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Darren J. Ray

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Thanks a lot, Lee.

I always try to close a week around 6pm on a Monday here, which is 9:00am UK and 1:00am in Hawthorne, California.  

Thanks very much to Paul, Deb, Popeye, Al and DAN for the latest votes and comments. 

Thanks, Paul. Yep, hate it when that happens. It's happened to me a few times when I put together stats at the end of the week. You have my sympathy. 

'Hey, St Peter' pre-dates 'Cool for Cats' and 'Airport' (both of which I'm a fan of) by three and two years respectively!

'Rain' pre-dates both Nik Kershaw's and Howard Jones' first releases by a couple of months!

'Vienna' was the only hit here for Ultravox. Maybe Paul Hewson (Dragon keyboardist) was into them, but he didn't write 'Rain'.

Dragon were having hits here from 1976. Their catalogue is worth exploring. 

Al's 80s and DAN's mind are all over the place this week. And so are the votes. Terrific! [thumb]

Darren J. Ray

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My votes...

Gold - Rain (Dragon - 1983)
Dragon had plenty of hits and plenty of tragedy. Spinal Tap had nothing on these guys. They were notorious drug users. Original drummer Neil Storey died from a heroin overdose. Keyboardist/songwriter Paul Hewson, seen on the back left of the band clip, died from a heroin substitute overdose in 1985. Even lead singer Marc Hunter died from throat cancer in 1998. His funeral was broadcast live on national TV here. I love the story of his friendly banter with a Texan crowd in 1978. Sheeeesh, talk about an audience with no sense of humour! I saw Marc live in concert with the Party Boys in 1984 at the Mansfield Tavern. I recall their opening song was ‘Gimme Some Lovin’’ (Spencer Davis Group). Joe Walsh (Eagles) and Kevin Borich were the guitarists in the band, guitar dueling in ‘Rocky Mountain Way’. A muso mate and I invited ourselves into the band trailer after the show. Joe was sitting on a couch, oblivious to us, in conversation with Borich, I think. Marc Hunter looked at us nervously. Security appeared and asked what we were doing there. My friend’s “we want to meet Kevin Borich” didn’t fly and we were turfed out. (I finally met Kevin in the early 2000s and got him to sign my guitar!) Bass player/songwriter Todd Hunter has kept Dragon going. I sought out this single a year or so after its release. It’s funny how things work out. I was a teenage boy and had had a really messy break-up with my first serious girlfriend. I was in despair. My mother came to get me in her car. This song came on the car radio. I knew life was worth living.

Silver - Hey, St. Peter (Flash and the Pan - 1976)
George Young and Harry Vanda are rock royalty. Either as songwriters, producers or performers, they’re exalted in this country. Their ‘Friday On My Mind’ (The Easybeats) was voted #1 in the APRA Best Australian Songs of all time. They’ve performed on, written and produced many, many other great hits for themselves and a host of others, including AC/DC, Stevie Wright, John Paul Young, William Shakespeare, Cheetah, Mark Williams, The Angels, Ted Mulry and Rose Tattoo. As to what this song is about, I have no idea. I don’t need to. It’s brilliant. 

(The Easybeats – ‘Friday on My Mind’)

Bronze - Khe Sanh (Cold Chisel - 1978)
This is like our national anthem. The Australian test team have sung it after series wins. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard a bunch of Aussie cricketers singing badly about their “growing need for speed and novacaine”. Me, I was never a fan. Never been a Chisel or Jimmy Barnes fan. It’s probably the most played song by cover bands in the country. It would certainly be the most requested. Voted #8 in the APRA Best Australian Songs of all time. Don Walker does write a good song. Maybe I’ve been wrong.

Participant - Wontcha Come Out Tonight (The Beach Boys - 1978)
I would’ve first heard this about 12 years ago when I bought the remaining Beach Boys albums I didn’t have, including M.I.U.. This was a surprise. Catchy, with Brian sounding great. His four packs of cigarettes a day voice, obvious on 15 Big Ones, has momentarily left him. Pleasant, but not a lot of substance and it doesn’t get any better with repeated listening.


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Oops, did I say that out loud?

Went to the "Bootleg Beach Boys" the other night... they were fairly good, I thought (I would not consider myself an easy marker).

Lutz Von Freitag

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to quote Slim Shady....guess who's back?

Feels kinda weird but nice to see that nothing ever changes/happens...

As good a time as any to re-launch my career is a BOTB week with the estimable Mr Ray hosting and by gum has he done us proud...

Let's have a look....

Gold - Flash And The Pan - legendary songwriters Harry Vanda and George Young were the brains behind this rather marvellous mob. Their touch is evident here - such a shame they didn't translate the success in Oz on a more Global scale other than the epic Waiting For A Train

Silver - Cold Chisel - a very sad and all-too-typical tale of a Vietnam Vet and his return. People (usually Americans, who won every war ever) seem to think the Australians made the tea or something at Vietnam but it touched that country just as badly.

Bronze - Dragon - Never heard this or the band before but I will investigate further. Of it's era, yes but well worth a listen

Lead - Beach Boys - unlistenable drivel from their "not very good" period.

There now....isn't that better?

Stay tuned for more pearls of wisdom from Lutz Towers.

Darren J. Ray

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(I would not consider myself an easy marker)

You sound like me, DAN. I can't go to 'tribute' shows. I always leave dissatisfied.

Thank you for the late votes and comments, Lutz.

And welcome to the Battle. I wanna hear more from you. 

Okay, here come the results....

Darren J. Ray

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Results are:

Gold - Hey, St. Peter (Flash and the Pan - 1976) (55)
(6G, 5S, 6B, 4T)

Silver - Rain (Dragon - 1983) (55)
(4G, 8S, 6B, 3T)

Bronze - Wontcha Come Out Tonight (The Beach Boys - 1978) (53)
(7G, 4S, 3B, 7T)

Tin - Khe Sanh (Cold Chisel - 1978) (47)
(4G, 4S, 6B, 7T)

Aggregate: 210 = 21 voters

Thanks very much to all who voted and to D.A.N for being my scrutineer.

The closeness of the scores was such that before the last voter, the first three placings were all different.

Eight points between Gold and Tin is the closest margin so far this year, surpassing 12 points back in Week 4 (Al Forsyth).

The closest weeks ever remain Week 30 of Season VI (paul g adsett) and Week 11 of Season VII (Tom Tobben) with just 5.5 points separating first and last.

It’s the eighth time (from 328 weeks) in a regular season that Gold and Silver have had to be separated on a countback.

The record:

Glad All Over (The Dave Clark Five - 1963) (55) (10 Golds) / Getting Better (The Beatles - 1967) (55) (6 Golds) (Week 36, Season I, mother’s little helper),

Lay Down Burden (Brian Wilson - 1998) (50) (6 Golds) / Midnight’s Another Day (Brian Wilson - 2008) (50) (5 Golds) (Week 41, Season I, Deborah O’Neill),

The Nearest Faraway Place (The Beach Boys - 1969) (44) (7 Golds) / Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits - 1980) (44) (4 Golds) (Week 29, Season II, Teenage Symphony),

Angie (The Rolling Stones - 1973) (59) (7 Golds) / Lola (The Kinks - 1970) (59) (5 Golds) (Week 10, Season IV, Jo McGuire),

Cindy (Ricky Nelson - 1959) (58) (8 Golds) / Cindy Incidentally (Faces - 1973) (58) (6 Golds) (Week 10, Season VI, Cindy Hood),

Walk On (Roy Orbison - 1968) (60) (7 Golds, 7 Silvers) / Go Away Boy (The Pearlfishers - 2000) (60) (7 Golds, 6 Silvers) (Week 12, Season VI, Darren J. Ray),

River Song (Dennis Wilson - 1977) (59.5) (9 Golds) / Rio Grande (Brian Wilson - 1988) (59.5) (7 Golds) (Week 4, Season VII, t Bedford),

Hey, St. Peter (Flash and the Pan - 1976) (55) (6 Golds) / Rain (Dragon - 1983) (55) (4 Golds) (Week 20, Season VIII, Darren J. Ray)

There have also been two play-offs where the result required a countback.

They are:

Stop! In the Name Of Love (The Supremes - 1965) (112) (three 1st places) / Dance to the Music (Sly & the Family Stone - 1968) (112) (one 1st place) (Bronze Play-Off, Season I),

Wishing (Buddy Holly - 1958/1963) (169) (five 1st places) / Sunshine Superman (Donovan - 1966) (169) (four 1st places) (Bronze Play-Off, Season IV)

‘Hey. St. Peter’ is just the fifth Australian record to win a Gold in the Battle. (See last week’s summary for more information.)

And Vanda & Young have been at least partly responsible for three of them - ‘Hey, St. Peter’, ‘Friday on My Mind’ and they produced AC/DC’s ‘It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ’n’ Roll)'. 

‘Wontcha Come Out Tonight’ is only the fifth song from M.I.U. Album to be used, for just two Silvers and three Bronzes.

Only one song has made a play-off (Bronze) and it came last.

Its record:

Come Go With Me (a Silver in Week 29 of Season VI - David W),
Wontcha Come Out Tonight (a Bronze in Week 20 of Season VIII - Darren J. Ray),
Sweet Sunday Kinda Love (a Silver in Week 23 of Season I - Pete Simpson),
Belles of Paris (a Bronze in Week 12 of Season II, 10th in Bronze Play-Off - Darren J. Ray),
Pitter Patter (a Bronze in Week 30 of Season I - Verden McCutcheon)

A demo of ‘My Diane’ also won a Bronze in Week 33 of Season IV (Larry Franz).

Due to the tightness of the scores, ‘Wontcha Come Out Tonight’ looks very likely for the Bronze Play-Off.

‘Khe Sanh’ is in pole position for the Tin Play-Off with the highest points and percentage for a Tin so far this year.

Please support Al’s Week 21.

This week is now closed.  


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