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Larry Franz

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If you're on the other side of the globe, all these performers are antipodean.

Weezer, "(Girl We Got A) Good Thing"

Fine Young Cannibals, "Good Thing"

BoDeans, "Good Things"

Colbie Caillat, "Good Thing"

Barbara Lynn, "You'll Lose a Good Thing"

Paul Revere & the Raiders, "Good Thing"

Mother Mother, "Very Good Bad Thing"

Michael Nau, "Good Thing"

Lisa G/TS

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I'll be brief this week ("Yay!" say some):

GOLD -- Flash & The Pan,  Hey St. Peter

SILVER -- Dragon,  Rain

BRONZE -- Beach Boys, Wontcha Come Out Tonight

TIN -- Cold Chisel, Khe Sanh

Not terribly familiar with any of them, so thanks, Darren!
Darren J. Ray

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Thanks very much to Lee, Cindy, John B, Verden, Graciegirl, bonnie, kds, t and Lisa for the votes and comments so far. 

Lee, I hear ya. [smile]

bonnie, I’ll see your ‘Are You Old Enough’ (#1 here) and ‘Still in Love With You’ and raise you these….

(Dragon - ‘April Sun in Cuba’)

(Dragon - ‘Speak No Evil’)

and one more….

(Dragon - ‘Dreams of Ordinary Men’, featuring Todd Rundgren)

Trivia question: Is it snake eyes on a 'pair of dice' or 'paradise'?

I've asked Todd Hunter. 

He doesn't even know for sure, but thinks it might be 'paradise'. Lyrics sites seem to all have 'paradise', for what it's worth. 

It was written by Paul Hewson and Marc Hunter, and we can't ask them anymore. 

Cindy, no surprise you went with the BBs this week. 

John B, I always look forward to your comments. And it's not just choruses Bob doesn't have. Plenty of his songs don't have middle eights either. 

Verden, it's great to see you back. You've been missed. Nice to see some love for the '80s. 

Graciegirl, welcome back. 

bonnie, that's the first Gold for 'Khe Sanh'. Like you, I've always wondered how it would fare with listeners who weren't familiar with it. I think we're getting our answer!

kds, thanks. We missed you last week. 

t, no surprise you went with Flash and the Pan. 

Lisa, thank you. That was the idea. 


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An interesting no-theme week Darren. All new for me except for the BB one. Not their best but still appreciate their vocals above the rest. I was never much of an 80's music fan (though it was my hey day).

Gold - Beach Boys

Silver - Khe Sanh

Bronze - Rain

Tin - Flash in the Pan
David W

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My votes :

GOLD - Flash and the Pan

SILVER - Beach Boys

BRONZE - Dragon

TIN - Khe Sanh

My favourite ( new to me ) band The XX and On Hold .

Cantina Margarita

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Hi everybody,

no theme, only four more or less strong songs. So why not judge them by words and music.

1. Rain (Dragon - 1983)
... sounds more than a bit like The Cure (A Forest), kind of slow-pogo including young Scotland elements. Therefore ABSOLUTEY my thing, and after all a great chorus for boys' bowling after all girls have left the party. Cool Cool Pilsener.

2. Hey, St. Peter (Flash and the Pan - 1976)
a famous name, obviously before they got really famous. Simple electropoppy production, with a very sophisticated closing section, which leaves me wishing it would continue just for one more verse. They must have been very influential for similar highly-ambitious song writers already standing by. Here's one I'm automatically thinking about:

... easily a top 10 song for the battle. Did it ever occur ?

3. Khe Sanh (Cold Chisel - 1978)
very nice one, a bit too long, I put it into a drawer "anarcho-Country"

4. Wontcha Come Out Tonight (The Beach Boys - 1978)
nice production, but hardly resting in my ear when over. Others could do this genre clearly better.

Highly inspiring song selection, that's what the battle is for (at least for me). Get good proposals what to listen to if I have no idea.




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GOLD: Flash And The Pan-Hey, St. Peter

SILVER: Beach Boys-Wontcha Come Out Tonight

BRONZE: Cold Chisel-Khe Sanh

TIN: Dragon-Rain

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
~The Beatles
Tom Tobben

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Three fine songs from down under bands, and one clunker by "America's Band". Thanks for bringing these bands and songs to our attention, Darren.

Gold -- "Khe Sanh", Cold Chisel. This post-Vietnam syndrome song really resonated with me. Interesting to hear this story told from the perspective of an Aussie Vietnam vet narrator. I loved the basic down-home musical style and catchy melody and arrangement. Another thing that immediately struck me was how eerily similar the lead vocalist (Jim Barnes?) and John Mellencamp sound -- I could easily have been convinced that this was their relative contemporary John "Cougar" Mellencamp singing, right down to the accent and vocal inflections. I really like this band based on this one song -- I'll have to check out more of their music, and perhaps see if I can find a good greatest hits compilation of their music. Looks like they had a good string of hit albums and singles over a number of years.

Silver -- "Hey St. Peter", Flash & The Pan. This was a song I've known well for many years and have always loved, but I didn't realize they were an Aussie band. I often refer to old KSHE Classics songs (FM/Alternative/Progressive rock station) that I admire, and this is one of them. I first heard it many years ago on KSHE in St. Louis, and I still hear them play it from time to time as a KSHE Classic and a local KSHE fan favorite. 

Bronze -- "Rain", Dragon. Boy, that intro sure sounds a lot like the intro to the Cars' hit "Shake It Up" from a few years earlier. But, that said, this song stands up quite well on its own, and it certainly fits the popular 80s music vibe. Reading up a bit on this group, it sounds like the original group didn't last very long, between drug overdoses and disease. And it's a clearly better and more worthy song than this week's fourth place finisher:

Tin -- "Wontcha Come Out Tonight", Beach Boys. Those group harmonies right near the beginning and elsewhere in the song are grating, and they almost sound like a cacophonous parody of the classic Beach Boys harmonies of earlier years. And Mike Love's increasingly nasal whine on his lead vocals is distracting. If that's Brian sharing the lead vocals, he sounds much better than Mike. MIU is among my least favorite Beach Boys albums, and this song certainly fits right in with that overall perception.  

Good battle, Darren, and thanks for bringing more Aussie/Kiwi bands and songs to our attention! Based on your selections, they certainly deserved broader international attention.    
Darren J. Ray

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Thanks very much to Debbie, David, Cantina, Jenny and Tom for the latest votes and comments. 

Cantina, thanks. I always enjoy reading your comments. 

'I Don't Like Mondays' won the Gold by 13 votes in Week 7 of Season V (Kevin Witts), but it failed to make play-offs.

Great record. It went to #1 here and, according to Wiki, #1 in the UK, #3 in New Zealand and #4 in Canada. And #73 in the US.  

I identify with your description of 'Khe Sanh'. Cold Chisel were rebels. In '81, they won all the major awards at a telecast industry awards night on live TV. They accepted none of them. At the end of the night, they 'performed' by singing part of a song and then trashed the stage and walked off. 

Tom, thank you very much. 

I suspected you'd like 'Khe Sanh'.

Perhaps surprisingly, you're the first voter to mention its narrative. 

Yes, Cold Chisel were huge in this country. Jimmy Barnes went solo once they'd broken up and remains hugely popular here. He and the band are synonymous with the blue collar/pub rock demographic. 

I am obviously very familiar with the Cars and 'Shake It Up' and I had a re-listen, but believe Todd Hunter is in the clear. 

I was aware Flash and the Pan had some international success.

Their pedigree is also noteworthy.  

I'll expand on Chisel, Flash and the Pan and Dragon in my votes. 

I'm glad people seem to be taking the time to listen to these tracks. 

This week will be closing in just over 12 hours from now. 

Lee Marshall

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What?  4:00 A.M. my time?!?!?  Closing???  At 1:00 A.M. in Hawthorne California?  Geeeez you Aussies get up early.  Thank gawd I voted... ... ...first.

By the way.  We have hawthorns here.  Sharp little m-er f-ers.  One of the golf course I play can scratch you up pretty badly if you suck at 'it'.

3 good tunes this week Darren.  Good hosting too.

I wonder if the reason why most of the remaining unused Beach Boys tunes still remain is because they 'stink'?  This week's entree surely does.  Nice to see that Tom agrees with me.  It IS a parody.  A BAD one.  You* don't let 'the beak-boy' do that.  Let him stay with plodding through 'the beaks of eagles'.

*  Not 'you' perse.  More the all-encompassing "you".
paul g adsett

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oh, bugger
- my whole treatise disappeared into its own timewarp
before i pressed the 'add reply' button!
sometimes i write'cut'n'paste.
other times i just write...
guess what?
i'll attempt to recompile my thoughts of the weak (sic)...
for, i felt in some sort of timewarp all thtough the week,
in a slightly off-kilter, alternative universe,
where most of the contestants (3 out of 4) were completely unknown,
yet totally familiar, in an obliquely loopy fashion.
rewriting this just adds to the temporal dislocation...

gold: 'won'tcha come out tonight'
- a secret latterday bb favourite.
over-sugared candyfloss,
but it gives me a sugar rush
with its hit-me-with-those-luscious-bits-by-numbers moments.
and, i so wanted genuinely to find enough reasons to mark it down...

silver: 'hey, st peter'
- too, too 'cool for cats'.
too 'airport'.
yet, it's got a stylishness of its own that captivates me.
if i'd got to the pearly gates without having heard this,
i'd never've known i'd missed something of such transient quality.
but i won't 'cos i have and i'm all the better for it.

bronze: 'rain'
- well, whip it,
if it ain't one of those mid 80's 'let's-make-a-song-like-ultravox-howardjones-nikkershaw'
stylee numbers - it's bound to be a hit.
i suppose, in an antipodean market, it'd float higher than in blighty,
but, short of a mass outbreak of 'turning japanese',
i doubt the uk market would've taken to it.
on second thoughts, the bloomin' thing hooked me through the week
and it's insinuated itself into my synapses.

tin: 'khe sahn'
- not being a vet, most of this one is lost on me.
and i daresay most vets'd regard it as saccharin.
a ploddy squark that doesn't meet the aspirations of its emoting.
would've like to like it,
as in i like a lot of the band, or, here more like the faces, stylee story songs
not in an (though, yes, in truth, there's a slight)
all-inclusive, hug-a-vet, condescending fashion.
but it didn't hold up.

that was a painful redoing of.
however, i found this week unnervingly pleasant,
in a 'do i / did i really?' kind of way.
and g'night.


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Darren, great week.  All good, but not hard to separate.  I’d seen Khe Sanh song looking around the net last week.  I think I saw a Dragon mention, too.  Short and sweet, here are my votes this week:

   Gold – Wontcha Come Out Tonight (The Beach Boys - 1978)
   Silver - Rain (Dragon - 1983)
   Bronze - Khe Sanh (Cold Chisel - 1978)
   Tin - Hey, St. Peter (Flash and the Pan - 1976)

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

Popeye (not the sailor)

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My votes and I'm sticking with them!

Gold: Wontcha Come Out Tonight - Beach Boys

Silver: Khe Sanh - Cold Chisel

Bronze: Hey, St. Peter - Flash and the Pan

Tin: Rain - Dragon

Thanks Darren!
Al Forsyth

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Gold - to Cold Chisel.  It's just the most interesting song of the week, plus flat third piano lines I'm always a sucker for.  (I Know There's An Answer)
Silver - to the MIU Beach Boys for Wontcha Come Out Tonight. It is a bit retro, yes, but has that smooth feel to it. It was my last Beach Boys' album purchase until the Brian solo albums and the mighty box sets that were coming out:  Good Vibrations box and Pet Sounds box. 
Bronze - Flash of the Pan for Hey, St. Peter.
The Tin - to Dragon.  Once the chorus hits and then all the repeat, repetition (like the Angel song last week) - enough, already! Deserves it's placing.  

The 80's were a time that music was all over the place.  Last week I did hear one band who managed to be fine through it - U2.  They did the Joshua Tree in entirety. 

Thank you, Darren and Bonnie, for some world-wide education that we wouldn't otherwise have. The Brian Wilson board IS world-wide [smile]

A diamond necklace played the pawn...

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Sorry my mind is a bit all over the place lately.. still got an award from work somehow last month.

GOLD Chisel (and I didn't even see that 'pun').  This was very big at university parties in the late 90s (not that I went to many)... Interesting first time listening to it with headphones.
TIN Flash.. somehow I'd never heard of the band (members are very famous though).  Sorry I couldn't put this any higher.

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