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bonnie bella

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Dan, such a great post earlier, loved it! 

Deb, dang cool post too.

Tom, thank you for introducing me to that Solar System Song.  I was captivated from start to finish.  Really.  And I can see the resemblance too.  Only, I like yours much better.  It's a keeper.  [smile]


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Al Forsyth

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Sending mine by turtle express.

Quite easy voting this week, actually.

GOLD Cabin Essence
Quirky?  Yes.  So intricate?  Definitely

I have one of her cds's.  I'll have to check if this is on it!  Interesting voice.

BRONZE  I Am Pegasus
It drones on too long but has some nice qualities going for it.

TINNER Crazy Horses
They were trying to be Kiss. 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Darren J. Ray

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And we’re into the final stretch.

‘Cabin Essence’ has galloped away and is leading by over seven lengths.

It’s going to go close to outstripping the record Melbourne Cup winning margin of eight lengths, by Archer in 1862 and Rain Lover in 1968.

It looks like a photo finish for the minor placings.

‘Pony’ has quickly raced up to ‘Crazy Horses’, which appears to have knocked up.

‘I Am Pegasus’ is bailed up against the fence.

Thanks very much for placing your bets, Cantina, Deb, Tom and Al.

‘Cabin Essence’ has been backed off the map.

I’m sad to say that none of those songs put up, and I’ve listened to all of them, are on my list of possible race candidates.

Larry, I wasn’t aware of Kay Starr’s death. To be honest, I didn’t know she was still alive.

Still, 94 is a very good age for a human. It’s the equivalent to 33 horse years.

Deb, I checked the historical racing database. When ‘Run for the Roses’ and ‘Wildfire’ raced in Season II, you didn’t make it to the race track.

Al, 'Crazy Horses' was released in 1972. Kiss didn’t form until early 1973, and their first record came out in 1974. It can only be assumed that the Osmonds were their inspiration.

Just awaiting any late plunges.  


Darren J. Ray

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Win - I Am Pegasus (Ross Ryan - 1974)
A Top 10 hit here, #1 in some states. No idea what it’s about, but I dig it. It’s the only one of these records that makes my Top 1000 list, presently coming in at #797!

Place - Pony (Kasey Chambers - 2004)
Kasey was huge here in the 2000s. I can’t think of another country artist who has had four consecutive #1 albums on the pop charts. I went to music college with a talented guy who married her. Something really sexy about her. Memorable singer, but not sure if I could put up with that voice all the time. Shane didn’t.

Show - Crazy Horses (The Osmonds - 1972)
Sorry, Donny. I find Kasey just a little sexier than you. Heavy! A late scratching from my race of Season II. Only became aware of it about 10 years ago. Kudos for the choreography, the perfect teeth, the perfect hair, the balls and the lead guitarist looking like James Page. And all with no drummer. PS I'm the kinda guy who likes Celine Dion's version of 'You Shook Me All Night Long' too.

Also-ran - Cabin Essence (The Beach Boys - 1966 & 1968/2011)
Sweet sound. But I’m of the camp wishing the lyrics from SMiLE were not so inaccessible. Would win my Gold in some weeks here, but it doesn’t move me as much as the other contenders.


Darren J. Ray

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Horses that were left in the field included:

'Chestnut Mare' - The Byrds * (UK #19)

'Wild Horses' - Natasha Bedingfield * (from Unwritten, UK #1 album)

'Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)' - Big & Rich * (US #56)

‘Wild Horses’ - SuBo * (from I Dreamed a Dream, US #1, UK #1, Can #1, Aus #1, NZ #1, Ire #1 album)

‘Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West)’ - Benny Hill * (UK #1, Aus #2)

‘A Horse With No Name’ - America (US #1, Can #1, UK #3, Aus #2)

‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They?’ - Racing Cars (UK #14, Aus #32)

'The Goondiwindi Grey' - Johnny Greenwood

'The Horses' - Daryl Braithwaite (Aus #1)

'Ride a White Horse' - Goldfrapp (UK #15, Ire #36)

'All the Pretty Little Horses' - Judy Collins 

'Wild Horses' - Gino Vanelli (Can #7, US #55)

'Wild Horses' - Garth Brooks (US #50)
(Good luck finding the real guy on YouTube!)

'Dark Hoarse' - George Harrison (US #15, Can #26, Ger #46)

'Beer for My Horses' - Toby Keith & Willie Nelson (US #22)

'Faster Horses' - Tom T Hall (US Country #1)

'Runaway Horses' - Belinda Carlisle (from Runaway Horses, UK #4, Swe #4, Aus #6 album)

'Bring on the Dancing Horses' - Echo & the Bunnymen (UK #21, Ire #15, NZ #31)

'Dig a Pony' - The Beatles (from Let It Be, US #1, UK #1, Can #1, Aus #1 album) 
(yeah, right!)

'Pony Time' - Chubby Checker (US #1, UK #27)

‘The Bottom Line’ - Big Audio Dynamite (Aus #34, NZ #38, UK #97)

‘The Unicorn’ - The Irish Rovers + (Can #4, Ire #5, US #7)

* indicates late scratching

+ not considered a Group One horse as the Melbourne Cup is a 3200 metre race and ‘The Unicorn’ wasn’t a stayer

Chart information is mainly from Wikipedia.


John E

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If it's not too late, here's my order:


2. Ross.

3. Osmonds

4. Casey

and since it was the great man's birthday yesterday, here's WMF!

Darren J. Ray

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The race has been run and won.

The actual Melbourne Cup last Tuesday was won by Almandin and paid $11.80 for the win.

Over 97,000 spectators flocked to Flemington.

We had 21 turn up at our racecourse, the same number as in Week 37 of Season II.

Whilst one regular didn’t make it to the track (hope you’re having a great time, Paul!), we did have an occasional punter (stkilda4ever), which is often the case on Melbourne Cup Day.

Correct weight has been signaled by race official DAN.

The result is:

Cup Winner – Cabin Essence (The Beach Boys - 1966 & 1968/2011) (75)
(17G, 1S, 1B, 2T)

2nd place – Pony (Kasey Chambers - 2004) (47)
(0G, 8S, 10B, 3T)

3rd place – I Am Pegasus (Ross Ryan - 1974) (45)
(2G, 7S, 4B, 8T)

Stone motherless – Crazy Horses (The Osmonds - 1972) (43)
(2G, 5S, 6B, 8T)

‘Cabin Essence’ led for the entire race.

The rest of the field were neck and neck the whole way.

‘Pony’, whilst never threatening, ran a steady race.

It’s a rarity that a horse that came in 2nd was not backed to win by a single racegoer.

‘I Am Pegasus’ was handicapped by eight punters (Lee, Larry, David, kds, Pete, bonnie, Lisa and Tom) calling for it to be put down mid-race, whilst two others (Graciegirl and yours truly) heavily backed it for the win.

‘Crazy Horses’ challenged for a place early – two punters (David and stkilda4ever) backed it to win – but as the race wore on, it became boxed in, couldn’t keep the pace and faltered.

(It had raced before, back in Week 43 of Season I, when your race caller was Pete Simpson. ‘Crazy Horses’ ran 2nd on that occasion.)

Punters who picked the winning quadfecta were Cantina, Deb and Al.

Their dividend is the same as for all those who took part – the race caller’s thanks!

Both 'Cabin Essence' and 'Crazy Horses' are expected to race again later in the season, though not in the same group. 

This race meeting is officially over.

I now hand the reins over to Deb.

Please support her Week 38.

Deb, I dedicate this to you.


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