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I don't know if this subject has come up before, but I think it's worth noting some of the structural elements of SMiLE recur in multiple contexts.  Examples:
  • At about 6:30 of "Heroes and Villains, Part 2"  (track 22 of Disc One of the SMiLE Sessions set) in the final tag there is a descending motif, both instrumental and vocal, that recurs in "He Gives Speeches" (track 24) and ultimately in "She's Goin' Bald" on Smiley Smile. (The same riff appears in the 45-rpm stereo version in the big box set; the vocal sections seem to build that motif into the very fabric of "H&V."
  • The final tag on "Vegetables" reappears in the SS version of "Wonderful" in the form of a dog-wop insert.
I'm sure there are other instances of modular repetition within the Sessions box.  Philip Lambert wrote an interesting structural analysis (though he is a bit "technical" at times)
in Inside the Music of Brian Wilson.  He demonstrates that the SMiLE project consists largely on various inversions of the notes used in "How Dry I Am."

Has there been any discussion of such matters in our Community?


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