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Darren J. Ray

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Adios (Linda Ronstadt - 1989)
Writer: Jimmy Webb
Producer: Peter Asher 


Baby, Now That I’ve Found You (Alison Krauss - 1995) 
Writers: Tony Macaulay & John MacLeod
Producers: Alison Krauss & Union Station

If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind (Agnetha Fältskog - 2004)
Writer: John Cameron
Producers: Agnetha Fältskog, Anders Neglin & Dan Strömkvist

The Greatest Man I Never Knew (Reba McEntire - 1992)
Writers: Richard Leigh & Layng Martine, Jr. 
Producers: Tony Brown & Reba McEntire

Happy listening. 

As possibly at least three of these songs may be new to voters, I’m hopeful people might take several days listening before casting their votes (and comments). 

And please, try not to tie your votes. Four songs – how hard can it be?

I’ll be back with the results next week.

For copying and pasting purposes: 

Adios (Linda Ronstadt)
Baby, Now That I’ve Found You (Alison Krauss) 
If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind (Agnetha Fältskog)
The Greatest Man I Never Knew (Reba McEntire)

Although it is the recordings above that are up for appraisal, here is some vision of the artists performing these songs….



John E

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All good but here's my order:

1. Agnetha 

2. Linda

3. Reba

4. Alison (good, but the Foundations defined the song for me).

Here's a couple of my favourite female songs from recent times):

1. LIly and Madeleine - Canterbury Girls:

(similar opening to Agnetha on this)! 

2. Georgia - Rebecca Reidtmann

(featuring my friend Tony Poole, who has played live with Nelson, Probyn and Scott):

Larry Franz

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Having listened enough to vote:

Gold -- Agnetha -- Considering the song and her singing. 
After the break-up of ABBA, Fältskog found some success as a solo artist in the 1980s, though she also generally became more solitary, avoiding outside publicity and residing on the Stockholm County island of EkeröFältskog stopped recording music for almost 17 years until she released a new album in 2004 [which included this week's song].

From the same album: "The End of the World"

Silver -- Alison -- Also considering the song and her singing.

Bronze -- Linda -- Great singer. Mediocre song.

Tin -- Reba -- I didn't like this at all, her singing or the song.

Two from Alison and Linda I posted one day last year (Reba will need to get support elsewhere):

Alison Krauss -- "All Alone Am I"

Linda Ronstadt -- "In My Room"

Al Forsyth

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This is a tough week!  Several more listens.  I have my number one. I think. 

Some ladies that I've heard (or tried to) in the past year:
Rose Cousins (last summer).  She opened for Patti Griffin
Heard Karla last week:
Heard twice this past year - incredible talent!!!
Heard in November:
Last year (this will make you cry)
Almost heard last week:
Just want to put this one up:

Don't want to

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Flaming Star

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After much deliberation my votes are in;

Gold - Reba McEntire

Silver - Alison Krause

Bronze - Agnetha Faltskog

Tin - Linda Ronstadt
Larry Franz

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Also after much deliberation, I'll probably use these videos next time I host. It just so happens both of these singers are women.

Kirsty MacColl -- "You Still Believe In Me"

Rumer -- "The Warmth of the Sun"

If you try to play them and they don't work, please pass that along. Thanks.

paul g adsett

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wondrous that you mention rose cousins, larry.
i co-promoted a brighton gig for her a few weeks back
at the greys down the hill.
my favourite little backstreet, corner pub venue.
only 60 tkts,
yet (or maybe because it's such an intimate space)
we attract top notch players.
rose is very very very good.
literally had me in tears
and, thanking her at the end,, i said so.
only after did i see a t shirt and badge in her merch.
that says
'rose cousins made me cry.'
and the badge is attached to the jacket I'm wearing right now...


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G Reba.  Never heard it before but I like it.

S Linda and the wall of Brians.  For the voice(s) not the song.

B Alison.  Prefer the original.

T Agnetha

It might be adios from me for a bit.... I'll see what I can manage on my overseas adventures.  Still here for a few more days.

Darren J. Ray

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Okay. Thanks very much to the first batch of voters - John E, Larry, Flaming Star and DAN. 

John E, I watched those two clips. Lily & Madeleine have been used in the Battle with 'Things I'll Later Lose'. 

Larry, Alison Krauss has such a pure voice. And 'All Alone Am I' has a long history. Beautiful song. And someone should tell Linda, or whomever is in charge of her YouTube channel, who actually wrote 'In My Room'!

Al, I watched or listened to all those clips. A couple of them shouldn't be hiding up the back of the class. Why not use them in a week? I liked the Nicole Atkins song and loved that clip -  clever and hilarious. I checked out some of her other clips too and liked what I heard. Looking forward to your votes and comments. 

Flaming Star, welcome to the game. Thanks for your votes and hoping you stick around. 

DAN, safe travels, mate. Hoping you 'drop in' whilst away.
John B

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the second time through, changed my voting order from the first time, so I am still not sure.  Hate changing order because of lyrics being a little too uh, upbeat (?) for me, okay, Agnetha's song is causing the trouble.   At her age, who would she be singing lyrics like that to?  Does anyone do this in real life?  I will listen a third time and vote later.
John B

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okay, sorry.  I want to vote now before I change my mind again.

1. Linda Ronstadt "Adios" 

the lyrics and Brians win the day.

this sounds funny, because she is a very venerable and respected singer.  But...I was thinking how Eddi Reader would have sung it a little better, with a tad less histrionics. 

2. Agneta Faltscog  "If I thought You'd Ever Change"

the details, just speaking for myself, seem younger than herself.  e.g., the jewel case and ribbons and bows, etc.  I mean, I appreciate the whole...(paraphrasing) slave/bottom begging for the dom thing.   But still.   a more mature person could upgrade the offerings, couldn't they?  I do think she sings it well.

3. Allison Krauss "Now that I found you, I can't let you go"  boomers know it like the back of their hand, but sounds trite to me.  Allison has just enough Emmylou Harris --I feel like this week will expose my poor spelling of names!  in her voice to beat out #4.

4. Reba McIntire "The Greatest Man I Never Knew"

would be sad if it were true, but I doubt it.  This is one of her best vocals, and I almost placed it higher.  But points off, I know unfair, because she looks and talks exactly like the more troubled side of my family...  (sorry, family)
Tom Tobben

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The first time I played each of these videos, I played the live performance by each artist. On subsequent playings, I listened to the official recorded album version. 

Gold -- "Baby, Now That I've Found You", Alison Krauss. I really liked the live version I saw/heard first with Krauss performing a lovely acoustic version with Union Station. But the studio version is quite good too. Interesting to hear her perform it as an acoustic pop song, rather than her usual bluegrass style. Quite nice. 

Silver -- "Adios", Linda Ronstadt with Brian. The first version I saw/heard above was the live version, which I thought was inferior and lacked the distinctive backing wordless vocals by Brian. The official studio version with Brian is excellent and Linda's lead vocals are gorgeous. I really miss Linda Ronstadt in recent years, since she retired a while back due to the effects of Parkinson's disease. 

Bronze -- "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind", Agnetha Faltskog. A lovely song that features her pure vocals and skips the shimmery glitz of her Abba years.

Tin -- "The Greatest Man I Never Knew", Reba McEntire. Though she's often though of as a legendary queen of country music, this is a lovely pop vocal, and it highlights her excellent voice and interpretive skills.

Though I generally tend toward the rock, blues, and R&B sides of popular music, all of these ladies are excellent vocalists and singing lovely pop songs in this week's battle. Nice set of selections, Darren.
Larry Franz

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in a similar vein (ones I might use)....

Dani Sheridan -- "Guess I'm Dumb"

Ali Smith and Steve Almaas -- "Lonely Sea"

MonaLisa Twins -- "God Only Knows"

And just because....

The Rumblers -- "Boss"

Al Forsyth

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Okay Darren, a near impossible group of lady-singer-artists and songs to differentiate but here goes.

GOLD - to Reba, the lady with one name!  I believe that she is a treasure in so many ways and when she does record - it's magical.  This one is from her sad album which followed the loss of her band and her voice has the sadness in it but when she hits that middle eight - wow!  IT was my clear Gold.
Here's the mama song (listen to the playing on this behind the vocal):
She was a top notch barrel racer in rodeo - the video won't show her justice but the pictures do:
Also. a Kennedy Center honoree:
Now it got difficult, some back and forth here. 

Silver - Linda.  Her voice and phrasing is what does it for me (and a little help from Brian in there).  I was always a BIG fan and did see her twice in concert from close up.  Like Emmylou, she always picked amazing players for her bands (Eagles, et al.).  She soars here.

Bronze - tough as I was flipping back and forth, and I really respect Allison Krauss, so she remakes the Foundations and makes it her own - in that whisper-ish voice.  That one chord change always gets me.  

Tin - sadly to Agnetha and a very good song and well sung.  I'm generally an Anni-Frid fan of the two vocalists but of course, hey, Broadway musicals and movies are made about their music.  
I brought this a few weeks ago in the religion week:
I never knew that Frida released this herself and then ABBA did:

Some sad and heartfelt songs done well by all.  Good choices, Darren.

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Larry Franz

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Fiona Apple and Jakob Dylan perform a not gorgeous "In My Room" from the Echo in the Canyon soundtrack (that's the new documentary about the Laurel Canyon/Los Angeles music scene).

From the same soundtrack:  Jakob Dylan and a quiet Neil Young do a lackluster "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times"

This one is much better:

Christine Bougie -- "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times"

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