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Larry Franz

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Two other songs for Brian:

John Cale -- "Mr. Wilson"

The Queers -- "Brian Wilson"

The Bobby Fuller Four -- "Julie" (1966)

Fountains of Wayne -- "Richie and Ruben" (2011)

They opened up a bar called Living Hell
Right from the start it didn't go too well
They didn't have the vibe or quite the [pause] 
Right clientele

Gem Club -- "Polly" (2014)

Watching girls in the air can really get you bad.
John B

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okay, I can do this now.  Happy almost US birthday.   by the way, I sort of get the US soccer woman's lifted pinky and drinking tea 'troll' after score.  sort of.   But...what was the explanation for the English one before that, with fingers circled around both eyes like a ...see through mask?   don't understand that one.  Maybe because despite the Welsh I am told sir-name, I am more American than British.

(4).  so.

Mika "Grace Kelly" (why don't you like him, why don't you like him, why don't you like him, why don't you like him?).

I suspect it's MUCH more than a little Freddie he tried.   maybe add a little Tiny Tim.   kind of ...over here we say Broadway show tunes, I think over there, you say, 'English music hall.'  Reminds a little of Malcolm McDowell with top hat and cane, pretending to be violent in 'Clockwork Orange.'  Reminds me that I have never seen the film "Rocky Horror Picture Show'.   Not the worst song I ever heard, but very safely 4th in this contest.


St. Etienne "Stevie"

I forget which song on 'Sweet Insanity' part of this supposedly morphed into.  Was it 'Someone to Love' or...'Making me Hotter' maybe?  gotta be one of those that I never play.  This is okay, especially the middle part which sounds just a little bit like the verses in the Turtles' song "Eleanor." a rather long instrumental passage ends the song, without payoff. 

Then, we come to the two songs I love, which are absolute classics.


Barenaked Ladies, "Brian Wilson."

not offended by the straight jacket.  the song references the Brian Wilson legend, which is a matter of public record.  It makes a good extended metaphor for these Canadian fellows' angst and traumas in the name of art.  Like the part about 'Smiley Smile.'  of course, like the part about having to sing 'Fun Fun Fun' no matter how you really feel.   Wonderful, sincere song.  They reference the Brian Wilson legend and 'artistic' struggle, very well, don't they?


gold, though, goes to First Aid Kit (what a terrible group name!) and "(I'll Be your) Emmy Lou."  they must have been listening to 'Hickory Wind' and then, the live 'Love Hurts' and so forth.  Love the songwriting, lyrics, melody--original, and harmonies.   absolutely great song!! 

Larry Franz

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In honor of America's Independence Day, some American history:

Little Richard -- "Lucille"

Chuck Berry -- "Brenda Lee"

Eddie Cochrane -- "Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie"

Buddy Holly -- "Bo Diddley"

Ritchie Valens -- "Donna"

Randy & the Rainbows -- "Denise"

The Beach Boys -- "Wendy"

Chuck Berry -- "Jo Jo Gunne" (it's hard to keep up without the words)

It was in ancient history, four thousand BC
Back up in the jungle in a coconut tree
Hangin' on a branch up under the sun
Was a meddlesome monkey named Jo Jo Gunne
Old Leo the lion came down from the mountain
To get a drink of water from the jungle fountain
Jo Jo the monkey started telling him jive
About the elephant who was going to skin him alive
Leo tried to reach and grab Jo Jo's tail
Got mad and went roaring through the jungle trail
He ran upon an elephant beneath a tree
And said, "Put up your dukes, you got to tussle with me"
An old eagle from Asia made a non stop flight
Trying to make it in time, just to see them fight
A crocodile phoned and reversed the charge
Coming all the way from India on a local barge
Old gorilla heard them talking in the lion's den
But Jo Jo bet him three bucks the elephant wins
Jo Jo yelled at Leo,"Go on, knock him down
He don't outweigh you but a thousand pounds"
Leo left wailing with a left upper cut
The elephant took his snoot and grabbed a coconut
Leo fired a beautiful short back cross
That's when the coconut landed up against his jaw
Leo grew tired, but he wouldn't give in
The elephant all loose, beat his jawbone in
The buzzard said, they fought furious all day
He couldn't understand how Leo got away
Jo Jo running everywhere, spreading the news
To the zebras and the leopards and the kangaroos
A hoot owl reported everything he saw
Had his eyes wide open, they called it a draw
Leo limping back with his jawbone bruised
Jo Jo in the trees started singing the blues
Laughing, meddling, jumping up and down
Until his foot missed a limb and he fell to the ground
Just like a bolt of thunder and a streak of heat
Leo covered Jo Jo with all four feet
Jo Jo was screamin' with tears in his eyes
Said," Please Mr. Leo, I apologize"
Said, "If you let my feet upon solid ground
I'll fight you close range, fifteen rounds"
Leo got back to the square of the fight
Jo Jo took a leap and jumped, out of sight

Watching girls in the air can really get you bad.
Darren J. Ray

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Thanks a lot to Al and John B for your votes and comments. 

Al, I can certainly relate to your comments. Glad you enjoyed the songs. 

I did consider 'Buddy Holly' for this week. But seeing as you'd used 'Brian Wilson' and 'Buddy Holly' in the same week in the past, I dismissed that idea. Also, I'm not big on the song. 

By the way, how's your e-mail? 

I haven't received anything from you since a few weeks back. I did send you an e-mail last night, but it failed. 

John B, it's obvious you and Al really took your time and listened to these four tracks, and I'm very grateful. I try to make these battles difficult but pleasurable. 

It's 'My Diane' that 'Stevie' morphs into. 

Darren J. Ray

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Gold - Emmylou (First Aid Kit - 2012)
One of my favourite records so far this century. Irresistible. I play this track to friends and invite them to guess where these sisters come from. Ethereal two-part harmony meshed with folk/bluegrass. This is another song I regularly play through the PA system at the end of the night; usually and appropriately after a duo with my female partner.

Silver - Grace Kelly (Mika - 2007)
Instantly an earworm. Doesn’t have a great shelf life, but neither does an apple turnover pumped up with cream, and who doesn’t like one of those? It’s grandiose power pop. The guy has a wicked switchover from chest voice to head voice and into falsetto. Comparisons with Mr Mercury are unavoidable and the ‘cameo’ is eerie. The Raspberries would be proud of that turnaround chord near the end. This was a major, major hit in just about every country except the US. What happened? (I would’ve liked to have showcased this track with an official release YouTube clip sanctioned by UMG but, alas, not in the UK, US or Canada. The sound isn’t as great on this clip, but we do get a well-directed video.)

Bronze - Stevie (Saint Etienne - 2000)
One of the many delights (see below) from Caroline Now! which a kindly Blueboarder sent me several years ago. I like the ‘My Diane’ outro too. One wonders what Ms Nicks thought of Brian’s adoration.

Participant - Brian Wilson (Barenaked Ladies - 1992)
I was disappointed when I first got to hear this. The lyrics are too inaccessible. His voice doesn’t appeal to me. Sure, it moves along, but if it was called something else, I’d doubt we’d have ever heard of it. I laughed when I read about Brian meeting these guys and parting with the words, “Don’t eat too much”. It’s so Brian.

Far and away the best track, at least for me, on Caroline Now! is this gorgeous piece….

(a Silver in Week 12 of Season VI, 9th in Silver Play-Off - Darren J. Ray)

When I was putting this week together, I discovered this. Not bad…

This is better, but I didn’t want to use any songs with titles that were any more than the name of the singer lest we be barraged with 'theme' songs. Hats off to whoever had the idea to call the band ‘Veruca Salt’ and the album Eight Arms to Hold You. Brilliant; the connection, of course, being Roy Kinnear. Beatles fans, join the dots!

This was Grace Kelly’s only gold record…

Al Forsyth

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The Bananas are back:

Darren - songs later tonight and a new email.

I can't get Emmylou out of head this week - on my 4th of July motorcycle ride.  
How's everyone's summer going - on top of the equator?

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
bonnie bella

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Darren, what kind of week do you call this? Where is David Soul? William Shakespeare? How come these songs fit together in some kind of loose but readily apparent motif??

Anyway, four great songs this week that I really enjoyed.

GOLD - First Aid Kit. They don't sound Swedish, but that element of perfection is there that the Swedes are so good at. This is utterly beautiful and I just loved the live version to the real Emmylou that Al posted. This could play on repeat anytime at my house. Gorgeous.

SILVER - St Etienne. Not your ordinary pop tune. This is another gorgeous creation and I love it.

BRONZE - Mika. This is a fun song and at the time I was interested in what this guy could produce because of that vocal ability. This was a fun, high energy song when it came out in a fairly grunge heavy era, and it was played a lot here. I liked it a lot and had actually forgotten it had existed until hearing it again. That girl in the clip is a real cutie.

TIN - Barenaked Ladies. I expected this to be a different song. This one was more of a disappointment. Even so, it's pretty cool, it just doesn't cut in in this line-up.

Here's an Australian one in honour of our host. I did consider the great W. Shakespeare, but he's had his turn here before.

Thanks, Darren.

(Deb, your view is amazing!)


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

bonnie bella

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Just listening to Ritchie and Ruben that Larry posted. That is a hard case song. I like it.

One more, a favourite of mine.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Larry Franz

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Old ones:  

The Everly Brothers -- "Claudette" (1957) Written by Roy Orbison for his wife Claudette; it was the flip side of "All I Have To Do Is Dream".

Roy's version from 1965 after he and Claudette were divorced (no sense in wasting a good song):

Not as old:

Nick Lowe -- "Marie Provost" (1978)

Not old:

Girls -- "Laura" (2009)

Watching girls in the air can really get you bad.
Tom Tobben

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Earlier in the week, I thought I'd have difficulty sorting out my top two and my lower two, but after some more listens my rankings became clear:

Gold -- "Emmylou", First Aid Kit. What a lovely song made that much more powerful by the musical legacy of its subject and by those lovely harmonies, just as the real Emmylou has been such a distinctive harmony/duet singer, especially in those early years. Like some others here, it was longtime blueboarder friend Pete Simpson who insisted to me that I check out this group and song back in 2012, which I did and totally enjoyed. It was nice to see this song reintroduced to us by Darren in this week's battle. Al, I have to repeat myself, that live video of First Aid Kit singing "Emmylou" in front of its real namesake was quite a touching treat to watch and see performed live.  

Silver -- "Brian Wilson", Barenaked Ladies. This iconic nugget about Brian Wilson during his down years brings back some great memories of when I first discovered this group early on. I tried out their debut studio album, Gordon, and loved it, and I've been a fan ever since, owning several more BNL albums. Besides this fun song, that album also featured the BNL nuggets "If I Had $1,000,000", "Be My Yoko Ono", "Hello City", "What A Good Boy", and a number of other decent songs. For the early 1990s, these Canadian guys were quite original and refreshing to hear. 

Not having been nearly as familiar with the remaining two songs, it took a number of listens for me to sort out these two:

Bronze -- "Grace Kelly", Mika. At first, I thought this song would be my tin choice, but the song caught on with me after a few listens. It's a catchy tune, and at times when he's flexing his vocal chops, the lead singer and the song reminds me of Freddy Mercury's verbal stylings. It's surprising to me that this song never caught on in the US a decade ago, but that's one of the joys of our weekly BOTBs -- finding good artists and songs we've not previously been exposed to.

Tin -- "Stevie", St. Etienne. Even though it's a Brian Wilson song, this song and artist never quite caught on with me this week. Perhaps it's the lack of vocal dynamics and harmonies that are so common in Brian Wilson's better songs, or maybe the muddy vocal clarity, but this song never really grabbed me, even after listening to it multiple times.

Good battle, Darren, and nice to see some different artists and relatively recent songs (i.e., post 1980s and 21st century) featured this week.
Larry Franz

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A few more I want to share before this week winds down (most are from the time we did "Girls"):

Bo Diddley's "Mona (I Need You Baby)" from 1957

and the excellent Rolling Stones cover from 1964

Marshall Crenshaw -- "Mary Anne" from Marshall Crenshaw (2005)

Fountains of Wayne -- "Denise" from Utopia Parkway (1999)

The uncredited Jimmy Bryant (not Richard Beymer) -- "Maria" from West Side Story  (1961)

Finally, Randy Rainbow suggests that "Covfefe" might be a girl's name in "Covfefe: A Broadway Medley" (2017)

PS:  One more from Marshall Crenshaw: "Girls..."

Watching girls in the air can really get you bad.
Al Forsyth

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Marie Laveau - be prepared for the "scream"
If you haven't seen the film Yesterday yet, please do:

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
David W

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My votes :

Gold :Grace Kelly (Mika)

Silver :Brian Wilson (Barenaked Ladies)

Bronze :Stevie (Saint Etienne)

Tin : Emmylou (First Aid Kit)

Had to be those in foreign parts "chip shop" is a takeway selling fried fish or sausages and french fries 😉


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Gold: Grace Kelly (Mika) Love it! A clear Gold for me.
Silver: Brian Wilson (Barenaked Ladies) Don't know much about this group ... but I think it best not to google this band 
Bronze: Emmylou (First Aid Kit) This group makes for a safer google search.  Don't recall their recording of 'St John Ambulance'

Tin: Stevie (Saint Etienne) Interesting ... only about 1 mins of vocal then instrumental

Verden McCutcheon

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     Season 10 Week 20..Songs about People. DJR

                1) this song

                2)Brian Wilson..Canadian guys really delving into the Brian Wilson story

                3)Stevie....has the pet Sounds thing going but still doesn't knock me over

                4)Grace Kelly...beautiful lady deserves a better song than this imo…

                                               interesting Darren !!!
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