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John B

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ha.   would like to hear Larry review the new Morrissey covers album.

one thing you gotta say, is he tends to be very faithful, at least the ones I heard, "Lady Willpower" by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap and "It's Over" by the Big O.
Al Forsyth

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Hey Larry and all:  as simply and beautifully stated as can be [angel]:

It was kind of the feature piece for the album/cd.  There was an intro only also.

And then, here's something else [cool]:

The Eagles and Linda Ronstadt:

More Linda:

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Darren J. Ray

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Thanks a lot to John B, Tom and Al for their considered votes and comments. 

John B, your candour and unique perspective is always appreciated.

Tom, thanks very much for checking out all the videos and your expansive thoughts.  

You may or may not know, Tony Macaulay, who co-wrote 'Baby, Now That I've Found You', is also responsible for some other pop gems, including 'Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)' (a Gold winner in Season IX), '(Blame it) On the Pony Express' (a Gold winner in Season II), 'Build Me Up Buttercup' (a Bronze winner in Season IV), '(Last Night) I Didn't Get to Sleep at All' and that Soul classic, 'Don't Give Up on Us' (a Gold winner in Season VI). 

Al, a lot in there and much appreciated. You obviously listened.

I did get your e-mail, but mine to you bounced back. Good luck with sorting it all out. 

Indeed, that middle eight of Reba's is spectacular. She's obviously genuine country. And, yep, 'Fancy' is another top record and performance. 

Re: that collaboration, my votes and comments have been ready since last week. Hope you get to see them. 

Re: 'Baby, Now That I've Found You', I presume that one chord you refer to is the B.

Roy Rogers used 'I Have a Dream' in his Week 45 of Season IV. Finished 7th in the Bronze Play-Off. 

I knew it was going to be 'Fernando' before I even hit the links. 

Agnetha or Frida? Ginger or Mary-Anne? 

I've always been partial to brunettes. 

Thanks for supporting the week. There wasn't really a theme. It was almost coincidence they were all outstanding female vocalists. I just tried to put together a week that would challenge all, and I hope I've achieved that. 


Al Forsyth

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The Prelude from Classics:

Mr. Macca may be proud:


A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Darren J. Ray

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This week I’ve served up some long overdue debutants, including a classic Brian Wilson associated song. 

Gold - If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind (Agnetha Fältskog - 2004)
Great to hear her familiar voice singing such a strong song. I love this more than any ABBA recording. Speaking of which, this song works as ‘The Winner Takes It All’ Part II. The whole thing sucks me in – the vulnerable vocal, the emotion of the lyrics, the incredible orchestration, particularly that foreboding cello. Haunting record. In truth, the arrangement is virtually no different from the two earlier versions, by Edwards Hands and Cilla Black, both produced by George Martin. There have been other covers too, but the song deserved a truly great singer. This time, it gets it. One of my bugbears is radio jocks and talking heads on ABBA specials totally mispronouncing her first name. Ahn-YET-ta. It’s really not that hard, folks. 

Silver - Baby, Now That I’ve Found You (Alison Krauss - 1995) 
This featured in the Australian movie The Castle, but I may have heard it before that. ABC Radio was playing it, and I would rush to hit the record button on the tape deck to get that intro. For a time, I was pretty much obsessed with this record. Such a different take on the original Foundations hit from 1967. You could hardly go wrong with this Tony Macaulay co-written standard, but I think Alison takes it to another level. Wiki says she’s currently won 27 Grammy Awards, ranking her third behind Quincy Jones (28) and classical conductor Georg Solti (31). 

Bronze - The Greatest Man I Never Knew (Reba McEntire - 1992)
That vocal and her range, especially in that bridge. The tear-jerking story, particularly that last verse. Another song I’ve played on ‘repeat’ for ages and would get my Gold in many weeks here. I remember the year this came out, standing in Brashs music store and witnessing a young woman asking the pretty girl who worked there for this song without knowing the proper title or the name of the singer. I was happy to help out. It’s a beautiful record and well written song. 

Participant - Adios (Linda Ronstadt - 1989)
Not a bad combination, is it? Linda, Jimmy Webb (composer and arranger) and Brian Wilson (on the backing harmonies). Both vocalists sound great. How good is that last head note of hers?

Found this on the internet. It’s an excerpt from Linda’s book Simple Dreams

When Peter Asher and I began to record the Cry Like a Rainbow album, our best collaboration, in my opinion.  Jimmy (Webb) wrote an orchestral arrangement for me of his wistful song “Adios,” with Brian Wilson singing the complex backing harmonies.  I had known Brian Wilson briefly in my Troubadour days, when he was separated for a time from his first wife.  He was always sweet and friendly, and never pressed any romantic agenda.  Several times I discovered him at my back door, studying a little pile of coins he held in his hand, which he said was ten or fifteen cents shy of the price for a bottle of grape juice.  He said it was important for him to drink grape juice in order to solve some health problem that was troubling him.  I would provide the remaining ten or fifteen cents, and we would climb into his huge convertible with the top always down, the back stuffed with a sizable accumulation of Brian’s dirty laundry.  As a bachelor, he seemed to have difficulty coping with domestic arrangements, so I would suggest a trip to the Laundromat, where we would fill an entire row of machines.  (I had a lot of quarters.)  Afterward we would sit in my living room, drink the grape juice, and listen to my small collection of Phil Spector records.  Brian really liked Phil Spector.

In the studio, under Brian’s direction, we recorded his harmony parts for “Adios” with five separate tracks of unison singing on each of the three parts, fifteen vocal tracks in all.  He didn’t seem concerned if some of the tracks veered slightly out of tune, but took advantage of the slight “chorused” effect it created when he came back into the control room to mix the harmony tracks into the creamy vocal smoothness instantly recognizable as the Beach Boys.

Brian was making up the harmonies as he went along, but sometimes, when he was having difficulty figuring out a complicated section, he would scold himself and say that he needed to work for a time at the piano.  However, when he sat down at the piano, he never played any part of “Adios,” but instead would play a boogie-woogie song, very loud in a different key.  After a few minutes of this he would go back to the microphone and sing the parts perfectly, without a trace of hesitation.

Alison and Robert Plant do the Everlys (Winner – Best Pop Collaboration at the 50th Grammy Awards), from Raising Sand.

Larry Franz

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John B -- I listened to a little of the new Morrissey album after seeing your comment. Someone gave it a one-star review. No comment.

Al -- Thanks for the two videos. I've been collecting Brian/Beach Boys covers the past couple weeks and have added them to my list.

Darren -- This isn't the first time your no-theme week seems to have had a theme. With only four videos, it's sometimes easy to see connections between them. This week it was real easy.

Jefferson Airplane -- "White Rabbit" but Grace Slick's vocal and nothing else

And since pictures of her were in the previous video:

Janis Joplin -- "Kozmic Blues"

David W

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My votes:

Gold - If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind (Agnetha Fältskog)

Silver- Baby, Now That I’ve Found You (Alison Krauss) 

Bronze - The Greatest Man I Never Knew (Reba McEntire)

Tin - Adios (Linda Ronstadt)

Agnetha and Frida singing some Beach Boys tunes and Frida demonstrating her operatic voice towards the end .

Cantina Margarita

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Hi Darren + all,

I really don't know which is the best song among the four ... but what is good, what is bad ... after all it depends on your taste and on the mood you're in. That's why I'm replacing “what's best“ by “what's most inspiring right now“. And that's how it works.

Adios (Linda Ronstadt)
The song features cantinas, margaritas, Pacific Coast highways and a lot of stacked Brians. And if that isn't inspiring for me - what am I doing here ? Here's my favourite stacked Brians track.

If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind (Agnetha Fältskog)
It needs a real good song like Linda's to surpass the great diva of “roces“ and “musick“ for me. Also, the mistress of tearful imagination what could have been and what might have or not have happened. Here's what I'm on about:

Baby, Now That I’ve Found You (Alison Krauss)
inspires me to retry some serious guitar picking which I know I'm able to do but which is buried under too much (monkey) business.

Darren, something for your set maybe ?

The Greatest Man I Never Knew (Reba McEntire)
Heureka ! After 24 years (ore more) I found out who the f*ck is Alice.

Larry, you brought up some great female versions of Brianista songs. Here's one l badly need to add.

These campfire versions, I think, are very helpful for really appreciating the whole greatness of the original. And I'm really glad YT is now hosting this after years of struggle.

Sweden is out of the Skoda Cup at Bratislava, losing to Finland on quarter finals. This might contribute to their rehabilitation.

Cheers and thank you for the musick
bonnie bella

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Right out of time this week, so I'm going to review these songs extra succinctly. 

GOLD - Alison. Coverageastic

SILVER - Agnetha. Floralastic

BRONZE - Linda. Brianastic 

TIN - Reba - Elastic (getting to the end felt like forever)


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery


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All nice ballads ... changed mind a few times

Gold: The Greatest Man I Never Knew (Reba McEntire) ... like the lyrics.  Hard to believe Laying Martine Jr who had a novelty hit with 'Rub It In' was a co-writer
Silver: If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind (Agnetha Fältskog) Probably lack of airplay killed this song. Also the fact the dee jays still struggle to say her name correctly
Bronze: Baby, Now That I’ve Found You (Alison Krauss) Prefer this over the 'hit version'.
Tin: Adios (Linda Ronstadt)  Could have been bronze or silver ...

Verden McCutcheon

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  season10 week14..

              1)Linda Ronstadt...Brian's vocals gives it a nice touch

              2)Alison Krauss.....Very easy to digest

              3)Agnetha Faltskog….nice comeback song from ex -Abba member

              4)Reba McEntyre…..This is a good song but out of the  four I would play it less if I had them on my play list.

                                                     found it very hard to choose Darren !!!!
paul g adsett

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bravo for feeding us some female contenders.

too few get a look in.

all meritable.

gold: ‘adios’

a combination of

a voice i admire,

a writer i admire,

a backing vocalist i…


you get the picture.


but, somehow it doesn’t ultimately add up to the tour de force it could’ve been.

silver: ‘baby now that i've found you’

the foundations’ version is a vivid, lasting trigger that evokes early clubbing evenings,

hanging out with language students

(learning assorted ways of addressing would be sweethearts in assorted languages…).

this version doesn’t reach  the heights of that chart hit,

but proves what an accomplished song it is,

by allowing another artist to work it her way.

i own up, however, to enjoying ms krauss’s more


bronze: if i thought you’d ever change your mind’

a well-crafted song.

a well-rendered recording by an instantly recognisable voice.

i’m quite partial to this,

but i wouldn’t play it often.


tin: ‘the greatest man I never knew’

not the greatest song in this week’s bunch.

not a voice i really get into.

apologies if this is raggedy
- seeking a signal onboard a boat floating somewhrre down the danube.#

Larry Franz

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Originally Posted by Cantina Margarita

Larry, you brought up some great female versions of Brianista songs. Here's one l badly need to add.
These campfire versions, I think, are very helpful for really appreciating the whole greatness of the original. And I'm really glad YT is now hosting this after years of struggle.

Cantina -- Thanks for sharing this! I had seen the Polly Tones Smile around but didn't know Polly Tones is an act. I thought it was maybe a made up name for a woman named Polly, like "Harold Sounds". [smile]

From Wikipedia:

Polly Tones is an acoustic Swedish duo consisting of Malin Dahlgren (vocals) and Viktor Näslund (guitar). Their music can be described as experimental acoustic pop with romantic and folk overtones....

Malin and Viktor met in their small home town of Umeå, Northern Sweden. They collaborated under several different names before finally adopting their permanent identity as the Polly Tones. In 2008, the duo moved to London and have been living there since....

- Polly Tones are also known for their well received cover of Brian Wilson's SMiLE using just Malin's voice and Viktor's guitar. Music journalist Paul Lester described it as: "in conception and execution, [it] is a work of genius. It's amazing."

Polly Tones -- "God Only Knows"

and "In My Room" although it's not Brian's.

PS:  I've been listening to their Smile. They did a great job on it, although they couldn't make it as beautiful as the original or Brian's. But who else could?

Lisa G/TS

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This really was a tough week to decide, so don't take anything too personally - could easily flip flop a couple:

GOLD -- Linda Ronstadt, Adios -- I'll generally echo D.A.N.'s comments and throw in a "Muy Bueno" to it and a "Bon Voyage" for his travels.

SILVER -- Reba McEntire, The Greatest Man I Never Knew -- This was hovering a little lower, as she does a lot of more powerhouse performances. However, in spite of the softer, more mellow offering, she does have some good vocal control in it. Hadn't heard any other version of it either, so it inched ahead of..

BRONZE -- Alison Krauss, Baby, Now That I Found You -- She was scrapping it out with Ms. McEntire for who gets which of the middle awards! While I would tend to prefer the original version by The Foundations, this is a decent Bluegrass-y take and I just might come back to it now and again. BTW, I have a friend named Alison - same spelling - who gets a little irked if her name is spelled "wrong", i.e.  Alli-, Ally-, Aly-, or any of the alternates. Wonder if Ms. Krauss has the same issue?

PEWTER/TIN -- Ahn-YET-ta Faltskog, If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind -- Guilty as charged! All those years ago and up to now, wasn't sure - and too busy to research - if the "g" or any other consonants were silent, so thanks for the clarification, Darren! Wasn't she given the nickname "Anna" back in their heyday? That might explain that. Funny I found Frida, the only Norwegian-bjorn...uh in the quartet more interesting anyway. I'll agree with Tom and others this is a nice departure from stereotyped ABBA, although as John B indicated, the lyrics might fit better with a younger songbird in her 20s or 30s, not 50-something if this was cut and released around 2004. It's a little frustrating that way, but someone had to come last to avoid copping out with tie votes. 

Thanks for a challenging week! 

"Stay-cation for the Nation", "Crush that Curve"
Cindy Hood

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I'm getting in at the very last minute!

Gold:  Adios (Linda Ronstadt). Very pretty song and I've always loved Linda's voice.

Silver:  Baby, Now That I’ve Found You (Alison Krauss) - I really liked the original song (can't remember the artist now) and I like this cover of it very much, too.

Bronze:  If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind (Agnetha Fältskog).  This is a new one on me and it's pretty good.

Tin: The Greatest Man I Never Knew (Reba McEntire).  The song is good, but I never like Reba's music.

Good week, Darren!  I'm glad you reminded me to vote because I totally thought I had already voted this week.  Duh!

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
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