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Darren J. Ray

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my own votes...

All these songs deserve Gold.

But as I cannot stand it when people can’t split four bleeding songs, I won’t be taking the soft way out.

Each song was considered for top honours and I changed my order regularly throughout the week.

But here goes…

Gold - Me and the Elephants (Bobby Goldsboro - 1977)
Such a sentimental but cute song. Written by Benny Whitehead and recorded by a lot of acts, including Gene Cotton, George Hamilton IV, Charlie Landsborough and Cilla Black. Clever lyrics. ‘Ann Landers’ and ‘Dear Abby’ were actually identical twin sisters. You have to love that unexpected F minor chord (or it is a minor 6th) near the end of the chorus.

Silver - The More I Am (Dennis Locorriere - 2000)
One of my favourite songs of all time, masterfully written and delivered by our former Blueboarder, Dennis. I think it’s his finest, and it is very special to me. The lyrics are economical but perfect. Discovered it when I saw him live in concert in 2000. Have now seen him five times, most recently last October at Jupiters Casino. Anyone who can do a 10 minute version of ‘When You’re in Love With a Beautiful Woman’ and make it thoroughly entertaining is a great showman.

Bronze - Can’t Fight this Feeling (REO Speedwagon - 1984)
Vote 1 Kevin Cronin for the worst haircut of all time. Still, an incredible song. I could imagine taking a beautiful girl on a gondola ride around the Brisbane River for breakfast on Valentine’s Day and singing this.

Participant - Shannon (Henry Gross - 1976)
Wow! Has stood the test of time. In fact, I think it’s the lesser of the four songs but the best record. Wish I could sing like this guy. It sucks you in from that pristine first note, but my favourite moment is near the end – the pause, the drum fill and then that coda. It give my ears an aural orgasm. The only thing missing on this record is Carl Wilson. I LOVE THIS RECORD and it would’ve gotten my Gold in every other week this year bar Week 13!!!!!

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bonnie bella

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with darian sahanaja back onstage for the 'pet sounds'half of the show


Not Jermia - thanks.  [smile]


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Darren J. Ray

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Paul, thanks for the timely votes and comments and I hope you're loving the concert. 

Sorry, folks. Had to go out for a coupla hours. 

Results on the way.....
Darren J. Ray

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The results are: 

Gold - Shannon (Henry Gross - 1976) (62)
(9G, 4S, 5B, 4T)

Silver - Can’t Fight this Feeling (REO Speedwagon - 1984) (57)
(7G, 6S, 2B, 7T)

Bronze - The More I Am (Dennis Locorriere - 2000) (52)
(1G, 9S, 9B, 3T)

Tin - Me and the Elephants (Bobby Goldsboro - 1977) (49)
(4G, 5S, 5B, 8T)

Thank you again to the 22 voters.

And thanks to D.A.N for being my scrutineer. 

It was the second closest week for the year, with 13 points between first and last. 

'Can't Fight this Feeling', from 1984, was the biggest polariser of voter opinion. 

Personally, I believe it's a great song, but the 1980s are the Bermuda Triangle in this comp. Songs rarely come back!

148 songs recorded in the 1980s have been used in the first six seasons. 

Only 21 have won their week (and only four of those 21 made play-offs). 

Of those 21, artists include Brian Wilson (three), Carl Wilson (three), Roy Orbison (three), The Everly Brothers (two), The Beach Boys (two - including one in an all '80s week), John Lennon and The Kinks.

Iconic acts all but hardly associated with the 1980s. 

Then there are 'Hungry Heart' (Bruce Springsteen - all '80s/'90s week), 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World' (Tears for Fears - in an all '80s week), 'Tired of Toeing the Line' (Rocky Burnette - yet another all '80s week), 'There She Goes' (The La's - up against all '90s songs) and Happy Hour (The Housemartins - beat songs from '95, '81 and 2008). 

That leaves 'When Doves Cry' (Prince). It won with 49 points, six points ahead of the Tin, in the closest week we had until last year.  

Of the 148 songs, only 20 have made play-offs. 

None have won their play-off. 

Seven have made Tin play-offs. Best result: 2nd place - 'One for the Boys' (Brian Wilson - 1988).

The rest - 3rd (The Everly Brothers with The Beach Boys), 5th (Brian Wilson), 5th (Randy Newman), 8th (The Beach Boys), 10th (The Beach Boys) and 10th (Green on Red). 

Six have made Bronze play-offs. Best result: 3rd place - 'California Dreamin'' (The Beach Boys - 1986) and 3rd place - 'Money for Nothing' (Dire Straits - 1985).

The rest - 6th (Dan Fogelberg), 7th (The Beach Boys), 9th (Rosanne Cash), 9th (Elvis Costello). 

Three have made Silver play-offs. Best result: 6th place - 'Southern Cross' (Crosby, Stills & Nash - 1982). 

The rest - 8th (The Everly Brothers - a live version of a song originally recorded in 1958) and 9th (Billy Joel). 

One has made a Preliminary Final, come 3rd, and advanced to the Gold Play-Off. It was 'In Dreams' (Roy Orbison - a 1988 live recording of a song originally recorded in 1963). 

Four have made Gold play-offs. Best result: 5th place - 'In Dreams' (as above). 

The rest - 8th for 'Love and Mercy' (Brian Wilson - 1988), 9th for 'You Got It' (Roy Orbison - 1989) and 10th for 'Do It Again' (The Kinks - 1984). 

If you're going to select a song from the 1980s, buyer beware!

'Me and the Elephants' scored the most points for a Tin this season.

It looks set for the Tin Play-Off.

'The More I Am' is an outside chance of qualifying for the Bronze Play-Off. Its percentage might be too low.

But I hope it does. Former Blueboarder Dennis Locorriere is aware that it was in competition this week.

If you get a chance to see him live, now touring using the Dr Hook name, I recommend it highly.  

The guy's voice has not changed and he is a fantastic showman. 

Personally, I hope more hosts decide to go with no theme. 

It sure seems to make for a close week if the songs chosen are of a similar standard instead of only satisfying a 'theme', sometimes regardless of standard.

Plus it also means less clips posted during the week, which should allow voters to concentrate more on the songs up for evaluation and also enabling those following on tablets to participate more fully.  

Anyway, that's it for Week 20. 

Please support Cantina's Week 21. It's his first time in the chair since Week 38 of Season III. 

This week is now closed. 

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