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OMG Lee😂😂😂
And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
~The Beatles

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Just getting my votes in under the wire.

1. Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You
2. Hey Little Tomboy
3. Clair
4. My Little Angel
Al Forsyth

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Schoosh - some tough voters there, Darren.  I maintain my suckerness for two of the songs this week. 

Earworms?  Nope, they are fine by me.

I may have trepidation coming in to check the remaining votes.  Carry on.

A diamond necklace played the pawn...

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Darren, my votes for a no-theme battle,
Gold - My Little Angel (William Shakespeare) - really decent, happy to have a new artist to explore.
Silver - Hey Little Tomboy (The Beach Boys) - some good music, some yucky lyrics.
Bronze - Clair (Gilbert O’Sullivan) - meh.
Tin - Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight (Spın̈al Tap) - see me in another life.
My contribution to this no-theme battle [wink] .

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It's the only thing that there's just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No, not just for some but for everyone.”

Darren J. Ray

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Thanks a lot for all the votes and comments, Lisa, David, The Egg, Lee, Tom, dkmh and Deb. 

I trust, like me, you all were listening to these four beauties all week before reaching your decisions. 

Well, except you, Lee. 

Lisa, 'Matchpoint' featured Marilyn? You don't mean 'Let's Put Our Hearts Together'?

And who said Dennis didn't dig MIU? Here he is smiling away during the recording of 'Matchpoint of Our Love'...

David, you're a true believer. 

Hello to The Egg. Looking forward to your week in the chair. And, yes, it's fascinating to discover some gold from around the world that one would have otherwise never heard or seen. 

Al, expect that report. [thumb]

Lee, all week I've been imagining you listening to these from last Monday. I'm hurt. 

Tom, special thanks for reproducing some of the lyrics for us. It's probably a good thing I didn't use 'High School Confidential' or especially '(Si Si) Je Suis un Rock Star' this week or you'd probably still be typing. [comp]

Lee, thanks for recognising Gilbert's brilliant 'twist' lyrics. It's ok. I'm alright now. 

Cash Backman had the big hit with 'My Girl Bill' here. Enjoy this very enjoyable clip...

Thanks, Al. I'm a sucker for all four. Just call me a sucker. 

Deb, thank you. It's my intention to bring more new artists to the Battle in the near future. 

Well, the polls close in a few hours. So I'll wait for the flurry of last-minute voters, surprise no-one with my own votes, see if DAN and I have matched our figures, and post the results. 

In the meantime, please welcome your new host. I'm hoping for some more William Shakespeare. 

paul g adsett

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ta, djr.
'...will you marry me, uncle ray?'
ah, now that's where things went wrong, innit?
in the olden days, things were prim'n'proper.
one was formally wooed by one's teenier.
and then it all went...
none of this gary glitter stuff, here.
oh, no
(oh, hang on a mo,
they were direct contemporaries...),
but i digress...

(oh, corblimey, lord luvaduck and, gosh...
after posting, i've begun reading others' comments,
working backwards with lee's and tom's words
and, discover that it's not just my mind that contrived to ponder upon
an imponderable theme...
and so, i feel obligated to add this parenthetic afterword to the above
- i hereby disclaim any unconscious marrying, sic, of non-existent themes
within this week's assembled contestant songs).

gold: 'clair'
- an exceptional songwriter, still recording, crafting new songs that are topclass.
and a pretty dashed good performer, too.
was very highly impressed seeing him live
(a jolly fine chap to chatter to, too).
put aside the earliest incarnations visual images.
listen to the stuff what he's written.
discover a talent.
love the way he constructs his lyrics.
here, they wend their way in conversational style,
disrupting any strict scansion.
a decent tune, too.
the first few seconds you could believe it was a bb recording.
and touches like the short acoustic guitar break are beauteous.
but, for me, this has touches of excess sentimentality
(in the strings and the, gulp, chuckling giggle at the end),
but i'll forgive him as it does seem to be sincere.

silver: 'hey little tomboy'
- love the track.
the instrumental track, that is.
loathe the lyrics.
pretty much the worst set of lyrics that accompany any bb recording.
honestly - horrible!

bronze: 'my little angel'
- well, bless my soul.
what sounds through yonder earpiece emerge?
something completely unknown.
quite how this fellow achieved a number 1 in australialand
i cannot begin to fathom.
oh, yes, i can.
one assembles every feasible clichay
(and a good few previously untrawled)
and whops 'em into some semblance of shape,
served up on a spinning platter.
it's either sheer brilliance
or not.
like schrödinger's caterwaul,
it could be toppermosted or topped simultaneously.
my vacillations continue,
but as i peep into its little box now,
here it is gone...

tin: 'tonight i’m gonna rock you'
- down here purely because, out of context of the brilliant movie,
it, well, it stands up as a self-aggrandising parody of
a parodic, self-aggrandising form of music.
fun fun fun, without the fun fun..


Darren J. Ray

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Thanks a lot for the votes and comments, Paul. 


I'm seeing Gilbert in March. Big fan. 
Darren J. Ray

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My own votes…

Gold - My Little Angel (William Shakespeare - 1974)
That’s how to write a hit song. Pure gold nugget and #1 co-written/co-produced (with Harry Vanda) by the recently departed George Young. I love how the sleigh bells cue in after he says, “It was on a cold December afternoon”. Adorably daggy. Of course, our Decembers in Australia are stinking hot. One of two smash hits for William – he used to tell interviewers, “Call me Bill” – before his career hit a snag. In William’s own words, the little angel looked 19 or 20 at the time.

Silver - Clair (Gilbert O’Sullivan - 1972)
A perfectly innocuous number about a relationship between a three year old girl and her male adult babysitter who laments their age difference. A top seller just about everywhere from a brilliant singer/songwriter with a sack full of gorgeous songs. Possibly the most melodious writer ever, McCartney included, and should’ve been as celebrated today as Elton. And a better lyricist than either of those two. A lame deal with his record company knocked out about five years of his career, and the ensuing court battle against his manager, Gordon Mills (Clair’s father), ruined his momentum. All week I’ve been singing, “Will you marry me, Mr Ray?”, cleverly substituting ‘mister’ for ‘uncle’. I can be quite ingenious sometimes. And I remember making a big impression on one of the mothers in primary school when I told her I was a Gilbert O’Sullivan fan. Dawned on me years later what she thought I must have said.

Bronze - Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight (Spın̈al Tap - 2009) (re-recording of song originally on 1974 album Intravenus de Milo)
As Tom kindly reproduced, it contains the greatest lyric in rock history – “You’re too young and I’m too well hung”. It sounds like David St Hubbins is singing to a girl the same age as Nigel Tufnel’s amp volume. This song, more than any other, reminds me of my favourite Tap member, keyboardist Viv Savage, who unfortunately passed away when he visited the grave of ex-drummer Mick Shrimpton, and the grave exploded due to a build-up of methane gas. It was later discovered that Savage had been a drummer until the age of 15 without Tap’s knowledge. Bearing in mind the band’s unfortunate history with drummers, Derek Smalls stated: "If we'd known that, we never would have hired him”.

Participant - Hey Little Tomboy (The Beach Boys - 1978)
Along with ‘Never Learn Not to Love’, a shock omission from the C50 tour. (I was sure yelling out for those two classics.) Enchanting tale of a young tomboy turning into a girl as guided by thoughtful men in their mid to late 30s who are intent on teaching her how to kiss. I used to sing the end chorus of this to my beautiful friend Rosemary over and over on the phone. It used to give her the willies.

(Shakespeare’s other smash hit. #2 here in 1974. Introduced by some bloke who went into the movies. Bill looks slightly older than his professed 25 years. Too many late night smokes, I’d suggest. Also the reason part of his house burned down. Still, great voice. He reportedly had to go to hospital immediately after the show with severe stomach cramps.)

(my favourite Gilbert O’Sullivan song)

(still had the voice and a real performer)


Darren J. Ray

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Post #69…

Results are:

Gold - Clair (Gilbert O’Sullivan - 1972) (58)
(8G, 5S, 5B, 1T)

Silver - My Little Angel (William Shakespeare - 1974) (47)
(5G, 3S + 1 three-way tie, 6B, 4T)

Bronze - Hey Little Tomboy (The Beach Boys - 1978) (47)
(1G, 10S + 1 three-way tie, 4B, 3T)

Tin - Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight (Spın̈al Tap - 2009) (38)
(5G, 0S + 1 three-way tie, 3B, 10T)

Aggregate: 190 = 19 voters

Thanks very much to all who voted and to D.A.N for being my scrutineer.

It was the first appearance for Gilbert O’Sullivan and William Shakespeare.

The three Aussies here all gave ‘My Little Angel’ their Gold.

It is the third Vanda & Young composition in the Battle.

‘Friday on My Mind’ (The Easybeats) and ‘Hey, St Peter’ both won Gold in the past; as did their production of AC/DC’s ‘It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ’n’ Roll)'.

‘Hey Little Tomboy’ is the sixth song from M.I.U. Album to be used, for just two Silvers and four Bronzes.

Only one song has made a play-off (Bronze) and it came last.

Its record:

Come Go With Me (a Silver in Week 29 of Season VI - David W),
Hey Little Tomboy (a Bronze in Week 37 of Season VIII - Darren J. Ray),
Wontcha Come Out Tonight (a Bronze in Week 20 of Season VIII - Darren J. Ray),
Sweet Sunday Kinda Love (a Silver in Week 23 of Season I - Pete Simpson),
Belles of Paris (a Bronze in Week 12 of Season II, 10th in Bronze Play-Off - Darren J. Ray),
Pitter Patter (a Bronze in Week 30 of Season I - Verden McCutcheon)

A demo of ‘My Diane’ also won a Bronze in Week 33 of Season IV (Larry Franz).

It was the second appearance and second Tin for Spın̈al Tap.

‘(Listen to the) Flower People’ won the Tin in Week 20 of Season VI (Darren J. Ray).

‘Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight’ was a big polariser. 15 of 18 voters (the other voter tied three songs for second spot) gave it either their Gold or their Tin.

Sadly, it’s possible none of these songs will qualify for play-offs.

Please support Week 38 and its host.

This week is now closed.



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