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K Witts

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Hi everyone. It's been a long time. Hope you are all doing well. Recently, a huge wildfire swept through an area of Northern California surrounding the town of Paradise (ironically). The town and surrounding community were completely wiped out, everything burned to the ground. Many of you remember Steve Eidem as one of the original "Blueboarders", posting as Irv Dog and other names. Unfortunately, Steve and his wife Cathy (and the dog) were forced to suddenly evacuate the swiftly approaching fire. They left with the clothes on their back in one of their vehicles, just barely escaping.

Steve's home and ALL of his possessions have been completely destroyed...gone...burnt to ashes. He is currently staying with a family member and is in incredibly good spirits, all things considered. But, EVERYTHING was lost.

Steve is one of the most passionate music fans I can think of. He loves the BBs, Stones, all classic rock and is also well versed in other genres and new artists as well. His passion for music is unrivaled. Unfortunately, he's also lost his entire extensive music collection, all his instruments, and even all of his clothing. It's just incredibly terrible and sad.

If you know Steve, he's active on Facebook and I'm sure he would appreciate hearing from you. There is a GoFundMe account set up to assist Steve and Cathy at this terrible time. If you'd like to help, leave a reply here and I will email you the link. (Not sure if it's appropriate to leave it here, so I won't).

I know this BW and BB community and all of the good people it attracts. If you are so moved, please reach out to Steve and offer support. If you want to contribute some funds, leave a reply here and I will get you the link

Al Forsyth

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Hey Kevin, and no hijack from someone like you here. 

I do remember Steve here.  That has to be one of the scariest happenings to anyone - and they keep calling it the "Camp Fire".  What chaos and destruction!  I'll reach in on GFM on this one for sure. 

Come on back someday here yourself! 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Tom Tobben

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Hi Kevin,

Good to hear from you again, though in such unfortunate circumstances. 

I am a friend of Steve on Facebook, and I've been following his periodic updates there, including learning earlier today that his home and possessions were totally destroyed, and I've responded to him there. 

Good to know about the existence of a GoFundMe account for him and his wife. Could you please forward me the link at my email address. 

I'm sure the indomitable Steve will rise again, and hopefully a new home, music collection, and other possessions will do so too. I'm certainly hoping he has good homeowner's insurance to help him recover most of his losses from this massive wildfire that has affected so many people and cost so many lives.

Thanks again,

Tom Tobben 
K Witts

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Hello Tom and Al (and others)

Good to see you guys again.

Regarding Steve's Go Fund Me opportunity...

If you go to the   home site and enter Steve Eidem in the search area, you'll be directed to the page. It's the site with Steve sitting in a camp chair with his granddaughter next to him.
Thanks guys!
Darren J. Ray

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Hey Kevin. 

As Tom said, it's great to see you on here again but not in these circumstances. 

I've been following Steve's devastating plight on FB.

I can't believe he has shown such strong spirits. 

It's good to know he has friends such as yourself, too. 

Thank you for doing this. 
paul g adsett

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i, too, had been alerted to the situation
and happily put a few quid into the gofundme.
heaven knows just how each and any family is coping.
it's too easy to shrug off human disasters,
whether natural elementally induced
or the result of human political, racial or religious hatred / avarice / corner cutting
or whatever nastiness impels people to seek to dominate
and force others into a less equal position for their own gain.
gawdknows, there's refugees / political castouts and any number of tales of human misery
that we all look at and, maybe help address by making a donation
and hoping it'll ease and go away.
huuuge global issues that demand our attention and need our money.
we, each of us, choose where our scant cash might be best used
and, pretty much sure, we donate where we feel we can and should.
these fires may, ultimately, be traced to allsorts of background issues,
but affect genuine, ordinary, good people who aren't able to overcome the forces of nature.
it feels more personal when you 'know' someone affected and their individual plight.
i'm genuinely impressed with steve's fortitude
and have placed the giving link in my botb blurb.
in a frilly-dilly-whoopsee-wackadaisical way
my week's botb is inspired by the elements that we face on our wonderful planet.


Cindy Hood

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This situation with Steve and everyone else who suffered through losing their homes and everything they have, is just horrific.  Too many fires have swept through various parts of northern and southern California that have caused this kind of misery.  Steve Eidem is one of my FB friends and I've been reading all of his posts on the fire.  He is surprisingly in good spirits considering all he's lost, but thankful that his family and dog are ok.  It's a very good thing that someone set up a Gofundme account for him.  Insurance will most likely take a long, long time to pay out to those who have claims, so give to Steve if you can. 


"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
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