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Darren J. Ray

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Thanks a lot for the votes, Larry, Ney, Pete, bonnie, Al, kds and Verden. 

Welcome to the Battle (and board), Ney. Hoping you can make this forum a regular thing. It's a lot of fun. 

bonnie, you'll see that you and I have very similar views on these tracks. 

t, thanks for not posting 'Don't Worry Kyoko'. 

I gotta say I'm okay with the Yoko-lite material, especially the tracks off Double Fantasy

'Kiss Kiss Kiss' was the B-side of '(Just Like) Starting Over', so I have two copies of that song. 

Also, 'I'm Losing You'/'I'm Movin' On' work well together and would've fitted perfectly into Tom's segue week from last year. 

I consider Yoko a huge influence on the vocal styles of Lene Lovich, Cyndi Lauper and the B-52's, to name just three. 

Al, here is some more of Yoko's art. 

If you wish to know the lyrics, click on the YouTube link and they're in the description. Very helpful. 

Thanks, Verden. I try to make them hard. 

Well, no love for Katharine McPhee as yet. That's 10 ducks in a row; something that hasn't been achieved for a while. 

But it won't be 11, and I prepared my votes before I posted the week....
Darren J. Ray

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I really love these songs.

Gold - White Flag (Dido - 2003)
Fell in love with this when it came out and put the Life for Rent CD on my Xmas wish list without even hearing the rest of the songs. (Thanks, sis.) I consider it one of the greatest songs ever written, with a middle eight to die for. There were a lot of good songs on that album. Bought her next CD (with my own money this time) on the strength of it. Waste of money. She’s attractive in a waifish kind of way. (Side note - A couple of years ago, I discovered the official clip for this song, featuring an actor from a TV show called Angel that people kept telling me I look like.)

Silver - Set Me On Fire (Missy Higgins - 2012)
Another waif. Not necessarily a fan of hers but you might be rewarded if you check out her catalogue. Very Aussie accent, appealing in a strange way, and this song has a captivating melody. Stronger lyrics than ‘It’s Not Right’.

Bronze - It’s Not Right (Katharine McPhee - 2010)
A gent who comes to my shows gave me a copy of the Unbroken CD about three years ago and raved about it. I still play it regularly. I really like the production on this; especially the cascading motif.

Participant - Go Away Boy (The Honeys - 1983)
I used this song as performed by The Pearlfishers in Week 12 last year. (It finished 9th in the Silver Play-Off.) I have to say I prefer that version. It sounds odd with that guitar solo and verse that comes immediately afterwards. Still a gorgeous song. Would win my Gold in many weeks, including last week.

I’d considered these tracks, too.

And listen to the start of this and ‘It’s Not Right’. They are identical. When one comes on my iPod on shuffle, I’m never sure which of them it is.



Larry Franz

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Two no-theme songs from the Pearlfishers, who did that nice version of "Go Away Boy" that bonnie liked. 

"Gone in the Winter" and "A Peacock and a King", Open Up Your Colouring Book, 2014

Al Forsyth

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Darren and all,  Yes, she was a a Fluxus artist:

Screaming, singing or cutting = she was and is an artist.  John saw it. 
Another vocal artist:


A documentary for you, Darren:

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Lee Marshall

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Katherine-Oops...just missed.

Sorry I'm late Darren.  Busy days.  Gonna get busier too.  Nice to see new folks joining in.
bonnie bella

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Great interview with Cherie Currie the other day here, and apparently the concerts rocked.  Her primary interest now is creating chainsaw sculptures, which is interesting since she's about the size of a medium sized chainsaw.

More Mama Cass.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Cantina Margarita

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Hi guys,

here's what I'm ranking them:

1. Go Away Boy (The Honeys – 1983)

a bittersweet storyteller song, quite clearly showing BW leaving his mark. The guitar solo seems to be the only non-Brian element in it. The rest of the music seems to be in a fine line with Brian's later sentimental and autobiographic songs such as Lay Down Burden, M.A.D., Southern California, maybe even with earlier ones such as 'Til I Die'. Go Away Boy says a lot to me – describing the guy's fate from his longtime supporters' point of view. Different points of view are always helpful. This might be a bit overinterpreted – but Brian's songwriting involvement tempts me too much to see it like that.

At first I didn't like that rather trivial lead vocal, especially compared to the other 3 options – but soon I found that a reluctant and vulnerable sounding voice can as well be a big bonus. I've been praising enough Brian's aged voice, almost preferring it to the 1960s one.

Great song from the 1980s, sadly buried beneath megatons of crash snares and Kraftwerk synths from that strange decade.

2. White Flag (Dido – 2003)

a huge charts hit, at least where I live. Great songwriting, too, and again that vulnerable voice. I was 99,9% sure I would put it in the 1st place, before listening to that great BW phantom pain song.

3. Missy Higgins - Set Me On Fire

very nice, I like her highbred sounding English (is it really ?). Debbie Harry would have been a nice option here, too.

4. Katherine McPhee - It's Not Right

only nice. There are masses of such stuff in casting shows of any lord's empires.

What's the deal here ? Take up the cudgels on behalf of women who might also be good musicians ?  If so, not necessary for me. Our local radio station has just raffled Anastacia concert tickets who often goes astray to my neighbourhood. Of course I've been throwing my hat in.

A propos, sentimental female songwriting. I can't always keep posting Amaya Uranga's 'Eres 'Tu' here. And Mama Cass was Bonnie's job this time (well done!). So here's another great madame. Highbred and autobiographic too, and kind of the Northern version of Go Away Boy. Keep handkerchiefs ready.

Thanks Darren, another excellent chip pass for my musical preferences. Score ! (you know what I mean)

Cantina Margarita

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This year's IIHF Hockey World Championship DJs in Moscow like this one very much (whenever facing a boxing interlude on ice):

Canadians are more familiar to this event as "the Skoda Cup". Go Suomi !

One day we should start a special "best songs ever written" contest here.

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Hi Darren,

My votes are in!

Gold - White Flag - Dido
Silver - It’s Not Right - Katharine McPhee - I had not heard Katharine McPhee before but I am now a fan.
Bronze - Set Me On Fire - Missy Higgins
Tin - Go Away Boy - The Honeys

Graciegirl [smile]

Darren J. Ray

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Thanks a lot for the votes and comments, Lee, Cantina and Graciegirl.

Lee, you're not late at all. I prefer it when people take a while before making their choices.

Cantina, thank you very much for your incisive comments.

If we did ever have a 'best songs ever written' contest, I'd certainly be nominating 'White Flag'.

I really like the Agnetha song, from her latest album.

I hope some host will eventually include one of her solo tracks in a week. 

Commiserations on Germany coming 7th in the ice hockey.

Graciegirl, nice to see some love for Katharine.  

I'll be closing this week in less than 24 hours, by which time Larry will likely have launched Week 14. 

All readers, including newbies, please consider putting yourself down for hosting spots in Pete's schedule post. 

Larry Franz

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Sister acts.

Lily & Madeleine, "Sounds Like Somewhere", 2013

The Secret Sisters, "The One I Love Is Gone", 2010

Larry will launch Week 14 about 12 hours from now if he can decide on that damn fourth song. 
David W

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By a country mile it's Dido for me :

Gold : Dido

Silver :The Honeys

Bronze : Missy Higgins

Tin : Katherine McPhee

What happened to Duffy ?

Possibly the greatest 45rpm performance ever ? Lorraine Ellison and Stay With Me Baby ...... still brings tears to my eyes after 50 years !

Agnetta has been featured so how about Frida from Abba ? Can't believe this was as far back as 1982 !

paul g adsett

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more of a struggle than last week
- and not such a depth of field in which to wallow.

tin: 'its not right'
- au contraire,
it's perfectly alright, dear...
you don't have to question.
you don't have to suffer in silence,
but, to be honest,
it'd've been better if you did,
if you'd been left in the middle of nowhere,
that frenetic arrangement and your foghorn voice
would've led any rescuers to you.
assuming anyone set off out to find you...

bronze: 'white flag'
- ultimately, m'dear,
it's better to go down with the ship
than be left, like the french lootenant's woman,
quietly fretting on the harbourwall...
i've had an awkward relationship with dido
(never met her, so it's but a virtual tug 'o war
- what else is there to tug at with her music?)
intellectually, i think i should like her and her stand on stuff.
but, when it comes to it,
i've never quite 'got' what it is that attracts listeners.
and this is a good example of one of her songs.
it just starts, goes on for a bit and ends.
i do like the way it ends,
in that it has an ending and just ends
- 'better to burn out than to fade away'?
but, in order to end in such fashion,
there has to be some burning to start with.
and, in all of the stuff i've heard,
there's barely a smoulder.
blank music for blank people in blankwalled surroundings?

silver: 'set me on fire'

- now, ashley has a second cousin in australia
named melody.
but, such antipoean credentials don't hold sway
when it comes to me having a go at frothypopdom.
not heard very much from ms 'iggins
(i assume that was her monicker before
her professor uncle tarted her up and gave her elocution lessons?)
and never knowingly heard this beforehand.
didn't want to like it.
but i do.
more than quite like the voice (*)
more than quite like the arrangement,
more than quite like the lyrics.

gold: 'go away boy'
- portenteousness on not grandenough scale?
but, for heaven's sake,
the screaming guitar soloette doesn't add to the recording,
now does it?
and, slowing down the song towards the end doesn't magnify the affair,
especially as the piano resurges (in a non-resurgent fashion)
just when the whole thing should've been laid to rest.
but, given the opposition this week,
the song, which has a lot of early 60's nicebits
that don't scream 'b wilson' at you,
is my favourite
(not nec. the recorded arrangement - i rather prefer the pearlfishers),
even if missy higgins nudges closely...

mind still chocka with spending a fun couple o'days
wih a coupl'a dear amero-antipodeans,
here in sunny brighton,
before 2 'pet sounds' palladium gigs
and the meet-ups,
with so many dear (old? certainly older than when we first meeted up)
chums from allover,
scandinavian, east anglian, american, scots
the odd englishtypeperson...
and dearest antipodean robyne
(with m'head that was in a bit of another space,
swimming about more than a trifle).

thanks, djr,
here's a song that jjust got completely under my skin
from the moment i heard her play it live with just the piano
on bbc radio 4's 'woman's hour'
(*with a voice that missy higgins reminded me of a bit):


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I found it a bit easier to sort this week even though most were new.

Gold – “Set Me on Fire” - Missy Higgins – Very nice melody and voice.

Silver - "White Flag” - Dido – A similar style but a bit less powerful than Set Me on Fire.

Bronze - "Go Away Boy” - The Honeys – The one I heard before.  Nice vocals, but some weak spots.  I didn’t care much for the sudden (noise) change at about 2:08.

Tin - "It’s Not Right” - Katharine McPhee – Country-ish? OK song by me.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It's the only thing that there's just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No, not just for some but for everyone.”

Tom Tobben

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Busy week, so checking in briefly to vote:

Gold -- "White Flag", Dido. Lovely voice, lovely song.

Silver -- "Set Me on Fire", Missy Higgins. Hadn't heard of her before, but sounds good.

Bronze -- "It's Not Right", Katherine McPhee. Decent enough but not as compelling as the two above.

Tin -- "Go Away Boy", Honeys. OK, but nothing special. The version by the Pearlfishers, from the Brian Wilson tribute album, Caroline Now, is much better in my opinion.

Finally, a personal favorite female singer, musician, and songwriter, from here in Missouri:

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