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Rich Meli

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I really enjoy the new mixes and the out takes but boy am I disappointed at "Leid in Hawaii".. While playing it for the first time in my car with my wife, after 2 or 3 songs I said "This is awful", no wonder they never released it.. I can't wait to read the booklet to see who was playing bass especially on Surfer Girl..either I'm deaf after hearing this song for over 55 years or somebody is playing wrong bass notes.. I still haven't listened to the rest of CD 2. The album surely shows a band falling apart.  IMHO..Don't get me wrong they are still "The Greatest American Band", of all time.
John B

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not entirely unfair criticism.  The 'Leid' stuff does not enhance this great 'Wild Honey' reissue to me, either.  I could also do without the seeming Mike L. condescension (ironically, since he portends to be above the druggy hippies, too, right?) over performing those old-fashioned/4 Freshman songs.  That's the vibe I get.   
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