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bonnie bella

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pipped at the post by the penultimate paul (unless someone else turns up). good on you buddy.

Thanks for sharing the photos Darren. Touching. Thank you so much. 

And also for voting I Get Around as your number one song in this list. Cool.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Darren J. Ray

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Thanks a lot to the last of our voters - Frankie, DAN, bonnie and Paul. 

Frankie, that's what I call going out swinging! [eek]

DAN, the first 1st place for 'God Only Knows' on the final day. I'm not sure I would've picked that at the start of the week. 

bonnie, they're in [thumb]

Paul, last as usual!

Please note: Frankie's 10-1 are his rankings, whilst Paul's 10-1 are his points allocated. 

The door to the polling booth has bolted shut. No further votes will be accepted. 

And here come the results....

Darren J. Ray

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Hi everyone.

Here are the results:- 

GOLD - God Only Knows (The Beach Boys - 1966) (Season II - Cynthia D. Hood) (one 1st place) - 109 

SILVER - Good Vibrations (The Beach Boys - 1966) (Season I - Cynthia D Hood) (six 1st places) - 103

BRONZE - Wouldn’t It Be Nice (The Beach Boys - 1966) (Season III - Cindy Hood) (two 1st places) - 97

4. Don’t Worry Baby (The Beach Boys - 1964) (Season VI - Cindy Hood) (one 1st place) - 80

5. Surf’s Up (The Beach Boys - 1966 & 1971/2011) (Season VII - Al Forsyth) (two 1st places) - 71

6. The Warmth of the Sun (The Beach Boys - 1964) (Season IX - Larry Franz) (one 1st place) - 70

7. In My Room (The Beach Boys - 1963) (Season X - Larry Franz) (nil 1st places) - 70

8. I Get Around (The Beach Boys - 1964) (Season V - bonnie bella) (one 1st place) - 59

9. Surfer Girl (The Beach Boys - 1963) (Season IV - Jo McGuire) (nil 1st places) - 59

10. ‘Til I Die (The Beach Boys - 1971) (Season VIII - Tom Tobben) (nil 1st places) - 52

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.

We had 14 voters.

Special thanks again to DAN for scrutinising the votes.

The people have spoken.

‘God Only Knows’ (Gold), ‘Good Vibrations’ (Silver) and ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ (Bronze) are our medal winners of the decade.

Hearty congratulations to Cindy who selected all three - the annual Gold winners from the first three years - in their original weeks.

Cindy even picked 4th placed ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ in its Season VI annual win.

Well done, Cindy. You rock!

Let’s compare these results to those in the Ultimate Battle.

(The Ultimate Battle was run after five full seasons and included the top 3 from those five seasons. There were 14 songs as ‘The Warmth of the Sun’, having won Silver of the Year in Seasons I and V, had qualified twice.)

The results that time were: 

1. God Only Knows (The Beach Boys - 1966) (Season II Gold - Cynthia D. Hood) (six 1st places*) - 318.5 
2. Good Vibrations (The Beach Boys - 1966) (Season I Gold - Cynthia D Hood) (nine 1st places++) - 305
3. Wouldn’t It Be Nice (The Beach Boys - 1966) (Season III Gold - Cindy Hood) (two 1st places+) - 257.5
4. California Girls (The Beach Boys - 1965) (Season III Bronze - Kevin Witts) (nil 1st places) - 231
5. Don’t Worry Baby (The Beach Boys - 1964) (Season III Silver - Teenage Symphony) (two 1st places) - 221
6. Surf’s Up (The Beach Boys - 1971) (Season II Silver - Cynthia D Hood) (four 1st places*) - 220
7. Surfer Girl (The Beach Boys - 1963) (Season IV Gold - Jo McGuire) (two 1st places) - 191
8. I Get Around (The Beach Boys - 1964) (Season V Gold - bonnie bella) (two 1st places) - 186.5
9. The Warmth of the Sun (The Beach Boys - 1964) (Season I Silver - Tom Tobben; Season V Silver - Jo McGuire) (one 1st place) - 186
10. In My Life (The Beatles - 1965) (Season V Bronze - Tom Tobben) (two 1st places*) - 185
11. Heroes & Villains (The Beach Boys - 1967) (Season I Bronze - t Bedford) (two 1st places+) - 183.5
12. Penny Lane (The Beatles - 1967) (Season IV Silver - Al Forsyth) (nil 1st places) - 177
13. Fun, Fun, Fun (The Beach Boys - 1964) (Season IV Bronze - Kevin Witts) (nil 1st places) - 144.5
14. The Little Girl I Once Knew (The Beach Boys - 1965) (Season II Bronze - Verden McCutcheon) (nil 1st places) - 133.5

* includes a three-way tie for 1st place
+ includes a two-way tie for 1st place
++ includes two two-way ties for 1st place

We had 28 voters that week.

But the preferences, including an identical Top 3, are very similar to this week.

Both times, ‘God Only Knows’ has scored less 1st places than ‘Good Vibrations’ (one to six this time around!) but has won the week.

Noteworthy: ‘In My Room’ outscored ‘’Til I Die’, 70 to 52 points, when ‘’Til I Die’ had won the Season VIII title from ‘In My Room’, 168 to 157. Also, ‘The Warmth of the Sun’ outscored ‘I Get Around’, 70 to 59, whereas ‘I Get Around’ won Season V over ‘The Warmth of the Sun’, 202 to 195.  

Analysing the figures….

Nine of the 14 voters had ‘God Only Knows’ in their Top 3. Its lowest ranking was 6th place (from both Larry and Frankie Teardrop).

Eight of the voters had ‘Good Vibrations’ in their Top 3. Despite its six 1st places, it also received an 8th (from yours truly) and a 9th (from Frankie Teardrop).

Seven of the voters had ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ in their Top 3. Its lowest was a 9th (from Deb#1).

Five songs received BOTH multiple Top 3 AND multiple bottom 3 rankings. They were ‘Good Vibrations’ (eight and two), ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ (six and four), ‘Surf’s Up’ (five and six), ‘The Warmth of the Sun’ (three and four) and ‘In My Room’ (two and five).

They were the polarisers.

Three songs received no 1st places.

The highest ranking for ‘In My Room’ was two 2nd places (from bonnie and Paul).

The highest ranking for ‘Surfer Girl’ was a 4th (from DAN).

The highest ranking for ‘’Til I Die’ was a 2nd (from Tom).

The most outright 10th places went to ‘’Til I Die’ with four. ‘Don’t Worry Baby’, ‘Surf’s Up’ and ‘I Get Around’ had three each. ‘In My Room’ had one.

The Top 3, ‘The Warmth of the Sun’ and ‘Surfer Girl’ received no 10th places.

So, that’s it.

Thanks for supporting this battle to celebrate 10 years of fun.

The community has spoken – our top three songs have been decided (twice).

This Battle has now closed.

Here again is your champion of champions. 


Cindy Hood

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Thank you all for selecting my top four songs.  They're all great ones and it was so hard to choose from these 10 Beach Boys' gems.  

Thank you, Darren.  We wouldn't have lasted for 10 years without you and your meticulous statistics and hard work.  

I'm gonna miss this weekly contest.  It gave me something to look forward to on a Monday morning.  

Now what?

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
John B

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Larry Franz

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Originally Posted by Darren J. Ray
Nine of the 14 voters had ‘God Only Knows’ in their Top 3. It scored no lower than a solitary 6th place (from Frankie Teardrop).

Not solitary. [smile]

My favorite part is the ending. I also kind of wish Brian had kept the alternate "dit dit dit", pardon me, "bop bop bop" ending that's here.

And at 8:32 here:

Cantina Margarita

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Looking back through the years, reflecting my wild years around the age of 20, there was mainly post-punk and avant-garde à la Floyd, Crimson, and Hammill. Ralph Records, too. I had friends who influenced me in that direction. Beach Boys ? In the early 1980s, I was ashamed of myself when they happened to appear on nostalgic radio stations, and one of my feet started tapping. While Beatles was kind of cool, they stank. By the time this phase ran out (... first beer damages in my shape), especially when I was alone in my room with my Sennheiser HD414, I began to get interested in that druggy pathetic genius guy who was reported to be their boss. NO Barbara Anne or Fun Fun Fun, that was for the girls. Me, I preferred three songs that suddenly started to blow me away.

Why do I report this ?

I remember clearly that those 3 songs were what finished gold, silver and bronze this ultimate week. And that remained for 20 years.

It still took me a long time to really get into Brian Wilson. That was when Michael Jackson died, I was mourning, and I heard Germaine sing his late brother's favourite song, “Smile“, on TV. I googled for the lyrics and chords, and what I fell across was this website. Hey, that's the great Beach Boys guy, and he seems to do very well these days. Let's focus on him before he's dead, too. I found out that SMiLE was something far greater, that he had been releasing a great orange solo album you could listen to right here, and that he had a great touring band whose tickets came cheap for a superstar. This site showed to be very influential. One year after, It was my first time in 30 years to visit London. After 2 Gershwin shows during one weekend, everything started to be like today.

I think I can say that the three songs deserved to win, and that they are to BOTB what the famous final piano chord is to “A Day In The Life“.

What a journey of musical education. The circle somehow closes for me.

... suppressing a tear ...

... but we still have Brian !

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DAN, the first 1st place for 'God Only Knows' on the final day.

What do I win?[wink]
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