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I hear crickets! Everyone must be on a surfin safari and that is fun, fun, fun. Here is this week's Song Of The Week. Anyone else can jump in next week with a selection. This week I offer, "BREAKAWAY".

Recorded in 1969 and somehow, crazy weird, it was not on an album (save for best ofs), but it was released as a single. Since my first listen, on Spirit Of America in 1975, this record has been a fovorite of mine. I always have it in my Top 10 Beach Boys lists.

I love the traded lead vocals of Carl, Brian, Al, and Mike on the original. Although, on hearing an alternate version on The Beach Boys: Hawthorne, I love Brian's lead on the first verse version best. Breakway still sounds fresh and innovative. Great base line. But the vocals in Breakaway, lead and harmony, are just some of the most fabulous the Beach Boys have ever recorded. A fun, exciting record!

And of course, the song's co-writer is Reggie Dunbar, aka, Murray Wilson. If you listen to the Hawthorne alt version you will hear Brian, Denny, and Carl's Dad kick off the track.
I was thrilled to hear Brian perform this live a couple of times. And he was marvelous on it!

What do you all think?

...feel the vibrations and all the sensations...
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