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Al Forsyth

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My votes:

GOLD The Carter Family - Wildwood Flower - too important a guide for what would come for country, bluegrass and gospel.  I think that Maybelle Carter is legendary and passed it all on.  What they did was groundbreaking!  They are still influencing players and country musicians.  
Watch Mother Maybelle's Guitar
Also - The Big Bang that put country music on the map:
Maybelle knew where the camera was:

SILVER The Mills Brothers - You Always Hurt The One You Love  LOVE the smooth sound that they had not to mention the length of their career - talent doesn't fade away. I went back and forth between this and Paper Doll for use. I think that this one holds up.  Paper Doll was huge in it's day.
Recorded at The Miils' Brothers final concert concert in 81.

Early version:

Great timing - in comedy.  Then the talent comes in!

Love the little hand moves ^^^^
Benny - insulted in harmony.  

BRONZE The Jackson 5 - I'll Be There
Talk about talent.  Mini man Michael had it all over him and then went on to transform pop music BUT first he did it with his family.  
The guy do it all:

Eleven years old and then he begins to grow up:

But what a tragedy it would become.  
Tito talks:

The jolt himself:

TIN  Wilson Phillips - You're In LoveThe chips off the blocks got it when they came out and still chase the music:

Brian Fest:
I need to get Dedicated:

Voting closes in the AM - when I come back to report.  I need my beauty sleep. 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Al Forsyth

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And so to add the week of Name That Band I had 120 aggregate points and (drum roll)
First place (Gold) to the Mills Brothers with 41 points including the six Golds (when Bonnie changed her tune)
Second place - (Silver) to the Jackson 5 who were nip and tuck (sorry Michael, looking up) with 37 including four Golds
The tie for third seems to be broken by going down to the Silver vote, but I'll await the legal accounting team of Flatt, Scruggs and Ray to weigh in.  BOTH The Carter Family and Wilson Phillips were at 21 but tie break goes to the Carters (one Gold and two Silvers)
The Tin (tie up broken) to Wilson Phillips with 21 points (one Gold and no Silvers).  May The Mills Brothers, The Carters and Michael be looking down appreciatively.  

GREAT thanks to voters (Bonnie, Verden, Cantina, David W, Deb, Darren, John B, Domestic Animal, Larry, Cindy, Tom T and yt) who helped decide this good little battle.  We'll see over time if any of these "move on".  One more Maybelle article/accolade:

NOW, to holding on with Tom's week before the mid-season break. And onward and upward now on the NASA moon landing 50th anniversary week.  

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paul g adsett

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oh, bugger,
my post didn't seem to post mlast night ..
it must be stuck on my 'pooter upstairs.
is it too late to add my votes?


Al Forsyth

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I say no, not too late, as I welcome overcoming problems, and we work so hard at preparing these things.  But Darren, may be taking his Aussie sleep now or gigging all-night. Thoughts?

I ALWAYS love to hear he Adsettian twist.  [wave]

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paul g adsett

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forgive me for failing to access my musings until now.
not as if i'd not pondered
and, indeed, written.

gold: 'i'll be there'
- one of an early burst of very very good 45rpm's
from this family group.
'i want you back, 'abc'...
and then this ballad (was there someother one in between?)
a triumphant triumvirate from the five.
i still enjoy 'em all, but 'abc' is the consummate single.

silver: 'wildwood flower'
- a splendid choice plucked from a great repertoire.
it's gone up and down during the week
and finalises here.

bronze: 'you're in love'
- ah, if you'd picked one or two others,
i'd've placed higher.
these daughters of famous parents are certainly talented
(and bubblingly wonderful to meet, too,really

tin: 'you always hurt the one you love'
- my dad liked this lot.
my uncle liked skiffle.
my dad didn't like skiffle.
i liked skiffle...
but, this is one of those earworm records that sits comfortably
in the annals of my addling mind.
a classy combo.
wish i'd enjoyed 'em at the time
though i did like the ink spots.
my mum liked the ink spots...

paul g adsett

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i don't think it actually affects the final positions
(but adds 10 points overall to the totals).
and i didn't look at the placings to date...
Larry Franz

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Hey, voting is closed! Besides, a tin for the Mills Brothers? The horror....

Watching girls in the air can really get you bad.
Al Forsyth

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Well we let em' in - the Paul A votes

PLUS - anyone got the review of Macca and Ringo at Dodger Stadium last evening?

PLUS Mr. Adsett tightens up the scoring.  Also understanding Larry here.  

Soooooo finally final results are tighter but more clear-cut.

GOLD - The Mills Brothers (still) - Bonnie's change vote become more crucial 42 Vote Points
SILVER - The Jackson 5 with 41 - tight 
BRONZE - The Carter Family 24 
TIN - Wilson Phillips 23
Lucky 13 voters 130 aggregate points

Any other gate crashers will be shown the door though.  IT'S CLOSED - over.  Tom Tobben week is the way to go!!!!!

BUT - sneaking in one more sound bite: I got enamored this week. AP stole good songs!

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Al.

They were the debut entries for the Mills Brothers, the Jackson 5 and the Carter Family.

Michael Jackson as a solo act has had three entries.

His record:

Ben (a Silver in Week 21 of Season VI - bonnie bella),
Thriller (a Silver in Week 43 of Season IX - Tom Tobben),
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (a Tin in Week 10 of Season X - Cindy Hood)

It was the third entry for Wilson Phillips.

Their record:

Hold On (a Silver in Week 3 of Season V - Al Forsyth),
Doctor My Eyes (a Silver in Week 27 of Season VII - bonnie bella),
You’re in Love (a Tin in Week 21 of Season X - Al Forsyth)

‘I’ll Be There’ is looking very likely for the Silver Play-Off.

Conversely, ‘Wildwood Flower’ had very low scores, both in points (24) and percentage (18.46), for a Bronze.

Only ‘Dream On’ (Aerosmith - 1973) from Week 1 in Season VIII (Cindy Hood) has scored lower points, with 22.

The lowest percentages ever for a Bronze are:

15.75 - Crocodile Rock (The Beach Boys - 1991) (31.5 points) (Week 36 of Season II - Cynthia D. Hood)
16.92 - Dream On (Aerosmith - 1973)(22) (Week 1 in Season VIII - Cindy Hood)
17.39 - Footloose (Kenny Loggins - 1984) (40) (Week 17 of Season VI - Kevin Witts)
17.50 - Be My Thrill (The Weepies - 2010) (31.5) (Week 1 of Season IV - Al Forsyth)  
18.05 - Hooked On a Feeling (Blue Swede - 1974) (32.5) (Week 25 of Season IV - snoops71)  
18.06 - Stressed Out (Twenty One Pilots - 2015) (32.5) (Week 42 of Season VII - Al Forsyth)
18.10 - Soul Deep (The Box Tops - 1969) (38) (Week 7 of Season II - Cynthia D. Hood)  
18.12 - Dependin’ on You (The Doobie Brothers - 1978) (29) (Week 39 of Season IX - Cindy Hood)
18.25 - Peaches (The Presidents of the United States of America - 1996) (36.5) (Week 27 of Season IV - Deb#1)
18.42 - Wake the World (Levellers - 2002) (35) (Week 6 of Season IV - paul g adsett)  
18.43 - Kokomo (Little Feat - 1979) (29.5) (Week 41 of Season III - Kevin Witts) 
18.46 - Wildwood Flower (The Carter Family - 1929) (24) (Week 21 of Season X - Al Forsyth)

Regarding the late votes, Larry’s concern is respectfully acknowledged and shared. Whilst it’s a game amongst virtual friends, we still need to acknowledge it’s a competition. I’m encouraging everyone who wishes to vote to ensure their votes are in on time so that each week’s scores are a fair and true reflection of our community’s views.

Please continue to support our hosts. 


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