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Darren J. Ray

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Hi everyone, 

We are again taking names to host weeks in the Battle of the Bands, for the second half of this year. 

We welcome any fellow music lover to put their name down to a week or two. 

Not too much is required to host. 

You basically just need to select four songs (recordings) and be prepared for other Brian Wilson fans on this board to critique them. 

To keep it on topic, at least one of the songs has to have a connection to the great man (and plenty of Brian Wilson gems have been discovered over the years). 

Can you think of four songs you love, including one associated with Brian?

Interested in how others rate your taste in music?

Then please go to the BOTB section, go to the Season X 2019 Schedule post and claim a week or two. 

Yes, folks. We're in our tenth year and have never dropped the ball in all that time. 

Still not sure what to do?

Feel free to go to the post BATTLE OF THE BANDS GUIDELINES (currently located near the bottom of page 1 of the BOTB forum), where all your questions will be answered, or just ask away here. 

Incidentally, one does not need to put their name down to host in order to participate in voting. Some people have never hosted but vote most weeks. Some people vote only occasionally. 

Hoping you'll get on 
board where everyone's opinion is valued equally (and worth 10 points each).
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