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I've noticed in recent years that Brian sometimes sounds really good in his vocals and other times just not so much. For example, on the TWGMTR album you hear that contrast.  I've yearned for years to hear Brian really return to form, vocally. You would hear some of his old vocal "sweetness" on certain tracks, such as "Summer's Gone" or "Pacific Coast Highway" ... "Forever, She'll be My Surfer Girl".  Those songs really make my ears tickle [smile]

Having downloaded NPP this morning, I'm thrilled to say that his vocals are, to my ears, the sweetest since 1974. He really hits the "sweet spot" on his leads on almost every song.  There is a lot of falsetto singing by him, personally.  It's really ear candy and he's singing with a sense of emotion and heartfelt peace that I've not heard from him in a long time.

Having listened to the whole album, I'm gonna say these are his best vocals since 1974. Lot's of falsetto and very little gravel.  Even better than the Gershwin record.

Thrilled!  More later.

I'd be interested to hear your opinions. 

Brian, we love you [love]
Jeremy L

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   I remember reading an interview a few years back where someone from Brian's band said he is able at times to bring back a bit of his trademark falsetto when singing in the studio.  I think it was around the time of the Gershwin album where Brian said that he was working with a vocals coach. So if he's been working on strengthening his singing voice it shows.

     I mean Brian will never get back to how he sounded during the 60s but his voice is a heck of a lot better than how it sounded during the late 70s.  But obviously heavy smoking did some damage to his voice during those years.


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His voice sounds great on NPP.  

And Brian's great current voice is made to sound even better on the Target / UK version when The Last Song jarringly goes into the rough demo of In the Back of My Mind.  
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