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B.D. Ponce IV

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HA -HA !

Happy B.D. To B.D. himself  !!!! 
B.D. Wilson that is sir,,, 

Its your day Brian , so I hope luck goes your way,

'Cause only you know the way,  Back Home,,, 

Meanwhile, I hear you will take a rest,  after all, ain't it  the most important note? 
Not many people realize this as much as you do.

So I hope you get to go to  all of your favorite  spots and get to spend time with  the people who you've missed for too long.

Yeah, I Hope your special day is PERFECT!  
                                 Lots of  Love,
                                                         as  always...
                                                                                Past -Present, and Future.
P.S. I'll come to an upcoming show as soon as can be😉

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