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Al Forsyth

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Got this from "another" Blueboarder - to give some credit:

SFF = Brilliant and loved it!  And Penny Lane 😉 

Will play the album this week - probably on a drive.  I've heard good things!
But Come On To Me - dunno. 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
paul g adsett

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gold: 'you better you bet'
- the who were back!
a buzz and a half.
on their day, the best ever live band you could wish to experience.
by the end of the period with kenney jones in the drumseat,
i saw the worst who live show i was so sorry to experience.
'face dances' had a couple of very good tracks
(this and the title track remain ones i enjoy).
lyrics that are just right.
some amusing touches painted into the production throughout,
esp. the sequencer and the piano
(strange to say this when the first things you think of with the who are
townshend's guitar and daltrey voice!).

i must admit to preferring the pete townsend demo of this track.
an attempt to return with a classic who sound.
only, at times, the end result wavers close to
roger d offering an audution for the role of
dick van dyke's chimneysweep character in 'mary poppins'
or an adult artful dodger in a remake of 'oliver'
(cockeyed cod cockney?).
but, still a better choice than the other three.

silver:  'it's ok'
- it's more than ok.
but the album was flabby and only partially a success.
partial in that bw became a bit more productive and allowed the arrival of ' you'.
partial in that there's some fine tracks that shine.
this one is a sparkler, not a rocket.
a flashlamp, not a beacon.
trivial, lobbing a slightly updated formula into play,
grasping at something that had slipped away.

bw's line and the the layered massed vocals the best part.,
not the lead vocal..
still lots to like herein, though.
i wasn't immediately disappointed at the time.
i still regard the 'brian's back' campaign as a cynical fraud.
i didn't realise it was a sort of john the baptist record.
i still regret the cancellation of a london bb concert that would've included mr w.
i still regard 'the beach boys love you' album as a terrific
i still think this track is more than ok.

bronze: 'stop in the name of love'
- that distinctive voice and harmonies,
piano led with some nice guitarwork (not the solo though!).
an annoying 'think it over' section.
a decent stab but lacks urgency and the final 40 seconds annoy yet more and more...

tin: 'the doctor'
- quick, nurse, the screens!
the patient is succumbing to the unprescribed self-medication...
never relight a fizzled out firework.
never retoke on a discarded doobie.
never return to old macdonald's farm without the original farmer upfront.
never should've happened.
ee i ee i no!

ta, djr, for a contrived week that contrived to be (mostly) reasonably convincing
in its execution.

Larry Franz

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Phil Spector released "River Deep, Mountain High" in May 1966, the same month as Pet Sounds and Blonde on Blonde. After it went nowhere in the US, he kept a very low profile for three years.

In 1969, he put out two singles, "You Came, You Saw, You Conquered" by the Ronettes, which wasn't a hit, and "Black Pearl" by Sonny Charles and the Checkmates, which was.

The Ronettes (featuring the voice of Veronica)

Sonny Charles & the Checkmates

In 1970, Spector produced "Instant Karma" and a well-known album.

John Lennon

The Beatles -- "Across the Universe" (one of those videos)

Thanks, Darren.

paul g adsett

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my contribution to this week's theme
with a nod to one of this week's acts.
my chums robert and paul
reunited with raul
after a period when the mavericks were 'on hiatus'
(not officially broke up, but just not together):
Lisa G/TS

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GOLD -- The 'oo, You Better You Bet -- Roger singin' right from the spleen again..just givin' 'er.

SILVER -- The Beach Boys, It's OK -- Not OK it wasn't the hit summer single. I'm another that likes Denny's "find a ride" and the deep voiced echo overdubbed (even if it IS Mike).  

BRONZE -- The Hollies, Stop In The Name of Love -- My initial reaction was "Halt!" Why an 80s cover of classic, got-it-right-the-first-time Motown? Not the greatest, however still gutsier and slightly more inventive than...

TIN -- Doobie Bros., The Doctor -- Al's right, sounds like a recycled "China Grove". This doctor's a quack! 

I made some stunning history the other week. This was the first time I did not dutifully scamper down to Ye Olde Recorde Shoppe on date of release for Macca's "Egypt Station". Earlier in the summer, it was in my Amazon cart about to be pre-ordered, but didn't place the order. I'd been playing some of the tracks as they gradually popped up on YT over the weeks, but they didn't stick with the same effect as "Come On To Me" had since it's playful debut in that Carpool Karaoke. (Seems we agree to disagree on this, Mr. Forsyth). 

However, I did purchase it at a brick-and-mortar YORS yesterday (Saturday) and played it last night. It's supposedly more of an old skool concept album, so I'll give a few more listens over the next few weeks and see where my impression is at. It'll be good homework for his visit to my humble hometown on the 28th...and considering my $200 ticket, I might be wearing Depends, Al, as to not miss a second of the show good or bad, happy or sad. 

I think I posted this for whatever reason some time back, but since it's kind of a comeback, and to leave on a fun it is again:


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Gold – You Better You Bet (The Who)
Silver – It’s O.K. (The Beach Boys)
Bronze – Stop in the Name of Love (The Hollies)
Tin - The Doctor (The Doobie Brothers)

Enjoy Tina Turner’s 1983 comeback hit:

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

Tom Tobben

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Running down to the wire this week:

Gold -- "You Better, You Bet", Who. Because it's classic Who. Another song from that album that I liked even better was "Another Tricky Day":

Silver -- "The Doctor", Doobie Brothers. Yes, an excellent Tom Johnson-led comeback by the latter day Doobies, returning to their early classic pop rock sound. 

Bronze -- "It's (only) OK", Beach Boys. A so-so song from the lackluster 15 (Not So) Big Ones album. Brian was NOT really back at that point.

Tin -- "Stop in the Name of Love", Hollies. An uninspired cover of the early Supremes' classic.  Lack of good new original material? If so, similar syndrome of the mediocre covers-heavy 15 Big Ones album. 

Thanks, Darren!
Darren J. Ray

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The polling booth has now closed. 

I have to head out to work. I'll post some comments and final scores later tonight. 
Darren J. Ray

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Thanks a lot to t, DAN, bonnie, David, Paul, Lisa, Deb and Tom for the last batch of votes. 

Yes, t. Roy's was definitely a comeback; one that began with the movie Blue Velvet

bonnie, good to see another Gold for 'The Doctor'. Yeah, 'The Quiet One' was a good flip side. Good to hear it again. The Hollies didn't get a lot of love this week so nice to read some appreciation for it. I was really big on it when it came out, as I said to stkilda4ever, amidst all the Boy George, Marilyn and Wham! radio was feeding us that year. 

David, Egypt Station is Macca's first album in five years. Constitutes a comeback although he's always touring. 

Paul, agree with the sequencer and piano comment. Thought about mentioning that myself, but glad you did.

'Grasping at something that had slipped away' - bravo. 

Lisa - another Macca concert? You're spoilt!

Deb, Tina Turner's was definitely a comeback and on my list. 

Tom, you just made it. I agree with comments about The Who and Doobies. 

Okay, here come the results....
Darren J. Ray

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The results are:

Gold - You Better You Bet (album version) (The Who - 1981) (64)
(12G, 5S, 0B, 1T)

Silver - It’s O.K. (The Beach Boys - 1976) (46)
(3G, 7S, 5B, 3T)

Bronze - The Doctor (The Doobie Brothers - 1989) (35)
(2G, 3S, 5B, 8T)

Tin - Stop in the Name of Love (The Hollies - 1983) (35)
(1G, 3S, 8B, 6T)

Aggregate: 180 = 18 voters

Thanks again to all who voted, and thanks very much to DAN for being my scrutineer.

'You Better You Bet' is the thirteenth entry and third Gold for the Who.

Their record is:

See Me, Feel Me/Listening to You (a Bronze in Week 8 of Season II, 2nd in the Bronze Play-Off - Cynthia D. Hood),
Slip Kid (a Bronze in Week 13 of Season III - Michael F. Becher),
Happy Jack (a Silver in Week 23 of Season III - Michael F. Becher),
Summertime Blues (a Tin in Week 21 of Season IV - Al Forsyth),
Someone's Coming (a Silver in Week 6 of Season V - Deb#1),
Cut My Hair (a Tin in Week 30 of Season VI, 6th in Tin Play-Off - paul g adsett),
Pinball Wizard (a Gold in Week 38 of Season VI - Deb#1),
Sunrise (a Bronze in Week 29 of Season VII, 3rd in Bronze Play-Off - Larry Franz),
Eminence Front (a Silver in Week 1 of Season VIII - Cindy Hood),
Sea and Sand (a Silver in Week 2 of Season VIII - kds),
Welcome (a Bronze in Week 6 of Season VIII - Tom Tobben),
My Generation (a Gold in Week 15 of Season IX - Larry Franz),
You Better You Bet (album version) (a Gold in Week 30 of Season IX - Darren J. Ray)

‘It’s O.K.’ is the fifth track from 15 Big Ones to be used.

Its record:

Rock and Roll Music (a Bronze in Week 37 of Season III, 8th in Bronze Play-Off - Darren J. Ray),
It’s O.K. (a Bronze in Week 36 of Season I - mother's little helper; a Silver in Week 30 of Season IX - Darren J. Ray),
Had to Phone Ya (a Silver in Week 30 of Season V - snoops71),
That Same Song (a Tin in Week 39 of Season II, 2nd in Tin Play-Off - Al Forsyth),
Back Home (a Tin in Week 28 of Season III - D.A.N.; a Gold in Week 26 of Season V - Tom Tobben)

‘The Doctor’ is the fifth Doobie Brothers track to be used.

Their record:

Long Train Runnin’ (a Silver in Week 25 of Season II, 9th in Silver Play-Off - Roy Roger Bridge),
Another Park, Another Sunday (a Bronze in Week 14 of Season III - Cynthia D. Hood),
Little Darling (I Need You) (a Bronze in Week 39 of Season VIII - The Egg),
Rockin’ Down the Highway (a Silver in Week 25 of Season IX - Lee Marshall),
The Doctor (a Bronze in Week 30 of Season IX - Darren J. Ray)

‘Stop in the Name of Love’ is the fourth Hollies track to be used.

Their record:

He Ain't Heavy... He's My Brother (a Tin in Week 39 of Season I - Roy Roger Bridge),
Look Through Any Window (a Gold in Week 14 of Season II - Michael F. Becher),
The Air That I Breathe (a Bronze in Week 1 of Season VII - Verden McCutcheon),
Stop in the Name of Love (a Tin in Week 30 of Season IX - Darren J. Ray)

It was the second entry for the song. ‘Stop! In the Name of Love’ by The Supremes won the Bronze in Week 2 of Season I (Wow! Great Concert!) and finished 1st in the Bronze Play-Off. It did not progress because the song that won the Silver in its original week, ‘Gimme Shelter’ (The Rolling Stones), also made the play-offs and finished 5th in the Silver Play-Off.

‘You Better You Bet’ definitely looks play-off bound, and ‘Stop in the Name of Love’ is an outside chance of making the Tin Play-Off.

Please support stkilda4ever’s first (and mighty fine) week as your host. 

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