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John B

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Okay, sorry for my delayed response.  !   all of these are pretty songs by pretty women with pretty voices.  So, what inspires my votes are lyrics. 

1.  Missy Higgins 'Set me on Fire'

2.  'Go away Boy' by the Honeys ('The One you Can't Have' would've been gold).  Not a fan of the bland, period-piece guitar solo

3. Katherine McPhee "It's Not Right" because she has the best voice here and the melody might also be best.  BUT, she's not really silently suffering, she's whining to US, right?  so, points off. 

4.  Dido. "White Flag".  this would be my wife's #1, but I don't do yoga or FACEBOOK< either.!   Dido gets points off for humorlessness.  I mean, she's smart enough to like Eminem...but if she and Adele did jokes on SNL, I would like them both so very much more...

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GOLD Go Away Boy
SILVER White Flag - Ms Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong has a great voice.
BRONZE Set Me On Fire - I'm an Aussie too but her 'singing' accent is quite strong - slightly 'off-putting' but I don't want to use that word.
TIN It's Not Right

And with that I made it very close (I did change my vote at the last minute but not for this reason).
Darren J. Ray

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Thanks a lot for the votes and comments, David, Paul, Deb, Tom, John B and DAN. 

Will now post results. 

Darren J. Ray

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Results for the week...

Gold - White Flag (Dido - 2003) (61)
(8G, 6S, 5B, 1T)

Silver - Go Away Boy (The Honeys - 1983) (60)
(9G, 5S, 3B, 3T)

Bronze - Set Me on Fire (Missy Higgins - 2012) (54)
(3G, 8S, 9B, 0T)

Tin - It’s Not Right (Katharine McPhee - 2010) (25)
(0G, 1S, 3B, 16T)

Aggregate: 200 = 20 voters

Thanks again to all who voted and to DAN for scrutinising the votes. 

It was the first appearance for Dido, Missy Higgins and Katharine McPhee. 

It was the second appearance for The Honeys. 

'The One You Can't Have' won a Silver in Week 41 of Season II (Miriam Wilsen). 

It was also the second appearance for 'Go Away Boy'. 

The Pearlfishers' version won a Silver in Week 12 (yours truly) last year with a score of 60 points and 28.57% of the vote from 21 voters. 

It finished 9th in the Silver Play-Off. 

This time the song scored 60 and 30.00 from 20 voters. 

Four of the voters made a point of saying they preferred the Pearlfishers' one, and five voters suggested the guitar solo was not necessary. 

After 13 weeks, with the highest points so far and third highest percentage for a Silver, it's again in the running for play-offs.

'Set Me on Fire' looks set for its play-off with the highest points so far this season, and the highest percentage for a Bronze (27.00%) since 'Hair' (The Cowsills) with 27.14% back in Season IV.  

In fact, it's only the third Bronze song ever to not score a Tin in a week!

The others have been: 

- 'Spanish Caravan' (The Doors) back in Week 38 of Season II (Cantina Margarita) - the week where 'Die Trompeten Von Mexiko (Helge Schneider) did something no other song has ever done. It scored all 15 Tins from 15 voters!

- 'San Miguel' (The Beach Boys) in Week 9 of Season II (Verden McCutcheon) when 'You and Me and Mexico' (Edward Bear) scored 17 Tins from 19 voters. (The only voters who didn't award it Tin that week were Lee Marshall and John Potter, who both saved their Tins for the Gold winner 'California Blue' by Roy Orbison!)

The fate of 'White Flag' will depend on how 'Go Away Boy' and 'Set Me on Fire' fare. 

The 25 points for 'It's Not Right' is the lowest score since Season IV when 'Come On Up' (The Young Rascals) scored 24 and 'Butterfly Wings' (Machines of Loving Grace) scored 22.5, from t Bedford's weeks 20 and 5 respectively. 

Its 12.50% is the lowest since Season III when 'Forever' (Jesse and The Rippers) scored 12.10, from Cindy Hood's Week 3, and 'Love Keep Us Together' (Martin Sexton) scored 11.11 from Al Forsyth's Week 45. 

Please support Larry's Week 14. 

This week is now closed. 

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