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Whether you are cynical or enthusiastic, Valentine’s Day arrives Thursday. For those mulling over the situation the song for this week is food for thought.
The song for this week is “What Love Can Do”, and is a collaboration by Brian with Burt Bacharach and singer-songwriter Tonio K.

First released on a 2007 CD “New Music from an Old Friend” for a Target promotion (and later on a CD titled “What Love Can Do” in 2009) the project was put together by Phil Ramone and brought together celebrated musicians such as Brian Wilson, Kris Kristofferson, Kenny Loggins, Burt Bacharach and many others each of whom went back into the studio to recreate one of their all-time hits as well as record a brand new song. Brian’s classic contribution was God Only Knows.
Here are a few excerpts from an interview that Tonio K did for regarding the collaboration:
“Singer-songwriter Tonio K found himself collaborating with two music legends when he penned this song with Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach. Tonio had taken on the Hal David role with Bacharach on a number of other tunes, but this was the only time either of them had written with Brian Wilson. Speaking with us in a 2013 interview, Tonio told us how this one-off collaboration came about: "He and Burt, I don't know if they even knew each other," he said. "They must have said hello over the years at one function or another, but he and Burt I think were seated at the same table at some Grammy function and someone at the table was going, 'Hey, have you two guys ever written a song?' They went, 'No, actually. We've never written a song together.' And I think Melinda, Brian's wife and kind of manager aide-de-camp put it together.
So one day Burt called me up and he goes, 'Hey, I'm going to write a song with Brian Wilson. First time I've ever written with him before. Do you want to write the lyric?' I went, 'Oh, gee, let me think about that.' So anyway, we did.
But Brian had a verse, melody, and background harmonies, which are really cool. Some real Beach Boy kind of background stuff that he already had. He was hoping Burt would come up with a great Burt Bacharach '60s chorus, which Burt did. I'm sitting around with my legal pad, looking at the two of them on a piano bench working it out at Burt's house, and I said, 'Burt, you know me well enough to know I don't do this, but I'm sitting here looking at Burt Bacharach and Brian Wilson sharing a piano bench as we're writing this song. I've got to have a picture of that. Are you guys okay if I bring a camera tomorrow?' [Laughing] This was pre iPhone. They went, 'Sure.' “
I haven’t found a copy of the photo yet, but I hope you enjoy the song and the week.

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

John B

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love it!  Really remarkable how the song lets Brian do great Brian and Burt do great Bert in the same song.  and Brian sings beautifully, too.   For my money, Elvis Costello, just as big a fan, doesn't come close to this song when he tried, on a full album.  Anyway, you play this song all the way through only once, and it will accompany you for the next several days...

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Really good story, Deb!  Very good song -I've liked this since I first heard it, but don't own it.  Just reading that will cause the song to go up a grade on my scale.  
So many treasures...some are harder to find than others.  Fun search though.

This was a good pick, Deb - Thanks again.



“Like a dream that's somehow linked to all the stars above." 🌟 🌟 
-Brian Wilson, 1976

Al Forsyth

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It's all here.  This is wonderful. And the sudden end.

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
bonnie bella

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That ending is lovely.

Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery


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Hi all,

A fantastic and upbeat song.  Brian sings flawless as usual.  Love it!!!
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