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Hi all,

The song for this week is Dream Angel.  
bonnie bella

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I have some trouble with overproduction with this album.  Too much going on and I'm not keen on Brian's strained (cigarette) vocals here. Tries too hard.


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Lisa G/TS

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While I might agree somewhat with bonnie that both this album and the earlier 1988 BW suffer slightly only from some dated, prefab instrumentation in resurrecting his career, this is one of my favourites from that album. 

I remember reading it was written for adopted baby daughter Daria (or was it Delanie?) so lyrically it's a father/daughter angle. Wouldn't you know, Brian was up to his old clever bit of a cheery tune with some touching, teary lyrics (around 1:29: Someday/when I am gone/You'll have the strength to carry on/Believe me/You'll feel me/I'm always by your side).   [bawl]

Thanks, Mary! 
Lee Marshall

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This is a good song.  Quite a good song.'s missing that secret Brian Wilson 'blow your socks off moment' which could have made it a GREAT song.  Around the 2:08 I was, once again, fully expecting that B.W. magic moment to really/fully kick into gear.  It's just never quite been able to deliver the over the top WOW factor.  A decent album track...but it ain't a classic.

Thanks Mary.  It's been years since I last listened to 'Dream Angel'.  Good to hear it again.
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