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bonnie bella

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Darren, I've only ever had a passing interest in Allison, and it passed very quickly, thank goodness.

Al, I thought of Janice right at the start but thought she was too obvious.  By the time I did post her, Lisa beat me to it.  Love some of her ballads though, which is why I posted "Maybe".

So this week was all about sex symbols who can sing.  How about Beyonce?


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

paul g adsett

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gold: 'la madrague'
- swoon!
altogether delightful
(though quite why she recites the seafood section of
a french restaurant menu at the start
is open to debate...*).
i instantly want to follow that with my mum's favourite
'la mer' by charles trenet
(which is no stranger here on this board of blueskiesandsea).

silver: 'that's why god made the radio'
- a late addition to the topdrawer of their catalogue.
would be goldtopnotchness here,
other than the bb's here are a little too contrived'n'engineered
when compared to bb's innocent ingénue
('nude' i hear you snigger...
no, c'mon, we're grown ups, right?)
and innocence is in the eyeball of the observator, innit?)

bronze: 'bang bang (i shot my baby down)'
- oh, racquel,
you place the song into a context sonnyboy'n'cheryl never dreamed existed.
and then you go and spoil it all bysaying something stupid
like 'yes' to carrying out the director's
hapless (even by 60's tv standards!) spectacular, um, scenario
and make a bloomin' spectacle of yourself.
then, when one realises it is but hollywood froth,
when the junior samuel j davis emerges,
one comprehends why the sheer mawkishness,
that has just unveiled itself before,
has come to pass.
but, i lurv it,
your vocal performance of the song, that is.
not the tellyvisualnesses.

tin: 'holy man'
- oh,
not the dennis wilson song, then.
there are,
i kid you not,
lyrics to that otherwise, ostensibly wordless tune
(until that taylor hawkins chappy
is supposed to have turned up and fashioned some)
- lyrics written by stevie kalinich,
which i can vouch do exist,
with a fresh tune by argentinian composer pablo escande
in their song cycle 'the magic hand',
performed by stevie k and dutch counter-tenor sytse buwalda,
but that's a whole other tale,
of which i can show nothing, i'm afraid...).
this is breathy flippery
and has nothing to do with tantric flying
now, if only i'd run my fingers over the maharishi...

late on parade,
yet again,
as, last night we went to see the rather magnificent camille play
a set of jacques brel songs to cry for
(which i did!)
in the spiegeltent as part of brighton festival fringe
- with charlotte glasson
(jazz'n'pop'n'stuff for hire player
and brighton beach boy extraordinaire,
guesting on violin / flute / sax / saw...)

(*nb, my french is more than up to knowing what the paroles are, like,
please do not regard me as an english muffin
for misconstruing the lyrics)

good stuff,
good stuff...

paul g adsett

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because i'm smitten
(since first saw her 11 years back)
bovvered' and bewildered,
here's the very beguiling (and rather splendid woman)
irish / french camille dashing through 'jackie'
and a standard from the peggy lee repertoire.

she's off to germany tomorrow
and be back in sunny brighton
performing a set including some local boy nick cave songs,
(hopefully, charlotte'll be part of the band again,
especially as she's just been recording with cave).
if you get the chance to see camille o'sullivan perform
- she flits between europe and australia and places inbetween,
will be in dc later in the month
then back to dublin
'we're on a carousel, a crazy carousel
and now we go around, again we go around
and now we spin around...'
(brel / mort schuman)
don't fail to go along!
she added 'five years' to her set last night
and 'purple rain' (spontaneously unrehearsed),
in honour of two stellar stars untimely snuffed.

Darren J. Ray

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Paul, thanks for the votes, comments and clips.

I still have the Boum! EP in my collection, from my mother. 

I enjoyed both Camille O'Sullivan clips too. 

We share a love for French singers. Charles Aznavour is an absolute idol to me. He'll be 92 this Sunday. Still performing. I'll probably never see him in concert, which I know I'll always regret. 

And you nailed it with your analysis of the Raquel video. [thumb]

OK, here come the results...
Darren J. Ray

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Results are: 

Gold - That’s Why God Made the Radio (The Beach Boys - 2012) (55)
(10G, 4S, 0B, 3T)

Silver - La Madrague (Brigitte Bardot - 1963) (46.5)
(3G, 9S, 2B + 1 shared, 2T)

Bronze - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Raquel Welch - 1967) (35.5)
(2G, 2S, 8B + 1 shared, 4T)

Tin - Holy Man (Allison Durbin - 1971) (33)
(1G, 3S, 7B, 6T)

Aggregate: 170 = 17 voters

Thanks very much to all who voted and to D.A.N for being my scrutineer. 

It was the second time around for 'That's Why God Made the Radio'. 

I'd also selected it in Week 12 of Season III.

Its results have been similar.

It has won the Gold in both weeks.

Last time its scores were 69.5 and 31.59% from 22 voters. 

This time, 55 and 32.35 from 17 voters. 

With no Bronzes but three Tins, it does polarise opinion.

Alas, none of these selections will be making play-offs this year. 

I'm shocked. Shocked.

Darren J. Ray

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I'd also like to publicly thank the various Blueboarders, that I'm aware of, who have helped in checking the videos we've been using this year have worked in their countries, in preparation for our weeks.

They include Lisa, bonnie, t, Paul, David and John Potter. [thumb] 
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