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Darren J. Ray

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Friends, we have lost t Bedford. 

t passed away 12:04am, February 12th

I know that plenty here, like me, will be gutted by this news. 

I know that t and many of us corresponded quite regularly. 

He had a lot of internet friends.

From our recent e-mails, he told me he’d been in hospital with severe pain for five days at the end of January, and had been diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas which had also spread to his liver. 

He thanked me for being ‘a solid friend’, and I prayed it wouldn’t be the last time I heard from him. Alas, it was. 

In recent times, as t was the main person in the U.S. who checked YouTube clips for me (for BOTB), we would correspond every week. He often had some funny stuff to say re: the songs.

But, of course, long before that, we had regularly corresponded. 

I’d been firm friends with t for nearly 16 years through this board. 

We didn’t always agree on things. 

Unlike me, if any music was what his parents would’ve listened to, it was anathema to him. 

After one debate we’d had on the board, he wrote to me and said he hoped we were still friends. I replied, “Don’t ever doubt it”. And so it was. 

We had a lot in common and would regularly talk about music and women!

I felt very close to t. 

I remember back in about 2003, someone asking in a post who everyone’s favourite Blueboarders were. I responded with “t Bedford and (someone – not sure if it was Tom Tobben or Bobby Pennock) are decent”. Thus started our friendship. 

When the Battle began in 2010, some may recall a host would host for two weeks and then announce who the next host would be. Sure enough, I passed the conch onto t.

Plenty here would know how generous t was. 

He’d ask for your postal address and, sure enough, some treat would appear in the mail. And not just once. 

It’s going to take me a while to get my head around this. He passed away yesterday. It was my birthday. 

I am hoping some folk here can take the opportunity to regale us with some t tales once the shock of this has subsided and memories flood back. 

I know we’ll miss him a lot. 

RIP t (Thomas) Bedford (October 15, 1950 – February 12, 2019) AKA Buzz Clique – Brian Wilson devotee, Kinks mega-fan, XTC nut, Lovin’ Spoonful fan, nose kazoo player…. very good friend to us all. 
John B

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thanks, Darren.  I appreciate but am very sorry to hear this.  T-Bed was 'real' as they say, and knew all that Cleveland stuff such as the Choir and the Raspberries and so much more.  He also seemed 'hip' in the best sense of the word, when you think he was ...13, 14 when the Beatles came over, 16-17 with Sg. Pepper and the Kinks being banned in the U.S.  Yet, from Cleveland he decided that Ray & the Kinks were much better.  That's originality.  A lot of times in the States, you'll hear people say, 'but the Kinks are too British, Americans will never get 'Waterloo Sunset' it could never mean as much to them.'  But T-Bed was special.  For example, like Darren here says, how many 13-14 year-olds during the Beatles Ed Sullivan Show days, would go on to love XTC?  I mean, sure, it makes perfect sense.  But how few people are we talking about?

I don't know if he ever considered me a compatriot.  I regret if he didn't, cause I was at least a secret one.  I would rave to family and friends about this site.  I would mention Larry and Kansas City, cause I just like them.  But to add veritas, I would say, 'and there's this great Kink's fanatic who posts cool Kinks songs not everyone knows.'   and now we won't have him anymore.

It is raining and raining here in Northern California right now--and predicted ongoing til maybe the weekend.  I wish everyone including myself schedules a medical appointment soon.  Me: it's my stomach, and I just saw in the 'Won't You Be My Neighbor' bio, that Fred Rogers died of stomach cancer at age 74.  If you have my problem, you should get a EGD, maybe upper series, maybe colonoscopy.  If you have chest pain, there's an EKG, and everyone needs blood labs.  thanks.
Al Forsyth

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Good Lord - this is sad news.  He sent me things and corresponded, but we never got to meet up in Cleveland. A TRUE fan and member of this board!!!!! 
A diamond necklace played the pawn...
paul g adsett

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i was stunned this morning by the news.

a year older than me, within a week,
we shared musical tastes that overlapped quite far
(though i found m'self enjoying far more, um, mainstream' stuff than mr t would give time to)
and we would skirmish a little in jolly fashion.
someone here (and in other forumums) who'd enjoy the cut'n'thrust of opinionated debate.
not sycophantic, not gushy, immensely human.

quite by chance
(unless, in an everything connects' world, chance plays no part)
djr had posted previous botb gold-tins in the botb section
and my week included some sort of apt choices,
so i popped in there earlier to dedicate them to my virtual world friend.
and add a kinks number.

and, of course,
we share a passion for the incomparable xtc
and somehow managed to prise out an appropriate song
for just about every botb week.

so, i've been having a think as to which would best be quotable today.
bedders certainly wouldn't fit into the 'scarecrow people'  populace
'...we ain't got no brains and we ain't got no hearts, 
it's just that wild old wind that tears us all apart.
...for if we don't start learning well

we're all gonna wind up scarecrow people too!'

almost thought this would fit how i feel, 
'but nobody can say what they really mean to say and
the impotency of speech came up and hit me that day and
i would have made this instrumental
but the words got in the way
there is no language in our...
there is no language in our lungs
to tell the world what's in our hearts.'

i'll plump for this reflection on mortality:
'...and when the world grows old
and we know more than our brains can hold
nature will be law..'.
from 'deliver us from all the elements'
on the 'mummer' album.

and add a song from the magnificent 'skylarking' album:
'season cycle'.
which has distinct brian wilson 'smile'ish era influences in there:
'all this life stuff's closely linked
where we're going in the verdant spiral
who's pushing the pedals on the season cycle?'

sleep in peace, t.

bonnie bella

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Oh boy. This is really upsetting news, t was such a good friend to have, a true gentleman. I'm really saddened to hear this. We'll miss him around here and the little extra things he did for many of us. I hadn't chatted with him since early this year and it was on my mind to check in and see how he was in his "bunker", established Nov 2016.

It's painful to think we've had to let him go. Such a good person, somebody we all enjoyed very much.

Tears for you this morning, brother.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Larry Franz

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It's very sad news. I will miss him.


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Very sorry to hear this.

Ang Jones

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I'm very sorry to learn of T Bedford's passing. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.
Rick Bartlett

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Sad indeed.
I conversed a lot with T, back in the glorious 'blueboard' days.
A name I'll surely remember and miss around these parts.
Thanks for reporting here on his passing.
Darn shame.

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I didn't "know" Tom from this board.  Nevertheless, I'm always delighted to hear of another Kinks fan.  Sad to know he's gone.
"Wake Duncan with thy knocking!  I would thou couldst!"

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