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Easy to pick the order but it was close, if that makes sense.
GOLD - Beach Boys
SILVER - Lovin Spoonful
BRONZE - Kinks

Nice idea, Bonnie.  Oh. you just snuck your votes in before me.
Verden McCutcheon

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  season 10 week 4..tribute to t

                1)The Kinks.....Such an enormous mid-sixties  hit with lasting power

                2)The Beach Boys.. Quirky as it is there is something I really like about it. one of those dreamy songs I enjoy.

                3)XTC........Not a bad little track

                4)Lovin Spoonful.....Don't get me wrong I am a big fan of this group and its funny their biggest hit is the one I like the least.prefer their more gentler tunes.

                                                               Good Choices
Larry Franz

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Darren's documentation says the first time t. bedford hosted was week 5 of Season 1 (which I guess was in 2010). He also hosted week 6 and week 34. Here are those three weeks:

Week 5

Gold – I Got a Line On You (Spirit – 1969) (49)

Silver – Bluebirds Over the Mountain (The Beach Boys – 1968) (35)

Bronze – Hot Smoke & Sassafras (Bubble Puppy – 1969) (34)

Tin – You Talk Sunshine, I Breathe Fire (The Amboy Dukes – 1968) (21)

The Amboy Dukes -- "You Talk Sunshine, I Breathe Fire" (Ted Nugent was in the group)

Week 6

Gold – Heroes & Villains (The Beach Boys – 1967) (67.5)

Silver – It Could Be We’re In Love (The Cryan’ Shames – 1967) (40)

Bronze – Requiem for the Masses (The Association – 1967) (38)

Tin – Penny Arcade (The Cyrkle – 1967) (35.5)

The Cryan' Shames -- "It Could Be We're In Love"

Week 34

Gold – In My Life (The Beatles – 1965) (67)

Silver – When I Grow Up (The Beach Boys – 1964) (51.5)

Bronze – God’s Children (The Kinks – 1971) (36)

Tin – Poor Skeleton Steps Out (XTC – 1989) (35.5)

The Kinks -- "God's Children"

Having idle hands, I've uploaded Darren's summaries of each season so that you can use your browser's "Find" or "Search" function to easily inspect all ten seasons at once.

The combined summaries are here:

A search on "Bedford" reveals that he hosted 30 times.

Watching girls in the air can really get you bad.
Darren J. Ray

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In those early days, the host would do two weeks and then, at the end of the second, suddenly announce who the next host would be, who would then do their two weeks!

Through his hosting, t introduced us to a stack of obscure songs.

These are the ones that have become favourites of mine: 

'I Got a Line on You' - Spirit (1969)
'God's Children' - The Kinks (1971) (now my fave Kinks song)
'Summer Means Fun' - Bruce & Terry (1964)
'The Doolang' - Andrea Carroll (1964)
'There She Goes' - The La's (1988)
'She May Call You Up Tonight' - The Left Banke (1967)

Most of these now get played during breaks at my shows I perform in. I most likely never would have heard them without t.  

He also had an excellent knowledge and appreciation for Australian iconic acts such as the Easybeats (including the expansive work of Vanda & Young) and Johnny O'Keefe. This was most unusual for an American. He was a muso who lived music. 

But he also hosted the most successful week we've had here, in terms of where the songs ended up. (It's one of just three weeks where all four songs made play-offs.)

Week 11 of Season VIII
Gold - Fun, Fun, Fun (The Beach Boys - 1964) (64) (finished 3rd in Gold Play-Off)
Silver - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkel - 1970) (57) (finished 5th in Preliminary Final)
Bronze - Oh, Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison - 1964) (56) (1st in Bronze Play-Off, finished 4th in Preliminary Final)
Tin - Runaway (Del Shannon - 1961) (43) (finished 1st in Tin Play-Off)
(t Bedford)
Cantina Margarita

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It's not weekend yet, seldomly I spend a minute for posting here from Mo by Fri.

I want to express my feelings about what has just been happening in Christchurch, NZ.

I don't buy that this was a religious motivated assault. And potential counter-assaults won't be, either. If people justify acts like this by their religious intentions, they prove nothing but to be racists, nuts, and perverts. An insult to all religous and tolerant people on the planet.

If religious institutions, christian, muslim, hindi or whatever, claim to back assaults like this, they steal themselves any credit they once might have had. It's better to have no religion, than to have a religion like them.

Kiwis, please keep your heads up, and keep your brains clear. Let the police do their work.

I feel with you.

I'm from GER, central Europe.

My contribution the our t tribute.
Larry Franz

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It's a disease that's spreading around the world via the internet. The rest of us need to do what we can to stop it.

t. posted this last year:

Electric Light Orchestra -- "Can't Get It Out Of My Head"

Watching girls in the air can really get you bad.
bonnie bella

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Thank you Cantina for your message. Until yesterday, we thought we were very safe in beautiful, peaceful New Zealand. This is one deeply shattered country. Larry, you are right about this extremist cancer on society.  I don't know what else to say, words aren't enough to convey how shocked and hurt and heartbroken we all are down here.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Darren J. Ray

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bonnie, my thoughts are with you, your country and especially the families and friends of those affected by this unspeakable tragedy. 

Personally, I hope the media don't continue to publish the name of the scum responsible for these horrific acts. 
Al Forsyth

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Bonnie - words cannot really represent what needs to be said about this. We do need some Love and Mercy to try and overcome and do something good - all of us - to be better than this sickness of hate. It's so troubling hearing any of this and one can't help but to be affected.

Thoughts are with you and all Kiwis.

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Larry Franz

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The mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg [who is running for President], penned an open letter to his city’s Muslim constituents yesterday. Excerpts:

“As you gather this evening, I write to tell you that this City is absolutely committed to your safety and well-being. I want you to know that this entire City has its arms around you, in love and peace, and that we support you as you practice your faith here in this community, our community, this home we share... The diversity of our community is its strength, and the members of the Islamic community have greatly enriched this City, in your worship, in your service, even by the diversity of nationalities among your number. We would be poorer without you.”

“I wish to tell you not only that you are loved but also needed,” he added. “You are our teachers and our doctors; our neighbors and our friends. We all live here as one, and whether you grew up right her in South Bend or whether this is your first year in America, you have an equal claim on the blessings of life in this community, and a great deal to contribute. And so we are thankful to count you among us.”

More of t. bedford's music:

The Beatles -- "In My Life" (Season 1)

The Turtles -- "Elenore" (Season 3)

The Kinks -- "Sitting in the Midday Sun" (Season 4)

Paul Revere & the Raiders -- "Good Thing" (Season 5)

The Everly Brothers -- "On the Wings of a Nightingale" (Season 5)

The Four Seasons -- "Walk Like a Man" (Season 6)

Them -- "Here Comes the Night" (Season 7)

Ramones -- "Surf City" (season 8)

The Clash -- "I Fought the Law" (season 8)

Glen Campbell -- "Guess I'm Dumb" (season 9)

Thanks, bonnie.

Watching girls in the air can really get you bad.
Popeye (not the sailor)

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My tribute to t votes:

Gold: You Really Got Me - Kinks - Some consider this classic to be the first heavy metal song. It did inspire a many rock n roll band.

Silver: Wind Chimes - Beach Boys - The whispering winds would've brought the gold.

Bronze: Summer in the City - Lovin' Spoonful - One of many great songs from the Spoonful.

Tin: Generals & Majors - XTC - As t would say... not my cuppa.

A favorite Kinks song I first heard here. Most likely by way of t bed.

Nice tribute bonnie!
Cantina Margarita

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Hi Bonnie,

let's focus on music for a moment. It's too good for wasting it to perverts.

We have an outstanding jewel of psychedelic rock (who the heck invented this term??), and we have a highlight from the best of the best sets in the world, isolated from its context. And we have two “nice“ songs.

I will vote in reverse order.

4. (tin) TXC, Generals and Majors
Funny. I will provide more of that hilarious red army stuff next week. But no competitor to the big ones at all.

3. (bronze) The Kinks, You Really Got Me
It's a medal, too. But it shows clearly that the heroes of the 60s also cooked by making water boil.

2. (silver) The Beach Boys, Wind Chimes
My brianista heart is bleeding. Here's the version which would have beaten everything. Here's the guy who flatters your ears with beautiful, divine plonks on top of a supernatural bass riff, until you pump up the volume to the very right, because you don't want to waste the slightest detail ... and that's when the guy launches his Saturn V rocket, wrecking your headphone ...

And his matured voice is different, not worse.

1. (gold) The Lovin' Spoonful, Summer in the City
I just WANT to give it the gold. Immensely powerful with its piano riff, cool from outside this world with its effortless and charismatic vocals. Sorry Joe C., your version was clearly inferior to the original. I can almost smell the big hot raindrops on the heated sidewalk, and feel the grumbling of the upcoming summer tempest in by bones.

I'm sure there will be enough voters to make Wind Chimes #1, it doesn't need my golden vote.

Bonnie, I'm glad to have managed my votes on a musical base. You know I'm a guy who easily gets political. Thinking about Christchurch, I can't eat enough to fuel my vomiting.

Read you next week.
Larry Franz

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Since this is the last day, and no Kinks/Lovin' Spoonful/XTC week would be complete without these:

"All Day and All of the Night"

"You Didn't Have To Be So Nice"

"Pale and Precious"

bonnie -- thanks again!

And of course:

Watching girls in the air can really get you bad.
Tom Tobben

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Thanks, bonnie, for an excellent week for us all to pause and reflect on our good BOTB colleague, t, who brought us lots of fine music, a few esoteric nuggets, and excellent knowledge of the music he enjoyed most. 

And, as others have mentioned, my deepest sympathies to all New Zealanders, especially all who were directly impacted by the recent heinous terrorist attack by a right wing white supremacist. Much is made of radical Islamic terrorists, but in the US and places elsewhere, the right wing white supremacist fringe have proven to be the greater actual threat. And, whether he acknowledges it or not, Trump, the NRA in the US, and Trump's type elsewhere have enabled these radical extremists and given them voice to come out from under the rocks and caves where they were previously hiding and outwardly vent their hatred. This madness must end, but I don't currently see an end in sight, at least in the US, because our elected leaders refuse to take any serious action regarding right wing nationalist extremists and the violence and hatred some of them espouse.  

I must also acknowledge I had no idea that "Buzz Clique" was t's alter-ego. What an entertaining character, and a real counterpoint to our regular music lover t bedford! "Buzz" always made me chuckle with his techno commentary. 

Also, I'd like to recognize another of t's lesser-known artists, Robert Wyatt, formerly of Soft Machine, who went on to form Matching Mole, whose music t shared with us on more than one occasion. Here's the lovely "O Caroline":

My votes this week:

Gold -- "Summer in the City", Lovin' Spoonful. This is one of my favorites from the mid-60s and it captures so well the essence of the hot, sweaty summer weather and sounds in our large cities. 

Silver -- "You Really Got Me", Kinks. Perhaps one of the earliest true ROCK songs of the 60s era. Iconic and still full of that young rock band energy and angst!

Bronze -- "Wind Chimes", Beach Boys. Just one of a number of lovely and very original songs from Brian's second masterpiece in a row, SMiLE. Too bad the album did not get released in its original time, and we had to settle for bits of the album on Smiley Smile ("a bunt instead of a grand slam" as Carl Wilson aptly described) and later albums. 

Tin -- "Generals and Majors", XTC. Though I knew a couple of old XTC songs previously, it was t's frequent introduction of XTC songs that led me to get their greatest hits collection and become familiar with more of their music. My personal favorite XTC songs is this one:

bonnie, an excellent and very thoughtful tribute week to our late fellow BOTB music lover t bedford!

paul g adsett

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reply a bit restricted this week
(venezia called...).
the selections are a worthy nod to bedders
(though I'm pretty dashed sure he would've picked
some more esoteric numbers).
exceedingly difficult to differentiate 'twixt the 4,
gold:The Kinks, You Really Got Me
- sacred!

silver: TXC, Generals and Majors
- sacrê bleu!

bronze: The Beach Boys, Wind Chimes
- sacrilege!

tin:The Lovin' Spoonful, Summer in the City
- sacrificed...

any one of 'em might be gold in other weeks.
I raised a negroni to mr bedford
in a tiny bar in venezia earlier...
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