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Lisa G/TS

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GOLD -- Raquel -- I'll admit with more experienced musicians/singers, never. Only within this bunch. (Grumble) All that ...and a voice too?!? Life's not fair! 

SILVER -- Allison Durbin. Repeat first sentence under Gold.

BRONZE -- Brigitte Bardot. Je parle un peu Francais,..but I had to dig out and dust off my "Instant French" for the rest:

BTW, the other night on Turner Classic Movies, I came across a few minutes of a movie called "Dear Brigitte" which starred David Niven, Billy Mumy (best known as Will Robinson from "Lost In Space"), and Glynnis Johns (Mrs Banks from "Mary Poppins"). What a curiosity piece, huh? 

TIN -- Beach Boys, TWGMTR -- I'd love to like it better, but it seems a little artificial (faux Boys?) minus Denny's soul and Carl's spirit. [frown]

Amazed no one's mentioned another late great lady:

I'll toss on another Canuck songbird:

and just for kicks, I'll toss on the best compliment Anne Murray might have ever received (I remember reading she'd heard EP wanted to cover this):

Darren J. Ray

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my votes...

Gold - La Madrague (Brigitte Bardot - 1963)
Who cares what she’s singing? Just love her.

Silver - Holy Man (Allison Durbin - 1971)
Holy legs! Allison was my sexual awakening. I’ve always longed for a chance to meet her. Hopefully I will one day, in between her stints in jail for drug trafficking.

Bronze - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Raquel Welch - 1967)
Wow! Imagine being stranded on Gilligan’s Island with her. I wonder how Andy Dufresne got her poster back on the wall after crawling into the tunnel? I would’ve taken it with me. Could’ve sworn in the bridge (at 1:57) Raquel sings: “Music played and people sang, just for me to touch my twang”. Apparently, I’m mistaken.

Participant - That’s Why God Made the Radio (The Beach Boys - 2012)
I wanted to love this. Aurally photo-shopped. Can anyone honestly say they hear Mike on this? Instead, we get He who shall be heard but not seen. There’s a reason why we never saw a bonafide clip of the Boys singing this. 

bonnie bella

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My votes.

BRONZE EQUAL.  A tangle of arms and legs that is Bridgette, Raquel, and Mike Love.  None of this flings my whiskers.  

TIN.  Creating a useful mattress for the sordid mess above to rest on, Allison has the prestigious honor of being absolutely worse than any of the others this week.  Allison also forgot to read "How Not To Break The Law And Become A Convicted Criminal" some years ago.  Tut tut.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

t bedford

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And here's a publicity still from Dear Brigitte:
Speaking of Bill Mumy, in their heyday, he was a touring musician with the band America. He is also 1/2 of Barnes & Barnes ("Fish Heads"). And his daughter Liliana acts. Here she is playing Donna at 7 years old, on That '70's Show. She is not this blurry in real life, I'm told:

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Darren J. Ray

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Thanks a lot for the votes, Lisa and bonnie. 

Lisa, I've seen Dear Brigitte many times. Growing up, I aspired to be as good at Maths as Erasmus. Jimmy Stewart played his dad.  

bonnie, three-way tie for Bronze is the same as a three-way tie for Gold or Silver. They still get three points each. 

I thought you'd have a leaning towards your fellow countrywoman this week. Obviously not!

Allison was our (Australian) Queen of Pop for three years running. 

She was the first woman I remember wearing hot pants!

Tom Tobben

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OK, might as well go ahead and vote:

Gold -- "That's Why God Made the Radio", BBs. Certainly not a gold many weeks, but given the competition, this is my top pick this week. Really not a bad song, and certainly nice to hear those vocals and harmonies (even if auto-tuned as Darren suggested) after all those years without a decent BBs album, when Mike was running the show and Brian on the sidelines. Mike not on the song? No big deal. Brian and Al's vocals are clearly present and just fine without Mike, if he's not in the mix.

Silver -- "La Madrague", Brigitte Bardot. Though best known as an actress, she also has a lovely voice and made numerous recordings. Pleasant enough song too.

For those who may not already be aware, Serge Gainsbourg's big international hit "Je T'aime...Moi Non Plus", was actually written by Gainsbourg for his then-girlfriend, Brigitte Bardot, and initially recorded with her in 1967 (interesting back story there, no doubt), though the big hit version we all know from 1969 was his later recording of the song with his subsequent girlfriend, Jane Birkin. Here's the original recording as sung by Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot, and not released until the 1980s.

OK, Darren, time for a cold shower yet?

Bronze -- "Holy Man", Allison Durbin. Though she may have been very popular in Australia years ago, I was not previously familiar with her here in the US. This particular song, even after several listenings, didn't do a lot for me, though it was OK. Sounds like her career and life went seriously down hill in later years.

Tin -- "Bang Bang", Raquel Welch. Though she's a well-known actress, she never had a real singing career or any popular recordings, and this song and video illustrate why. Pretty cheesy performance, and what unusual and corny choreography and arrangement of the song. Go back to acting and modeling, Raquel.

While we're on this week's subject, here's a contemporary female Australian singer and musician whose award-winning and Grammy-nominated 2015 hit debut album I've listened to a lot in recent months and have enjoyed. After repeated listenings of Courtney Barnett's album, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit, I've really come to enjoy her distinctive sound and unusual lyrics. Here's one of singles from the album:

Lisa G/TS

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Jimmy Stewart played his dad.  

D'oh! (Open mouth, insert foot)

Right you are, Darren! Maybe David was in a movie on before or after it. 
(Help! i really AM a TCM junkie!) 

Thanks for that clip of Liliana, t. Dunno what her mom looks like, but I do see a lot of daddy in that smirky redheaded girl. [cool]

Larry Franz

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Judy Collins, "Send in the Clowns", 1975

St. Vincent (Anne Erin "Annie" Clark), "Cruel", 2011 


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Hi Darren

Gold - Holy Man - Allison Durbin
Silver - That’s Why God Made the Radio - The Beach Boys
Bronze - Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down  - Raquel Welch
Tin - La Madrague - Brigitte Bardot


Al Forsyth

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Okay Darren - an interesting week it is - keeping the Godliness going.

Clear Gold is the retro and beautiful That 's Why God Made the Radio
(Some readers and writers here think that it's tack, but it isn't - there is a richness in the song, sound and texture that makes it complete Brian Wilson.)

Now for the female God's creations:

Silver - I actually liked the Brigitte Bardot song - yes, Dear Brigitte, yes indeedy!

Bronze - not so much for Alison, but she can sing which leads to...

Tin - is completely ...ugh, Raquel

To follow up one-more-time with some great lady singers/performers. 
Little Girl Blue came out this past week on PBS and it is SOOO good - Janis:
So, Bonnie, thank you for bringing up Pearl as I have playing it all week!
Move Over (out take) but SOOO good!

Some Sylvie (she kept performing):

The REAL Bang, Bang by a real singer/recording artist:

I did experience The Ann Wilson Thing (TAWT) a while back and it was good, but my fave female vocalist that I have heard live this year is:

Susan can sing the lights off of anything - amazing! 
Darren, I thought that we have always tried to keep the lady singers/performers in somehow but glad that you pointed out the lack of winnings to shine a light on this. 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
David W

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Interesting choices Darren never heard any of those girl songs before .
My votes:

Gold-Beach Boys
Tin -Allison

The Liverbirds were a relatively little known all girl band in the 60s but had a following in Hamburg . Lead singer was Pam Birch

I left youtube on after the Liverbirds and it randomly played this garage type girl group I had never heard of before called The Pandoras. Must check some more out by them .

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From Cher, to Patsy Cline, to Darlene Love, I prefer many of the girl groups and singers voters have posted this week to those in the contest. I definitely think Gold could have easily gone to Tin with some of the others competing.  Nice theme, though. 

Gold – “That’s Why God Made the Radio” The Beach Boys

3 way last place tie:

"Holy Man” Allison Durbin

"Bang Bang” Raquel Welch

"La Madrague” Brigitte Bardot

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It's the only thing that there's just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No, not just for some but for everyone.”


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GOLD Beach Boys
SILVER Brigitte Bardot
TIN Allison

Tom Tobben

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Darren, your fascination with Brigitte Bardot reminded me of this old French song from 1961 that was on a French popular music anthology CD that I purchased on a vacation to France a few years ago. She must have been quite the celebrity in her home country back in the day.

Regarding this past week's battle contestants, beauty is fleeting while real talent endures.  
Darren J. Ray

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Not bad, Tom. 

But I prefer this....

Here's Raquel enduring at 75.

Thanks a lot for the votes, Tom, Graciegirl, Al, David, Deb and DAN. 

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