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J.Frank Mitchell

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Add my concurrence to the opinion of Dave and sweeper concerning TLOS live.  I enjoyed the album when I first heard it, but seeing Brian Wilson's live performance raised my own level of appreciation ten fold.  That night was one of the best performances I have ever witnessed.  The TLOS tour was rather limited, which was very unfortunate as it was one of Brian's best if not the best...even surpassing the Pet Sounds 40th tour.  If any of those performances were filmed, I would hope that consideration would be given to issuing a DVD at some future date. 
John E

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The TLOS DVD is very good (and only about £4.00 on amazon uk at present), but I'd love to see a recording from the Royal Festival Hall with the Stockholm Strings and Horns, who played a vital role in bringing the work to completion. I saw all six nights of the concert there, when it was still a work in progress. It all came together by the third night.
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