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GOLD: Jerry Lee Lewis

SILVER: Paul Simon

BRONZE: Chuck Berry

TIN: Beach Boys

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The Egg

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I guess I should vote on my own week! I honestly had never heard this Jerry Lee song before I was searching for school songs. I LIKE IT! with regards to Chuck, he really is the one who owns this one no matter who else has covered it. Paul Simon’s Julio to me is so much fun to sing along with it just gets points for being so catchy. Last but not least, I have actually warmed up to this song over the years......I just keep remembering Brian was the heart and soul of the song no matter how badly Mike butchers it.

Other school songs that didn’t make the cut.......


Gold.......High School Confidential

Silver......Me and Julio

Bronze....School Days

Tin..........Be true to your school

Will tally in the morning East Coast time to allow West Coasters last minute voting rights.


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I'm happy school is just a distant memories. Sometimes I dream I'm still caught back there.
I try to break the vote down but this week had a tie for second/third.

GOLD - Chuck Berry, School Days
SILVER/BRONZE - The BBs, Be True To Your School/ Paul Simon, Me and Julio
TIN - Jerry Lee Lewis, High School Confidential

A Good EGG.

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Tom Tobben

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One more for good measure:

John B

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this contest is hard.  why select such an inferior 'Be True'?  I mean, if you go to 'youtube' you would probably find so many better versions.    but...I'll try my best.   incidentally, I'd take Rick Nelson's song above as number 1.  Also, and I gotta say this, I wonder why "My Sharona" was not included, since we got men much older than high school singing about what essentially would be crimes.  Right?  Even Paul's song...which is set at a school yard.  There's an ickiness if you push those songs into that direction and well, Jerry Lee deserves the inference, doesn't he?

1. 'School Day's by Chuck Berry, even though he's obviously not performing live
still, the best here because he's smart enough to know school for people who are not nostalgic can was often a 'burden' not 'the best time of your life'.

2. 'Jerry Lee Lewis' High School Confidential

he rocks kind of mediocre lyrics

3. 'Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard.'

so, the big question is, what was it exactly that 'the mother saw'?  (a) a homosexual act  (2) drug sales

the reference to saying goodbye to Rosie (a girl? or a palm?) means to me, (a) is the choice.  but the setting makes it all seem ...well, more against the law.

4. 'Be True to Your School'

with Dennis more than drunk as someone else said, but also, with damaged vocal cords and near his death.  the lead vocal is Mike at his (Lee-hating) worst.  So, as much as I like the recordings, this scores 4th to me, even though the lyrics are probably the least creepy of the three...
The Egg

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Reply with quote  #36 is officially closed!!!,

I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!
The Egg

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The Egg apologizes for getting the results for week 1 out so late after the closing of voting. Thanks to those who participated in kicking off 2018 BOTB’s and for your insights and added video clips to get some energy going. Larry has definitely raised the bar with week 2 and getting lots of feedback.

Let’s get to it!!

Taking the GOLD for week 1 is the wild man, JERRY LEE LEWIS with “High School Confidential.” The man put lots of energy in his performance and obviously won the most votes.

Not far behind was the man responsible for inspiring many artists that followed. CHUCK BARRY wins SILVER with “School Days.”

BRONZE goes to PAUL SIMON with “Me and Julio down by the schoolyard .”

Bringing up the rear is the beach version of “Be true to your School” and therefore awarded TIN. With no Carl or Brian and Dennis with blown out vocal cords this obviously did not fare well. Duly noted and I won’t let that happen again......only the best from each artist.

Thanks for your patience as I am getting the hang of this. Here are the deets......

High School Confidential............50

School Days...............................47

Me and Julio...............................35.5

Be true to your school................27.5

Aggregate...........160 with 16 voters


I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Egg.

And thanks again for kicking off our ninth season.

It was the first Battle appearance for Jerry Lee Lewis.

It was the sixth Chuck Berry selection.

His Battle record is sound:

Run, Rudolph, Run (a Bronze in Week 44 of Season II - Cynthia D. Hood), 
Rock and Roll Music (a Gold in Week 33 of Season III, 9th in Preliminary Final - Deb#1), 
Maybelline (a Gold in Week 38 of Season IV - brent mcmullen),
Johnny B. Goode (a Gold in Week 37 of Season V - snoops71), 
School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell) (a Silver in Week 24 of Season VII - Larry Franz),
School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell) (a Silver in Week 1 of Season IX - The Egg)

It was the sixth solo entry for Paul Simon.

His record:

Slip Slidin’ Away (a Bronze in Week 22 of Season II - Deborah O’Neill),
Dazzling Blue (a Silver in Week 4 of Season III - Deb#1),
Slip Slidin’ Away (a Silver in Week 13 of Season III - Michael F. Becher),
Kodachrome (a Bronze in Week 16 of Season VI - Cindy Hood),
Kodachrome (a Tin in Week 24 of Season VIII - GGH),
Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard (a Bronze in Week 1 of Season IX - The Egg)

He has yet to make a play-off.

His record with Art Garfunkel is much better.

Their record:

Bridge Over Troubled Water (a Silver in Week 27 of Season I, 4th in the Silver Play-Off - Lisa Graham),

The Sound of Silence (a Gold in Week 45 of Season III, 2nd in Preliminary Final, 6th in Gold Play-Off - Al Forsyth),

Homeward Bound (a Silver in Week 17 of Season V, 2nd in Silver Play-Off, 7th in Preliminary Final - D.A.N),

I Am a Rock (a Gold in Week 39 of Season VII - t Bedford),

Bridge Over Troubled Water (a Silver in Week 11 of Season VIII, 5th in Preliminary Final - t Bedford),

America (a Silver in Week 44 of Season VIII - GGH)

Outside of the Beach Boys, the Beatles and Roy Orbison, Simon & Garfunkel (along with Brian himself) have been the most successful act in the Battle.

It was the third time ‘Be True to Your School’ has been used.

The two previous selections were the single version.

Its record:

- a Silver in Week 40 of Season IV, 6th in Silver Play-Off (snoops71),
- a Gold in Week 1 of Season VI, 9th in Preliminary Final (Lee Marshall),
- a Tin in Week 1 of Season IX (The Egg)

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