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Larry Franz

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Since the Battle of the Bands has little or no future, I thought I'd put the Battle of the Decade on top again.

Your candidates are:

Good Vibrations  
God Only Knows 
Wouldn’t It Be Nice 
Surfer Girl 
I Get Around 
Don’t Worry Baby 
Surf’s Up 
‘Til I Die
The Warmth of the Sun  
In My Room

Cantina Margarita

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Hi guys,

first of all, I declare, I know all the songs (… believe it or not). So no need to listen to them, at least not for this reason. No listen means no specification of version. To pull more challenge from it, I think I‘ll extend my votes a little bit.

Now, how do I approach a „mission impossible“ like this ? Honestly: what I‘m doing here, is filter my favourite 10 BB/BW songs.

Step 1: list my favourite BB/BW/DW tracks, only la crème de la crème, album/phasewise

Step 2: pick my personal top 10 out of those, the ones that really blow me away, without an order

Step 3: go through step 2 and look up the official candidates, and rank them, based on today‘s mood

Step 4: look up the other candidates, and rate them behind

Step 1:

Early ones
Surfer Girl
In My Room
The Warmth Of The Sun
California Girls
All Summer Long
Fun Fun Fun
Little Honda
Surfin‘ USA

Pet Sounds:
Wouldn‘t It Be Nice
God Only Knows
Don‘t Talk (PYHOMS)
Pet Sounds
I Just Wasn‘t Made For These Times
You Still Believe In Me
Caroline, No
Here Today

finished SMiLE („BWPS“):
Good Vibrations
Our Prayer
Surf‘s Up
Wind Chimes
In Blue Hawaii
On A Holiday
Roll Plymouth Rock

Midnight‘s Another Day
Good Kind Of Love
Southern California

Brian Wilson:
Rio Grande
Love And Mercy

Dennis solo:

Other Brian solo:
Your Imagination

Runaway Dancer
The Right Time

I Loves You Porgy

The Bare Necessities

In Between Stuff:
Add Some Music To Your Day
This Whole World
Til I Die
Sail On Sailor
California Dreaming
All this Is That

The Suite: Strange World, From There To Back Again, Pacific Coast Highway, Summer‘s Gone

Step 2

The Suite: Strange World, From There To Back Again, Pacific Coast Highway, Summer‘s Gone
Til I Die
Rio Grande
Midnight‘s Another Day
Surf‘s Up
Good Vibrations
Wouldn‘t It Be Nice
God Only Knows
Surfer Girl

Step 3-4, combined (as a warm-up for ESC 2020, here come les points de l‘Allemagne)

Good Vibrations - douze points
God Only Knows -
dix points
Wouldn’t It Be Nice -
neuf points
Surfer Girl –
sept points
I Get Around - deux points
Don’t Worry Baby –
un point
Surf’s Up – six points
‘Til I Die – huit points
The Warmth of the Sun – cinque points
In My Room –
quatre points



So my final order has to be:

1. Good Vibrations  
2. God Only Knows 
3. Wouldn’t It Be Nice
‘Til I Die
5. Surfer Girl
Surf’s Up
The Warmth of the Sun
In My Room
9. I Get Around 
Don’t Worry Baby 


... and the winner is: "Bonnes Ondulations" des "Garcons De La Plage".

Based on my own rules, the top 10 would have been:




The Suite




Rio Grande

Midnight‘s Another Day


Did I f*ck up crunchtime for you guys ?

(sorry for 1c Canuck hockey players‘ idiom here, it‘s the kind of English I hear the most frequently)

Hope I managed to concentrate on my task here. The other stuff should be discussed in the extra thread.
Wait, only one thing: happy belated birthday, Darren.


David W

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Well that was a shock to see its the final comp . As I said last time I don't know how Darren masterminded it and for 10 years too .....people get less for murder !! But great thanks to Darren .

Maybe it's run it's course , I get into enough trouble from the other half for "always being on your phone/computer" so a little less will probably suit me to be honest .

A final "my votes"

1)Good Vibrations  
2)God Only Knows 
3)Surf’s Up 
4)I Get Around 

5)Wouldn’t It Be Nice
6)Don’t Worry Baby 
7)Surfer Girl 
8)Til I Die
9)The Warmth of the Sun  
10)In My Room

End of an era , almost reminds me of the day Radio London a pirate radio ship off the southern UK coast closed down in 1967 , after the government forced it off air .This was their final theme and only seems like yesterday .

paul g adsett

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so the botb may have decayed
but i'm up for adding my aid
to sift through the songs displayed
by decanting the decade
and without recanting
nor demanding a recount
or piquey tirade
leave little doubt
to how we can we flount
with a fluffy flurry
our preferences as we wade
through each of the tunes played
as we state an account
of the choices we made
and by counting our collective amount
we come to a final finite tally
and cheer as we applaude a
last fling that determines the ultimate order.


Darren J. Ray

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Thank you to all voters so far - Larry, Deb, Cindy, Al, stkilda4ever, Tom, Verden, Cantina and David. 

John B, I'm hoping you can "separate the rest" and get your votes in before the polling booth closes.

From Larry and John B's lists, I can detail the fortunes of some of those songs in the Battle for anyone who might have wondered. Some of these were used multiple times, but I've mainly noted the highest they finished...

Help Me, Rhonda (finished 8th in Season VII Gold Play-Off), 

Heroes & Villains (1967 release finished 3rd in Season I Gold Play-Off; 2011 SMiLE release finished 6th in Season IV Gold Play-Off and then 2nd in Season IX Gold Play-Off), 

(the 2017 stereo mix/re-master finished 4th in Season VIII),

(the 1969 release was NEVER USED! The Hawthorne 2001 release won its week but didn't make play-offs; an unreleased vocals only mix of the 1969 record finished 7th in the Season VIII Preliminary Final), 

This Whole World
(finished 5th in Season II Gold Play-Off; a 2016 re-master finished 7th in the Season VII Gold Play-Off), 

Sail On, Sailor
(use twice - won both its weeks but never made play-offs), 

Kiss Me Baby
(won the first ever week and finished 5th in Season I Gold Play-Off; never used again!), 

Still I Dream Of It
(won a Tin in Week 18 of Season II; never used again), 

California Girls
(finished 3rd in Season III Gold Play-Off and 4th in Season X Gold Play-Off), 

Caroline, No
(used numerous times; highest finishes were 8th in Season I Gold Play-Off, 6th in Season III Preliminary Final and 3rd in Season IX Gold Play-Off), 

I Just Wasn't Made for These Times
(used three times but only made one play-off - 4th in Season II Gold Play-Off), 

Let Him Run Wild
(used four times; highest finishes were 7th in Season I Gold Play-Off and 3rd in Season VI Gold Play-Off)

The other songs named were not used. 

Al, thanks a lot for those extra clips and your expanded reasonings. A good read.

Verden, Surfin' USA (4th in Season IV Gold Play-Off; never used again). 

Cantina, I like your system. Whoa, a few songs there, plenty of which featured over the years. Surprisingly, not one Brian solo song ever won a play-off. 

Thanks a lot, David. You and your other half deserve a good holiday. [thumb]  

Paul, hoping you come up with the ultimate order within the next few hours!
Thank you very much DAN, Al and Cantina for the birthday wishes. 

Of course, a sobering thought, it also meant 12 months since t passed away. His friend Tim wrote to me and told me he and t's friend Bob had visited t's grave that day and sent me this which he asked me to share...

Hello Mate, 
You like that greeting, sounds like I just walked into an Outback Steakhouse.

It's been one year.  Can't believe it.  Feels like he is still
here.  Bob Rearick went with me today.  It was a nice day.
I tried to duplicate the SMILE from the album, note, I'm not
an artist whatsoever but I enjoyed doing it for my buddy that
truly introduced me to the genius of Brian Wilson.  My lack
of art skills and my dyslexia account for the screw up on the 
Sun.  Good thing I didn't write SLIME.
Please share this with the BW Board.  

t Bedford grave (1).jpg  t Bedford grave (2).jpg 

Frankie Teardrop

Posts: 292
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There is only one reason I would come back to this board. Darren is an absolutely outstanding bloke and his work on BOTB has been sensational. Over the years I have been booted off, returned and argued, usually with the same people who are probably not allowed out on their own or can't tie their own shoelaces.
Anyway, Frankie is back. Deal with it...

10 Surfs Up. Brian's arranging (not producing) skills are superb but these lyrics...jeeze, and they say the drugs don't work! Heightened consciousness? No wonder Mike threw his toys out the pram.
9 Good Vibrations. Four reasonable songs cobbled together do not a masterpiece make. If you thought Strawberry Fields had clunky edits then this might as well have bands between the breaks
8 Til I Die. Oh woe is me! I am bleeding loaded and the guys don't understand me. Hey dad, write me some even more downer lyrics than Breakaway.
7 Surfer Girl. Do you think anyone will notice the steal from When You Wish Upon a Star? To late buddy, we did.
6 God Only Knows. Ok, you got me. This is rather good, even though I'll Walk With God came first.
5 I Get Around. Pop sophistication. Crazy time signatures and a great lead vocal.
4 In My Room. America's There's A Place. Spot a theme?
3 Wouldn't It Be Nice. When i was 24 I had been married two years, had a kid and mortgage. Grow up, mate.
2 Dont Worry Baby . Beautiful. Minimal backing, glorious voices. So they stuck it on a b-side. Idiots.
1 The Warmth Of The Sun. Probably Mike's finest hour. Passionate, reflective, melancholy. What would BW have done without Mike's lyrics?

Thanks again Darren - you're a beauty

"We're not into music. We're into chaos."
Lisa G/TS

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and my dyslexia account for the screw up on the 
Sun.  Good thing I didn't write SLIME.

Awww....equal parts funny and sad.
Bless Tim's heart for poking fun at his own disorder...AND for allowing to share the pics.  
Nice job on the sign...maybe it was a nice day because he was expecting his friends for a visit.  [wink] [cool]


"Stay-cation for the Nation", "Crush that Curve"

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God Only Knows     10 points
Don’t Worry Baby     9
The Warmth of the Sun      8
Surfer Girl     7
In My Room    6
Wouldn’t It Be Nice     5
Good Vibrations      4
‘Til I Die    3
Surf’s Up     2
I Get Around     1

Al Forsyth

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I get choked up seeing the Thomas Memorial.  Work to do this summer. 

Darren, glad that you make it easy for Cantina to vote!  

This is getting tough now reading everything and everyone - the BIG hugs and goodbyes. It really was something. 

Truly now looking like the last two days/nights of The Battle of the Bands. - BOTB  Melancholy, baby. I was glad to be a part. 

I'll check back a last time in the morning. 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...

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It would be good to keep *something* going but either way, I hope everyone sticks around on the "board".
Lisa G/TS

Posts: 153
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Al, did you say "Melancholy Baby"?  I'll insert this version as a further l'il tribute to the Pride of Ohio, T. W. Bedford and his knowledge of the less common but cool music:

"Stay-cation for the Nation", "Crush that Curve"
Al Forsyth

Posts: 3,641
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Originally Posted by Lisa G/TS
"Melancholy Baby"?   Tribute to the Pride of Ohio, T. W. Bedford and his knowledge of the less common but cool music:

I KNEW that you'd come true - thinking alike! 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...

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Bless Tim's heart for poking fun at his own disorder.

That's advice I try to follow too (not dyslexia in my case).   Also music of course.
bonnie bella

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I might be the last voter in the last round in the final season of the last day of the Battle of the Bands. Please let me wonder.

1.  Don't Worry Baby. Where it all began for me.

2.  In My Room. 

3.  Good Vibrations. Cripes, this is hard!
4.  Wouldn't It Be Nice. Wouldn't that be an understatement

5.  God Only Knows. This is not fair!

6.  7. Surf's Up.

7.  I Get Around. By a whisker.

8. Surfer Girl. Travesty.

9.  Warmth Of The Sun.

10. 'Til I Die. Should never be in tenth place anywhere.

Sorry Darren, that my votes were so Late in. You're a star. I hope you stick around for whatever evolves here.

I'd be happy to participate in any song sharing in the future here with you guys. It's all fin and games until somebody loses a Brian Wilson Community Forum forum.

Bless you, Battle. X


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

paul g adsett

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how  difficult was that?

surf’s up'
'in my room' 
8: 'the warmth of the sun' 
7 'god only knows' 
6: ''til i die'
5: 'good vibrations'
4: 'wouldn’t it be nice'
3: 'don’t worry baby '
2: 'surfer girl'  
1: 'i get around'

sorry - i fell asleep.
and so, to bed...
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