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Darren J. Ray

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Thanks a lot to the remainder of voters - David, Cantina, bonnie, stkilda4ever, Verden, Paul, Lisa and Cindy. 

David, Wikipedia tells us that 'If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind' went to #11 on the UK chart in 2004. Also, thanks for that clip. 

Cantina, I reckon I could've picked your order and, mate, how great is 'I Was a Flower'? I've listened to it four times in a row so far. From A (2013). Definitely one for the collection. And thank you for the Polly Tones clip, too. 

stkilda4ever, glad you liked them. I never heard the Agnetha track on Australian radio. It's a pity you couldn't have influenced the bleeding program directors. Their loss. And thanks for the trivia info. Well picked out. 

Verden, glad you liked them, mate. 

Paul, 'tis true. Few female vocalists get a guernsey in the Battle and even fewer make play-offs. Hopefully, this changes it a fraction. Always look forward to your honest and insightful comments, pro or con. 

Lisa, thanks for your comments, too. Re: the pronounciation of 'Agnetha', it's easily enough sourced these days via the internet. Australians really have no excuse. ABBA was HUGE here (and seemingly in the UK) in the mid to late '70s, and there were plenty of TV shows where they were interviewed. When the bogan and the cosmopolitan worlds collide, the results can sometimes be cringeworthy!

And, yes, Frida rocked!

Cindy, you've listed two Silvers but no mention of a tie, so I'll presume it was a typo and have recorded it as such. If you meant it, please let me know. 

Okay, the polling booth has closed. 

Darren J. Ray

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Here are the results for the week…

Gold - Adios (Linda Ronstadt - 1989) (44)
(6G, 4S, 2B, 4T)

Silver - Baby, Now That I’ve Found You (Alison Krauss - 1995) (42) 
(2G, 7S, 6B, 1T)

Bronze - If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind (Agnetha Fältskog - 2004) (41)
(4G, 4S, 5B, 3T)

Tin - The Greatest Man I Never Knew (Reba McEntire - 1992) (33)
(4G, 1S, 3B, 8T)

Aggregate: 160

Thanks again to the 16 voters.

And thanks very much to stkilda4ever for being my scrutineer. 

Eleven points separating first and last makes it the second closest week we’ve had so far this season.

These are the closest weeks between first and last so far in all seasons:

Season I 
Week 43 (6 points) (Pete Simpson)

Season II 
Week 22 (10) (Deborah O'Neill)
Week 27 (6) (Karate Worm)
Week 39 (10) (Al Forsyth)

Season IV
Week 11 (7) (Deb#1)
Week 30 (9) (snoops71)

Season V
Week 9 (7) (Cindy Hood)
Week 11 (8) (Tom Tobben)
Week 36 (10) (t Bedford)

Season VI
Week 5 (10) (Tom Tobben)
Week 18 (7) (Tom Tobben)
Week 30 (5.5) (paul g adsett)

Season VII
Week 11 (5.5) (Tom Tobben)

Season VIII
Week 20 (8) (Darren J. Ray)

Season IX
Week 13 (4) (D.A.N)
Week 24 (10) (Larry Franz)
Week 28 (10) (Cindy Hood)

Season X
Week 12 (9) (Darren J. Ray)

D.A.N’s week was: 

Week 13
Gold - Hasta Morir (live) (Super Ratones - 2006) (37)
Silver - Sólo Dios Sabe (Charly García and Pedro Aznar - 1991) (35)
Bronze - La deg løftes av musikk(Trygve Thue - 1994) (35)
Tin - Kleines Surfer Girl (Die Strandjungs - circa 1993) (33)

Three points separating Gold and Bronze is also rare. 

These are the tightest margins between first and third so far: 

Season I
Week 15 (5 points) (Verden McCutcheon)
Week 22 (5) (David Wilson)
Week 27 (4.5) (Lisa Graham)
Week 43 (5) (Pete Simpson)

Season II
Week 4 (4) (Joy B)
Week 9 (5) (Verden McCutcheon)
Week 12 (4.5) (Darren J. Ray)
Week 21 (5) (David Wilson)

Season III
Week 34 (4) (Deb#1)
Week 38 (3) (Cantina Margarita)
Week 40 (4.5) (Tom Tobben)

Season IV
Week 3 (4) (Tom Tobben)
Week 11 (2) (Deb#1)
Week 30 (3) (snoops71)
Week 37 (4) (Darren J. Ray)

Season V
Week 31 (4) (Verden McCutcheon)

Season VI
Week 18 (5) (Tom Tobben)
Week 30 (3.5) (paul g adsett)

Season VII
Week 11 (3) (Tom Tobben)

Season VIII
Week 20 (2) (Darren J. Ray)

Season IX
Week 8 (2) (paul g adsett)
Week 11 (1.5) (Darren J. Ray)
Week 13 (2) (D.A.N)
Week 19 (3) (Tom Tobben)
Week 24 (3) (Larry Franz)
Week 38 (3.5) (Deb#1)
Week 43 (4) (Tom Tobben)
Week 45 (1) (MaryNYS)

Season X
Week 14 (3) (Darren J. Ray)

MaryNYS’s week was: 

Week 45
Gold - Christmasey (Brian Wilson - 2005) (42)
Silver - I’ll Be Home for Christmas (The Beach Boys - 1964) (41)
Bronze - What I Really Want for Christmas (Brian Wilson - 2005) (41)
Tin - Santa Claus is Comin' to Town (The Beach Boys - 1964) (26)

‘Adios’ was just the second entry for Linda Ronstadt. 

‘A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes’ won the Tin in Week 44 of Season I (Cynthia D. Hood). 

They were the debut entries for Agnetha Fältskog, Alison Krausse and Reba McEntire. 

ABBA has had four entries. 

Their record:

I Have a Dream (a Bronze in Week 45 of Season IV, 7th in Bronze Play-Off - Roy Rogers),
I'm a Marionette (a Tin in Week 21 of Season VII - Cantina Margarita),
Dum Dum Diddle (a Tin in Week 32 of Season VIII - Lisa G/TS),
Happy New Year (a Tin in Week 45 of Season VIII - Darren J. Ray)

‘The Greatest Man I Never Knew’ was a polariser with 12 of the 16 voters placing it either first or last. Its four Golds were the most for a Tin so far this year and highest since ‘Blue Monday’ (New Order) also scored four Golds in Week 41 last season (bonnie bella). 

‘If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind’ (Bronze) and ‘The Greatest Man I Never Knew’ (Tin) look very likely for their play-offs. 

If the Agnetha record was to win its play-off, both it and the two songs that beat it this week would progress. 

This week is now closed. 

Please continue to support our hosts. 

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