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Lee Marshall

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All I'm saying [and his age has nothing to do with it] is the guy has stood up in front of millions of people over the years and yacked and sung and fiddled about.  He's 'one-on-one'd' with folks from back when Fred Flintstone first started to court Wilma.  He was in the throes of helping someone 'write' his book for him.  He's been out in public at official dinners and events MANY times before.  He still does all of that!

If he's gonna do the public speaking 'thing'...and get reimbursed for showing up...he should, at the very least, be PROFESSIONAL enough to show up prepared and ready to make a valid presentation.  THIS one was half-assed and he sounded ill-prepared and almost overwhelmed/kind of embarrassed.  He was just skating along, coasting on the name 'The Beach Boys'.  As in The Bla Bla Club's 81st Annual Gala Dinner 'with special guest speaker Mike Love of the Beach Boys'.  Once again the brand was not well represented.

You keep your hat on for the entire playing of the host country's National Anthem?  [and only get the dang thing off part way through the playing of your own...played only because you were there, visiting from the States, as the special guest, for the evening?]

Do it right... ... ...or stay home.  It was like Tiny Talent Time.

[Yes...I suppose I'd have let it ride if I had any respect for him...although the hat thing was pretty disrespectful/foolish]

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Mike is one dimensional, very good at bragging and taking credit for his cousins work. Somewhat less effective at insulting people because of where he lives(glass house) but he does try with his smirky humor.

Not a very effective speaker after the 2 minute mark when people start saying who is this jerk.
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