wop-ish touch but the song dragged in places.
Bronze - Hangin' Five - The Delltones; I thought I felt some Squeeze "Cool for Cats" melody/chording influences, good ones but then it felt kitschy in places, too.
Tin - Summer In Paradise - The Beach Boys; 100% kitschy.

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Al Forsyth

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My first hearing Daddy Cool in the States was Baby Let Me Bang Your Box BUT I never knew that they covered it:

Back to summery, but not Aussie (Robin Ward session singer from Hawaii and Nebraska):

Hoping that Darren gives us some info about his artists.

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
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