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Hi all,

The song for this week is Make A Wish.
Lee Marshall

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A great song from an album which really should be officially released.  THAT would be my wish.  There are a couple of really great songs on it...and this is one of them...

Al Forsyth

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Thanks Mary and Lee - this is GREAT!
A diamond necklace played the pawn...

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Interesting choice, Mary. For me too this is a highlight of Sweet Insanity - which is probably my favourite Brian solo album of original material. Terrific fun and those 'whoos' really are of the essence!

By contrast, the GIOMH version is one of the low points of that album. There it sounds unenthused - wholly lacking in the laughing enthusiasm that makes the SI version such a joy.

GIOMH is often slated in fan circles. Perhaps many were underwhelmed at so little new material. And I think you have to allow its detractors that there is fair bit of unhappy singing, that the production is patchy and feels leaden in places and that its lows do fall pretty low. But it's a big album full of big arrangements and personally I can find plenty to enjoy - wonderful things scattered all over it. And the title-track, Desert Drive, Don't Let Her Know and The Waltz - with that great, comic lyric from VDP- are some of the best things in Brian's entire solo career.

Time has been kinder I think to GIOMH than to a couple of far higher esteemed Brian solo albums, namely BWPS & TLOS.

bonnie bella

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Great sentiments. 

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