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Jersey Shore

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I see that some here are upset at the Academy Awards snubbing Love and Mercy.

Having Love and Mercy get an Oscar would have been nice, but as an artistic award, the Oscar ain't.

Rex Reed wrote a great piece about the Oscars back in 1967 or 1968 and explained how they work. (It was in one of his books.) Only members of the Academy can vote - and many times they're motivated by guilt, movie politics, sentimentality, or just plain stupidity - not necessarily artistic merit.

One of his examples: a director who should have won for best director didn't. Why not? Because that director did his own editing, which pissed off all the Academy members who were film editors, so they didn't vote for him for best director. (Movie politics.)

Another Reed example: in 1967, Camelot won for best costuming. As Reed pointed out, Bonnie and Clyde - which only started a fashion revolution - was ignored. (Double-breasted suits came back into style as a direct result of that movie, for example.) (Stupidity)

One year, The Oscars inadvertently admitted their stupidity by featuring a song-and-dance called, "Not Even Nominated" which listed all the songs that weren't even nominated for best song. ("Goldfinger", "Hard Days Night", "Blue Hawaii", "To Sir With Love", "Everybody's Talkin'" to mention a few.)

Reed also mentions that one actress got an award because she really deserved it for a role a few years earlier but didn't get it. (Guilt)

Louis B. Meyer used to pressure Academy members to wrote for MGM films that were doing bad at the box office.

The Golden Globes are even worse. In 1982 Pia Zadora was voted "New Star of the Year". The voters were allegedly bribed by Pia's millionaire husband. Anybody here follow Pia's fabulous career?

This isn't sour grapes. It would been cool if L&M had been recognized, but its no big deal that it wasn't. Remember, "Winchester Cathedral" beat out "Good Vibrations" at the Grammies in 1967.

Anybody been to see the New Vaudeville Band lately? Can your kids or grandkids whistle "Winchester Cathedral?"

Good news: Time magazine named the 10 best film performances of 2015:

5. Paul Dano - L&M
6. Elizabeth Banks - L&M

Best to you all!

- Jersey Shore


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Very good points all around. I was bummed, but wasn't surprised that Hollywood politics came into play.

Thanks for posting this! Great news about Time Magazine as well.

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John B

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Hey, way to go, Time magazine!

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I am honestly not upset about the movie getting snubbed. But I was a little upset that Dano got shut out. Maybe I will boycott the Oscars...

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I'm with you, Wes!  (I boycott them every year).
Thanks for the write-up, Jersey Shore.  Puts the Oscar's in perspective quite succinctly.


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Al Forsyth

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Boycott AA's and GA's (Academy and Grammy). Yes to Time and anyone else who leads with intelligence rather than the opposite.

Let's celebrate the great accomplishments of the year that go more un noticed during those "award shows". What were the films recognized at the various film festivals?

Btw - I finally saw Star Wars 7 yesterday in the blizzard that wasn't and it was fabulous. I saw The Big Short and The Revenant the past weeks and they were just okay in my academy eyes and ears. The Rev is long and un"bear"able yet the cinematography was beautiful. We did see Concussion during the holidays (yes all happy films - so you see why I had to see Star Wars) and it was very well done and the Will Smith performance was superb. During all of these films there were some ads for both the upcoming Giamatti and Dano efforts.

I'm done with the awards and the tireless speeches and worse, the music that comes on when they pull the hook on someone. I'll WATCH Love and Mercy on that evening. On Grammy night, playing back NPP in full.

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t bedford

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Anybody here follow Pia's fabulous career?

I don't follow her career. But I do collect BAD sci fi films. She's never topped this (no way, is there?). Never (I have no idea, really, I've never seen her in anything else but this gem from 1964). Pia plays Girmar, the female Martian child!

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