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Hi all,

The song for this week is Summer in Monterey.  

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Summer in Monterey has a sentimental nostalgia feeing to me. In that sense, it's up there with Disney Girls or A Postcard from California.

Monterey really does look beautiful in the summer!

Thanks, Mary

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Larry Franz

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"Summer in Monterey" is a fine song from a fine album.

Unfortunately, the guys had the chance to spend a few days in Monterey in late spring one year and didn't show up. They could have worn their street clothes (or bought something relatively funky for the occasion), They could have emphasized some songs they were already playing live (e.g. tracks from Pet Sounds, "Good Vibrations" and Dennis singing "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away"). They could have included a few hits for a big finish. It would have taken some creative thinking but I think they'd have done fine.

Unfortunately, they didn't ask me and it still pisses me off. [smile]

PS: The Battle of the Bands starts again in around 8 hours. All you have to do is rank four songs, it doesn't cost even one thin dime (i.e. 1/10th of a dollar) and nobody will say you voted wrong (even if they think you did).

Lee Marshall

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Great song from a great album.  Brian and Van Dyke nailed it yet again...and most people missed it...yet again.

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Excellent Mary!  The whole “Orange Crate Art” LP is just brimming with Brian’s enthusiasm for vocal arrangements…and we have Van Dyke Parks to thank for getting him readjusted to the “business” of music.   

Your timing for this one is nearly perfect, Mary – we’re just about half-way through the (northern hemisphere) summer, and this coincides with the recent re-opening of the Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur. 

For kicks, I went back to my No. Cal – So. Cal trip post from June 2017 to see how close I got to my forecast for the re-opening ----------- Not too bad - I opined “at least a year” (I know, I really went out on a limb with that prediction! [biggrin]). 
months, including replacing the bridge near Al's house.

Still marvel at the Cal Trans contractors each time this occurs though (local story here):

(Look through the slideshow in the above-link for more photos, but here’s a quick before/after...and during):






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-Brian Wilson, 1976

bonnie bella

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Still trying to get this album.  This song is pretty and sounds great in a Sirius mix.

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