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Darren J. Ray

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Thanks very much to the latest batch of voters - bonnie, Tom, David, stkilda4ever and Verden. 

bonnie, I searched and searched for a David Soul song with a singer's name as the title.

Don't give up on me, baby. I'll try to stick a Soul classic or a Shakespearean tragedy into my next battle.  

There's been some love for Mika and 'Grace Kelly' this time around. It grabs you eventually like classic pop should, which is why I encouraged people not to vote early if they didn't already know it. 
And, yes, she's a cutie. It's a great clip. 

Tom, as always, thank you for your repeated listening and your extensive comments and the three BNL clips. 

stkilda4ever, I did the Google test. It's safe. 

Looking forward to the last lot of votes and comments. 

Happy Birthday, John E. [wave]
Cantina Margarita

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Weeeelll ...

... things we need to have said today ...

Happy birthday John E. !

Huge congrats to the U.S. team for making their 4th win at the Women's Soccer World Cup in Lyon, France. Although, I confess, I was strictly partial to our dear neighbours, the Netherlands, I grant them every bit of their success at that great team sports event. I know I'm not quite like I should be, but in this case, I'm North American at heart. That means, hockey is for the great boys, and soccer is for the great girls. Clearly not the other way round.

What needs to be voted:

Grace Kelly
He gets me, doing a little Freddie with a ka-ching. There were times when I would have voted for him instead of Adam Lambert, at the Queen singer elections.

Brian Wilson
Likeable. It's best when trying to switch off my English knowledge. Or trying to think about sports again.

Imagining Judith Durham on lead, does a lot for it.

Can't do anything with it.

No time to read back to check if this has already been posted. Another kind of big girls, and a huge hit here, too. Having it twice can be no damage.


paul g adsett

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from a pub garden,
where the maverick festival aftershow party is about to begin.
late sun streaming across the stage.
a very fine weekend,
with plenty of friends,
numerous americana musicians,
already known and new
(check out the brother brothers, my new found favourites!).
our sweet('n'feisty) nashville/ muscle shoals friend hannah aldridge
is soundchecking.
no space / time to expand upon my choices...

gold: 'emmylou'
- perfectly fits me the mood of this weekend.
i love this band (now has a member from sunny brighton)
and was turned onto them some years back
by the scots artist whose
(now slightly pongy) t shirt i'm wearing.

silver: 'brian wilson'
- dunno who they're singing about,
but it's lovingly done with a keen wit.
like them as a live act, but not anything i'd listen to on record much.

bronze: 'grace kelly'
- not sure.

tin: 'stevie'
- ok.
not sure...

(and apologies,
our cornwall sojourn precluded participation last week) .

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Gold – Grace Kelly (Mika)
  D.A.N, This one surprised me, too.  I had ‘Grace Kelly’ pegged at a tin the first time through.  I wasn’t sure I liked the video that went with it either, but I even got to like that.  I guess the old ladies bringing in food and then dancing away made me pause.

 Silver – Emmylou (First Aid Kit)
  The First Aid Kit tight vocal harmony is very good; it’s a good timey melody and well played. Initially I thought it was the best here. But it then faded into a pleasant but ordinary country folk song compared to the energy of ‘Grace Kelly’. 

Bronze – Brian Wilson (Barenaked Ladies)
  When Barenaked Ladies stands alone, I like ‘Brian Wilson’ very much. This was the one I knew from the start. I did watch the Big Bang Theory and that led me to it.  But when paired against the top tier, the vocal and lyrics make it, but the music seems rougher and just not as polished.  

Tin – Stevie (Saint Etienne)
  What happened to the rest of the song?  It seems half of the lyrics are gone.  I do not dislike electronic music at all, and I find the long second half to be boring. It leaves me flat.  Stopping shortly after the vocal or continuing with rest of the vocal with a shorter finish would improve the song immensely. 

There were many good music videos posted this week. I thought about this one for a while:

Happy, Birthday, John E.
Noteworthy selections, Darren.
(bonnie, yes it is a great view. Canada is about 50 miles away across the water.)

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It's the only thing that there's just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No, not just for some but for everyone.”


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It was a pretty close vote again for me but yes it was the 'Freddie' that pushed Mika up a bit.   Interesting that a few others had similar thoughts.

I was at a cafe on the weekend with my brother and they were playing 60/70s music over the speakers.  At one point we were talking about Bee Gees and soon after that, 'Spicks and Specks' came on.
Then I, half jokingly, said "Siri*, play Brian".

Next song was this...


* Now, I don't think 'Siri' actually heard me.  Pretty sure it was a Spotify playlist or something and it was quite possible that there would be a Beach Boys song in there somewhere.
Darren J. Ray

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OK, thanks very much to the last lot of voters - Cantina, Paul & Deb. 

Cantina, thanks for the Mika clip. Wasn't aware of it. There was a Queen vocal election? I missed it. 

I can relate to the Judith Durham comment. I'm a devotee too. 

Here she is, performing 'The Olive Tree'. I saw her do this again, twice, in 2013...

Paul, many thanks for posting from the party. 

For everyone's listening pleasure...

Deb, I'm with you. The energy of 'Grace Kelly' is infectious in the best way. I played it countless times this past week.  

The polling booth has closed its door. 

Results on the way....
Darren J. Ray

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Here are the results for the week…

Gold - Emmylou (First Aid Kit - 2012) (46)
(9G, 1S, 3B, 1T)

Silver - Brian Wilson (Barenaked Ladies - 1992) (36)
(1G, 9S, 1B, 3T)

Bronze - Grace Kelly (Mika - 2007) (34)
(4G, 2S, 4B, 4T)

Tin - Stevie (Saint Etienne - 2000) (24)
(0G, 2S, 6B, 6T)

Aggregate: 140

Thanks again to the 14 voters.

And thanks very much to D.A.N for being my scrutineer.

It was the debut entry for First Aid Kit.

‘Emmylou’ received seven Golds from the first eight voters and had a percentage of 37.50. Of the last six voters, four gave their Gold to ‘Grace Kelly’, with only the remaining two going to ‘Emmylou’. It finished with 32.86%.

It was the second time around for ‘Brian Wilson’ and Barenaked Ladies.

It won the Gold in Week 33 of Season VI (Al Forsyth).

Last time, it scored 74 points and 32.17% from 23 voters.

This time, it scored 36 and 25.71 from 14 voters.

It received just the one Gold but nine Silvers.

It was the debut entry for Mika.

‘Grace Kelly’ received no Golds from the first eight voters and then four Golds from the last six voters.

It was the debut entry for ‘Stevie’ and Saint Etienne.

Both ‘Emmylou’ and ‘Grace Kelly’ are outside chances of making play-offs.

Please continue to support our hosts. 


John B

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yea!  happy for First Aid Kit! (and the U.S. women's soccer team)

btw: thanks for explanation, regarding 'Stevie' (with the synthesizer bit from 'My Diane' at 2 min.), I recognized that.  I was confusing 'Stevie' not with the great song 'My Diane', but with the lessor one 'Sweetie' (and...'Love Ya'?).  my only excuse in this confusion was ...colonoscopy & EGD.
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