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According to the Express in the UK, you guys are in for a Brian Wilson Beach Boys show! 😃

It is not uncommon to see a Beach Boys concert or tour promotion news article muddle the distinction between The Beach Boys and a Brian Wilson show, but this one from Express (Home of the Daily and Sunday Express) is exceptionally bemusing. Not only do they name Brian as the frontman for The Beach Boys, Brian is also likely to sing “Kokomo” on this tour. And to top it off the article includes a video titled “The Beach Boys Are Back” with Piers Morgan interviewing Mike and Bruce commiserating over how Trump is under appreciated. ???
At least the link to purchase tickets for the tour in the article connects to the CORRECT band!

“Brian Wilson tour: How to get tickets for Beach Boys UK tour - when are they on sale?
THE BEACH BOYS are well loved, especially the current frontman Brian Wilson - so how can you get tickets for their upcoming UK tour?”

What a field-day for the heat 
A thousand people in the street 
Singing songs and carrying signs 
Mostly say, hooray for our side 
It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound 
Everybody look what's going down”
— FWIW, Buffalo Springfield 

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That's the Express for you
paul g adsett

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immensely shoddy headline and sub-editing, there.
muddying the distinction 'twixt the touring conglomerates,
rather than the writer.
along comes the 'kokomo' faux pas!
and, to add added insult,
a three year old clip of the franchise pair
swing the whoe thing in a completely unnecessary direction.

it's not as though the express can be relied on for the truth...


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Hi everyone

I was just wondering if any of you can help me. I’m going to see Brian for the first time at the Birmingham symphony hall and was wondering what sort of merchandise do they have at their concerts.

Plus also I’m going to the meet and greet and can anyone tell me what their experiences of a meet and greet so I know what’ to expect

Thank you

Enjoy your start of the new week

Ang Jones

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Usually, T shirts, posters, CDs are available but obviously things change from show to show - it's official merchandise some of which may be available in the store on this site.

As for the meet and greets, usually you will be invited to have a photograph taken whilst standing behind the place where Brian and Al are seated. You may get the chance to speak to Brian but in my experience, any exchanges are likely to be quite short and sweet!

The fans often arrange pre show meet-ups and they are worth attending! 

Hope you have a wonderful show! I'll be at Symphony Hall too - it's a great venue!

This is what the Meet and Greet details show 

  • Early entry into the venue
  • Exclusive preshow meet & greet with Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, & Blondie Chaplin
  • Personal photograph with Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, & Blondie Chaplin
  • Collectible tour poster autographed by Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, & Blondie Chaplin
  • Specially designed Brian Wilson tote bag
  • Commemorative ticket
  • Official meet & greet laminate
  • On-site host
  • Very limited availability

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Hi everyone, this is Jan from Germany!

If the Corona Virus doesn't stop the concerts from taking place I will be:

- Front row in London, Royal Albert Hall, UK
- Front row in Munich, Germany
- Front row in Lingen, Germany

Really looking forward to!

Anyone know when the VIP packages go on sale? And is there a chance he might be signing something again during the M&G and not just pre-sign something?

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Are tickets bought for June 13th 2020 now valid for the rescheduled concerts in 2021 or will they get refunded and have to buy again?
Mine was bought via telephone and LiveNation website is useless for any decent information.
paul g adsett

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ah, gdraft,
would that our brave new world were self-evidently explicable.
once a polly-tito we knew where we stood,
even if it was in deep doo doo.
oh, the vagaries of our redefined existence,
of the shuffling taking place due to weieierd circumstances,
of the empire of tkting...

if the websites aren't clear,
that's not for lack of, um, obfuscation.
there's certainly no immediarightinyerface clarificatoration.
one has to be alert in order to keep up with what's whatitty.
a blanket banner headline might reinforce what's uppity up
(yellow, with or without green chevron border),
but mum's the word.

and the wisely word is - tkts for rescheduled events,
across the boardylope (i don't know of any excepticons)
remain valid for the new daticon on the caledrode.
- most acts / festivals seem to have just moved on a year.
same seat, just delayerating gratification a tad.
if the event is cancelopicled completely (not shunted forweeonward)
the tkt price will be automatically refunderised.
with reschedified thingummies, there's severoid optilodes.
if you can't, or don't want to, attend the freshly squeezed date,
or just prefer the refund to spend on the reeferfund
(or maybe the reeperbahn in some mythical future) 
and try your lucky clover nearer the time,
y'can get yer dosh back, entitled to
(though those who've bought scalped tkts are in for a what'sit. deepjoy!.
otherwise y'need do nothing.
no kerfuffling required.
other, of course, other than stay alert
as you keep y'self busy doing nothin'...

all hail the primal ministing speechode.
hope that hasn't muddied the murk.
i'd offer to draft gov't guidelines but,...

oh, and welcome to the draughty halls of residence here on the blueboard.
may your tenure bring you deep joy in the funderlodes.
from sunny brighton
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