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Tom Tobben

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Good find, Al. I wasn't aware of the earlier R&B version of "Baby Let Me..." by the Bangers. 

And back when I was an early teen, "Wonderful Summer" was one of my favorites on the radio in 1963. 

It also made me think of this big oppositely themed Bryan Hyland hit from the previous year:

Darren J. Ray

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Gold - Girls on the Avenue (Richard Clapton - 1974)
Saw Richard singing this on Countdown in ’75 and, with the really long hair and dark glasses, he looked like one of the Banana Splits. Took me a long while to realise what a GREAT RECORD it is. Certainly not something a first-time listener could pick up from one or two listens. Love that bass. It has plenty of the good stuff going on in there. Not your standard format of a song yet commercial. Went to #4 here. Deserved better. Ageless.

Silver - Hangin' Five (The Delltones - 1963)
Gee, guys who could sing AND surf; a rarity in these parts. The eastern seaboard of Australia takes in many of our most populated cities, and the surf culture is huge here and was very prevalent in the pop music of the early ‘60s. Stable mates of Johnny O’Keefe, a group formed in 1958 (easily pre-dating the Beach Boys) with a song that’s better than more than half of the material of the Beach Boys album released at the same time, Surfer Girl. Big hit here. Cult hit in California.

Bronze - She's My Baby (Johnny O'Keefe - 1959)
I feel terrible giving this just a Bronze because hearing this the first time was almost as impactful on me as putting the needle down and hearing Elvis blasting out , “You ain‘t nuthin’ but a hound dog”. Recorded in the US in late ’59 when John toured there. # 1 here in 1960 and again a hit when re-released in ’69. I love the full-on sound with that choir and the way the tempo just takes off with the pre-chorus and then hammers the message home in the chorus. Probably the most exciting record JOK ever recorded. Have read his biography. This guy was doing drugs and having nervous breakdowns way before it became fashionable. Sad tale. He packed a lot into those 20 years in the spotlight. Extroverted and unconventional, the King of Australian Rock’n’Roll. There is a statue of him outside Twin Towns, our biggest and most prestigious local club.

Here you go, Al...

Participant - Summer in Paradise (live) (The Beach Boys 1993/1997)
Would get my Gold in many weeks here. Still a long way from the pack here. Catchy-as song with lyrics by the best lyricist the Beach Boys ever had and certainly the most commercially successful. Regarding the Beach Boys song references, they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Brian does it frequently too. Speaking of, if Brian had been involved in the song, most people on this site would be feting it. Anyway, great to hear the band pulling it off live, including Carl. 
Darren J. Ray

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Voting for the week has now closed. 

You've had a week. No late entries accepted. 

I'll post a response to all and the results as soon as I can. 

Darren J. Ray

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Perusing the week was fascinating and, in some cases, sadly predictable.

From the get go, Paul had the temerity to post his umpteenth clip of Bonzo doo-dah, claiming the songs this week were parodies.

I’m reminded of something veteran radio jock Bob Rogers wrote about the first time he heard Elvis Presley’s ‘Heartbreak Hotel’: 

I had the feeling it was some sort of bad musical joke. 

Why is it that some folk think anything they haven’t heard before is either a joke or is copying off something else despite in most cases being recorded earlier - in some cases, years, even decades, before?

For example, when I posted ‘One Day’ by The Church back in Season IV, Paul claimed the guitar sounded like ‘someone's trying to pinch stuart adamson's big country lines’, seemingly oblivious that the song he was accusing pre-dated Big Country’s first album!

Paul, maybe ‘Hangin’ Five’ might have been a parody (and a great one) if it had been recorded in the ‘70s or beyond. But, as denoted in my introduction, it was released in 1963.

And then you didn’t vote!

stkilda4ever, thanks for the votes and comments.

Lee, you couldn’t help yourself, could you? I ask you, if you don’t know the songs, to take all week to decide and not to tie votes. Good luck to the guy up for murder if they ever stick you on the jury. As usual, you shoot first without asking questions. How anyone can objectively critique songs they’ve never heard of and immediately post a dismissal of them is beyond me, but you do it most weeks. Fact is if you’d interviewed any of these industry veterans over the years or one of them had gone on to write for the Toronto Star, I’m sure you’d think they were great guys.

I’m not asking anyone to like the songs. It was always going to be a stretch to ask the senior citizens that are here to open their ears to songs and artistes they’d never heard before.

‘Force-fed’, Lee? 

No-one’s forcing you to listen. No-one’s forcing you to vote, either. But, if you do, it would be nice if you entered into the spirit of things with some objectivity instead of instant disdain for songs that either you didn’t already know or feature Mike Love on lead vocals.

It’s patently obvious that the Lovester must have fobbed you off years ago, and you’ve been peddling the MIKE IS EVIL line to all and sundry since. I’m sure the poor guy must lie in bed at night and worry about it! And Al Forsyth wonders why AGD doesn’t visit this site anymore. Al, you have your answer.

Sure, there are plenty of weeks I don’t like the songs on offer and am audacious enough to tell the host; Tom’s last week, for instance. The difference is I listen to the songs all week to give them and their host a fair hearing. And when I finally express my opinion – worth no more than anyone else’s - on the four songs, I do. Once. And I don’t ram it down people’s throats for the rest of the week. (THAT is being force-fed.) And that’s all I expect in return.

Your loss.

When are you hosting again? Looking forward to it. 

Larry, if you had ‘followed Lee’s lead’, I wouldn’t have been stuck with decimal points for the whole week, straight off the bat. I had hoped you two gents would’ve paid more than scant respect to songs that you didn’t grow up with. Keep trying. If it’s Bruce Springsteen, REM, Elvis Costello, Neil Young and Elliott Smith that you want every week, I’m sorry. But I’m sure they’ll be regurgitated again here soon; just not by me. Stick around for more American songs. They’re on the way.  

But, hey, at least you and Lee voted. Thanks.

kds, thanks for the votes. Are you sure it’s their worst album? Personally, I derive a lot more pleasure from Summer in Paradise than I do from listening to The Beach Boys or Keepin’ the Summer Alive. Even lines like ‘he doesn't do a whole lot with his law degree, they thought about a major oceanography, but he does a lot of thinking about how to save the sea, (that's where the waves are)’ are better than the gibberish Van Dyke Parks gave Brian for SMiLE. But, yes, that production, as detailed in a couple of Al’s posts, sounds dated.

bonnie, thanks for the votes. ‘Four Aussie lots’? Is there something I don’t know about the origins of ‘Summer in Paradise’? And what’s wrong with the end of ‘Shout’? (The record-buying public sent it to #2.)

Here is John, with the Delltones, performing it to a slightly enthusiastic audience…

liamios, welcome to the Battle. I hope you stick around. We obviously need new blood here.

John B, thanks for the votes and the, as usual, entertaining comments. I’m glad you liked ‘Hangin’ Five’. Richard Clapton denies the notion that ‘Girls on the Avenue’ was about prostitutes. He says it was just about pretty girls walking down the street. You wanted them to rhyme ‘Do It Again’ with ‘surf and sand’? That would surely be more of a stretch than ‘world consciousness’ and ‘we gotta fix this mess’.

Cindy, nice to read ‘Summer in Paradise’ has a blueboarder in its corner.

Al, much thanks. To my knowledge, ‘She’s My Baby’ is more raucous than anything Uncle Gene ever recorded. ‘It Hurts to Be in Love’ (written by and originally intended for that old head banger Neil Sedaka) was about as rocky as the Rockville Rocket got; undoubtedly the reason for his much-delayed induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I’ve read the saxophonist on that live recording of ‘Summer in Paradise’ is Charles Lloyd; not sure of the veracity. Thanks for the on-topic clips and links to the (opinionated) album reviews. Most reviewers, like a few on here, are like eunuchs. Each night they see it done, they know how it’s done, they can comment on how it’s done. They just can’t do it themselves.

Thanks a lot, Graciegirl. I aim to please.

Thanks a lot, Popeye. And thanks heaps for that clip. I get how people don’t like the programmed drums on the album, but anything with Carl and Mike on it, I think, is worthy.

This remains my favourite track on the album…

DAN, I haven’t seen the ad for The Block, mate.

t, thanks for the votes, comments and the JOK clip. Very true. And Jerry Lee covered JOK’s song too, of course.

Here are the Delltones with their cover of ‘Get a Little Dirt on Your Hands’…..

Lead singer Noel Widerberg was killed in a car accident two weeks after its release, in July 1962.

Thanks a lot, Lisa. It’s great to see you back on here, as of late. Stay healthy.

Tom, that’s what I like to read – ‘numerous listens’. I thought you might prefer the RC number. ‘Mr Bass Man’ was first released in 1963. ‘She’s My Baby’ was recorded and released in late ’59. Thanks for the clips. 2016 wasn’t kind to Daddy Cool. Two of its members passed. And congrats on the review of Dan’s album, Tom.

This is the originally (US) released track of ‘Summer in Paradise’. Catchy, great message and way better lyrics than that monotonous Al Jardine Terry Jacks cover, ‘Don’t Fight the Sea’, from a few weeks back…

And here is the revised version, released in the UK re-package, featuring Roger McGuinn…
(the person who posted this needs to clean their CD to remove the skipping)

David, thank you for your votes. Each week, you’re a man of few words, but each week you vote. Your opinion is just as worthy as everyone else’s.

DAN, thank you.

Deb, thanks a lot for the votes. As for any Stray Cat influences, which Stray Cats are you referring to? Brian, Lee, and Slim were still in nappies when the Delltones came out with ‘Hangin’ Five’ in 1963, at the height of the surf craze. And they were actual surfers.

Tom and Al, I’m stoked I was able to turn you two music fans from America on to Daddy Cool. I saw them on the bill with The Beach Boys back in 2007 on Brisbane River Stage. Both acts were excellent.


Darren J. Ray

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Results are:

Gold - Girls on the Avenue (Richard Clapton - 1974) (52)
(6G + 1 four-way tie + 1 two-way tie, 4S, 4B, 2T)

Silver - Hangin' Five (The Delltones - 1963) (47.5)
(3G + 1 four-way tie, 6S, 7B, 1T)

Bronze - She's My Baby (Johnny O'Keefe - 1959) (45)
(3G + 1 four-way tie + 1 two-way tie, 4S, 6B, 3T)

Tin - Summer in Paradise (live) (The Beach Boys 1993/1997) (35.5)
(4G + 1 four-way tie, 2S, 0B, 11T)

Aggregate: 180 = 18 voters

Thanks again to all who voted and to D.A.N for being my scrutineer (not an easy job this week).

It was the first appearances for Richard Clapton, the Delltones and Johnny O’Keefe.

‘Summer in Paradise’ was the biggest polariser of the week. Of the 17 voters who didn’t tie all their votes, 15 of them voted it either first (4) or last (11).

‘She’s My Baby’ looks borderline of making the Bronze Play-Off.

‘Summer in Paradise’ looks likely for the Tin Play-Off.

That’s another relatively close week with no theme and four songs and three artistes that haven’t been recycled here before.

I’ll keep ‘em coming.

This week is closed (at least for voting).

Please support Al’s Week 21. 

John B

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Darren is right about 'Still Surfin'.  Good enough to have been on Jan Berry's solo record near that time, '2nd Wave'.

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Hi, Darren, I edited to correct from Stray Cats to Squeeze's "Cool for Cats". I hear a sublte similarity in chording in some of the measures, especially following the introduction. It was a tough week. I usually never tie, but I felt I really wasn't voting my true reaction if I didn't. Sorry if it made the "maths" difficult!
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