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Cantina Margarita

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Hi guys,

my bronze ranking.

Letter from America (The Proclaimers – 1987)
Scotland‘s reply to Simon & Garfunkel … the only GREAT song this week. Fingers crossed that it might progress by some rule.

Manic Monday (The Bangles – 1986)
solid 1980s mainstream quality, with an interlude that irritates a bit. But OK.

No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach’s In) (The T-Bones – 1965)
musically as good as „Sloop John B.“, but vocals fall down … uhm … just a little bit

All I Wanna Do (The Beach Boys – 1970)
good song, ahead of its time, but lousy production … but however, this whole Sunflower thing turns out to be the best record they did together after Pet Sounds and before TWGMTR.

If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind (Agnetha Fältskog – 2004)
it‘s one of her „good advice for you to comply with me“ songs. All those efforts, by far, didn‘t reach this one:

A real diva, and an unbelievable songwriting team. Sorry for that "Germania" trash.

Red Rubber Ball (The Cyrkle – 1966)
I can‘t ignore being familiar with The Seekers‘ version. On it, Judith makes Harvey join in, and it‘s him what I‘m always hearing.

7TH Jet Airliner (album version) (The Steve Miller Band - 1977)
8TH Centerfield (live) (John Fogerty - 1997)
9TH Kiss the Girl (Brian Wilson - 2011)
… all these three are a little too American for me. I just don‘t get the spirit.

California Feelin’ (The Beach Boys - 1974 & 1978/2013)
… Carl2SO4 + 2 HCl + 3 H2O  + Reverb ==> California Formula

Thank you Daren for compiling them for the season‘s crunchtime, they make a very interesting extra round. You do all the work and we have all the fun.

paul g adsett

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deary me
- hard to shuffle some of 'em.
there's quite a few similarities in style with some. 
it's always a juggle 'twixt wrestllng with
'best' as in finest composition /production / performance
and 'personal favourite' as in the ones that resonate more readily
- this week, one's got a very local brighton / south coast beat group connection (#)
that recalls my yoof
(i think i mentioned my school chum's brother replacing keith emerson);
one's co-written by a dear friend (*)
and i have very fond memory
of being regaled with a recitaton in situ at three arch bay, laguna beach.
(along with ashley and an appreciative californian blueboarder chum.
phil rotella,
invited along for the day out).

so, here goes, from the top down:

 1: 'letter from america'
 2: 'all i wanna do'
 3: 'california feelin''
 4: 'jet airliner'
 5: 'no matter what shape (your stomach’s in)' (#)
 6: 'kiss the girl'
 7: 'red rubber ball'
 8: 'manic monday'
 9:  'if i thought you’d ever change your mind'
10: 'centerfield'

bonnie bella

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Battle of the Bronzes ...

1)  The Bangles - Manic Monday. Serious soft spot for this song. It also raises a genuine sentiment one-seventh of the the time.

2)  The Beach Boys - All I Wanna Do. Ethereal. Not boring at all.

3)  Brian Wilson - Kiss The Girl. Gorgeous. Love it.

4)  The Proclaimers - Letter From America. Shame this didn't get into my top three. Bursting with energy.

5)  The Steve Miller Band - Jet Airliner. While I can hardly understand him (the line "oh,oh, big ol' jet airliner" sounds to me like "big hotel Carolina", so I'm always confused as to whether he's coming or going).

Six would have been The Beach Boys with California Feeling. I've shuffled this song and Letter From America a dozen times, but this is my final decision. 

Hi Ho Silver!


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery


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All I Wanna Do  10 pts
If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind  9
Manic Monday 8
Red Rubber Ball 7
California Feelin’  6
Kiss the Girl  5
Letter from America 4
Centerfield 3
No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach’s In) 2
Jet Airliner 1

Darren J. Ray

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The polling booth has closed. 

No more votes will be allowed. 

Results to follow. 
paul g adsett

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just a quick thankyou
to john b for the critique of 'jet airliner'
- accurate and an (almost) embarrassing read.
it is, of course, complete bollocks
and you rightly suss that out and expose the song and mr miller.
but, please spare a thought for those who consumed the product
under the regular mores of the time.
forgive them, for they knew no better...
and it still chugs along in an out of fashion fashion.

yours sincerely,
with due attention to epismetology
and pompatus,
Darren J. Ray

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Before I post the final scores, thanks very much to the last voters - Cantina, paul, bonnie and DAN. 

Cantina, 'Letter from America' was a surprise to me and its host, stkilda4ever. He said in his Week 13 that he only chose it to fit a theme and had never heard of it before. He also voted it last this week!

It's had plenty of love. 

I'd forgotten about that ABBA song and have played it several times today. 

Harvey!! You've been watching too many Mamas & Papas documentaries!

paul, thanks for making it. More love for the Proclaimers. 

bonnie, we've included 'California Feelin'' as your 6th spot and given the remaining unranked 2.5 points each. 

There are precedents. Cindy picked a Top 6 and Verden went with a Top 7. 

We've also accommodated for unusual rankings in previous years the same way. It's not great as we immediately start dealing in half points but workable if need be. 

Either way, however we interpreted bonnie's rankings, the final positions remain the same. 

And here they come.....

Darren J. Ray

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Results from Week 2 of the Play-Offs (Battle of the Bronzes)...

Hi everyone.

Here are the results from Week 2 of the Play-Offs (the Battle of the Bronzes):- 


1. Manic Monday (The Bangles - 1986) (two 1st places) - 93

2. All I Wanna Do (The Beach Boys - 1970) (four 1st places) - 89

3. Red Rubber Ball (The Cyrkle - 1966) (nil 1st places) - 80.5

4. Jet Airliner (album version) (The Steve Miller Band - 1977) (two 1st places) - 75

5. Letter from America (The Proclaimers - 1987) (two 1st places) - 74.5

6. Kiss the Girl (Brian Wilson - 2011) (nil 1st places) - 64

7. No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach’s In) (The T-Bones - 1965) (one 1st place) - 61

8. If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind (Agnetha Fältskog - 2004) (one 1st place) - 60

9. Centerfield (live) (John Fogerty - 1997) (one 1st place) - 59.5

10. California Feelin’ (The Beach Boys - 1974 & 1978/2013) (nil 1st places) - 58.5

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.

We had 13 voters for the week.

Special thanks again to D.A.N for scrutinising the votes for me.

Congratulations to Al Forsyth who selected ‘Manic Monday’ in his Week 31.

The songs that beat The Bangles in Week 31 were ‘You’re So Good to Me’ (The Beach Boys - 1965) and ‘Let’s Hang On!’ (The Four Seasons - 1965).

All three songs now progress to the Preliminary Final.

In theory, Al may have picked the Gold, Silver & Bronze (1st, 2nd & 3rd) songs of the year in the same week (Week 31), but time will tell.

Over the past 10 years, the winners of the Bronze Play-Off have been:

Season I - ‘Stop! In the Name of Love’ (The Supremes) (Wow! Great Concert!) *
Season II - ‘Time Has Come Today’ (The Chambers Brothers) (Tom Tobben) (finished 6th in Preliminary Final)
Season III - ‘California Dreamin’’ (The Mamas and the Papas) (Tom Tobben) (finished 5th in Preliminary Final)
Season IV - ‘Wishing’ (Buddy Holly) (D.A.N) (finished 8th in Preliminary Final)
Season V - ‘Hawaii’ (The Beach Boys) (Jo McGuire) (finished 8th in Preliminary Final)
Season VI - ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music’ (“Mama” Cass Elliot) (Deb#1) *
Season VII - ‘Be My Baby’ (The Ronettes) (Cindy Hood) (finished 6th in Preliminary Final)
Season VIII - ‘Oh, Pretty Woman’ (Roy Orbison) (t Bedford) (finished 4th in Preliminary Final)
Season IX - ‘Everybody’s Talkin’’ (Nilsson) (Cindy Hood) *
Season X - ‘Manic Monday’ (The Bangles) (Al Forsyth) ?

* In Seasons I, VI and IX, the winners of the Bronze Play-off did not progress to the Preliminary Final as, in these cases, the songs that won Silver in their original weeks (respectively, ‘Gimme Shelter’, ‘Get Off of My Cloud, both by the Rolling Stones, and ‘River Song’ by Dennis Wilson) qualified for the Silver Play-Off and came 5th, 4th and 7th.

For some reason, Bronze Play-Offs have a history of producing close results.

Check these out: 

Season I
1. Stop! In the Name Of Love (The Supremes - 1965) (three 1st places) - 112
2. Dance to the Music (Sly & the Family Stone - 1968) (one 1st place) - 112
3. Imagine (John Lennon - 1971) (five 1st places) - 110
4. Rag Doll (The Four Seasons - 1964) (one 1st place) - 110

Season II
1. Time Has Come Today (The Chambers Brothers - 1967) (three 1st places) - 126
2. See Me, Feel Me/Listening To You (The Who - 1975) (six 1st places) - 125 

Season IV
1. Wishing (Buddy Holly - 1958/1963) (five 1st places) - 169
2. Sunshine Superman (Donovan - 1966) (four 1st places) - 169

Season VI
1. Make Your Own Kind of Music (“Mama” Cass Elliot - 1969) (four 1st places) - 143
2. Man on the Moon (R.E.M. - 1992) (six 1st places) - 141

Season IX
1. Everybody’s Talkin’ (Nilsson - 1968) (three 1st places) - 129
2. American Pie (Don McLean - 1971) (five 1st places) - 128

Season X
1. Manic Monday (The Bangles - 1986) (two 1st places) - 93
2. All I Wanna Do (The Beach Boys - 1970) (four 1st places) - 89

‘All I Wanna Do’ and ‘Red Rubber Ball’ battled it out for top position much of the week until ‘Manic Monday’ hit the lead via voter #9 (David W) and was never headed after that.

All songs polarised.

Every song received multiple Top 3 rankings.

‘Manic Monday’ and ‘All I Wanna Do’ received the most – seven each.

It became a case of the least polarising song winning.

‘Manic Monday’ received only one bottom 3 ranking (from paul g adsett).

Every other song received multiple bottom 3 rankings. ‘All I Wanna Do’ received four (from yours truly, stkilda4ever, Tom Tobben and David).

The lowest score for ‘Manic Monday’ was its 8th place (from paul).

Four songs did not receive a single 10th place from any voter. They were ‘Manic Monday’, ‘Kiss the Girl’, ‘No Matter What Shape’ and ‘If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind’.

Four songs received at least one 1st place and at least one 10th place: ‘All I Wanna Do’ (four and one), ‘Jet Airliner’ (two and two), ‘Letter from America’ (two and two) and ‘Centerfield’ (one and one).

The most outright 10th places went to the very polarising ‘Jet Airliner’ and ‘Letter from America’ with two each.

Three songs failed to receive a single 1st place. They were ‘Red Rubber Ball’, ‘Kiss the Girl’ and ‘California Feelin’’.

The least Top 3 rankings went to ‘No Matter What Shape’ and ‘California Feelin’’ with just two each.

‘All I Wanna Do’ was the only track with a previous entry in the Battle. Both times it has made play-offs.

Its history:

- a Gold in Week 6 of Season VI, 6th in Preliminary Final (bonnie bella),
- a Bronze in Week 32 of Season X, 2nd in Bronze Play-Off (bonnie bella)

The 1985 studio recording of ‘Centerfield’ also won a Bronze in Week 38 of Season VI (Deb#1). It failed to make the play-offs.

A 1973 recording of ‘Jet Airliner’ by its composer, Paul Pena, posthumously released in 2000, won the Silver in Week 19 of Season III (Teenage Symphony) and came 7th in its Silver Play-Off.

It's double congratulations to Al.

‘Manic Monday’ becomes the first song from the 1980s to win any play-off.

From the 47 play-offs to date, the most popular year is 1965 with nine wins.

1960 and 1962 are the only years from the ‘60s not to have a winner yet.

The earliest winner so far is ‘Mona Lisa’ (Nat King Cole) from 1950.

The few winners from the ‘70s have consisted only of George Harrison, The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones, obviously all icons from the ‘60s.

Here is the current break down:

1950  1

1958/1963  1



1964  7

1965  9

1966  5

1966 & 1967/2011  1  

1966 & 1971/2011  1

1967  5

1968  3

1969  2

1970  2

1971  1

1972  1

1978  1

1986  1

The competition now goes up a notch as we push on to the Battle of the Silvers.

This week is now closed. 


Tom Tobben

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Wow, Darren! The mid-60s, from 1963-1967, have clearly dominated.
Darren J. Ray

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They have, Tom. 

No doubt the board demographic has much to do with that. 

Songs from the '80s through to now have traditionally had a hard time even in regular weeks unless the singer's last name is Wilson with first name Brian. 

But, get this, not one Brian solo song has ever won a play-off! 
John B

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you're welcome, paul, but I some how I did buy two (2) Steve Miller albums.  My theory is that in the states at least, there were these offers in magazines, you could pick (usually, choose stamps) about 10 albums for a nickel, and the only obligation was to buy 3 more at "regular" (inflated) price in the next 1-2 years.  that must be it, and how I also got a Captain and Tennile... (sp?).

and Darren is right.  my tastes are worse than being a gnat against a battleship, I motivate the battleship's supporters to fire back!   I should remember this is in case U2 ever makes a playoff, I'd hate my insults to result in a U2 victory!

on other matters:  Go 49'ers!
Darren J. Ray

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I should remember this is in case U2 ever makes a playoff, I'd hate my insults to result in a U2 victory!


Never fear. If Bozo and his bandmates are ever in a play-off, I'm in your corner, John B. 
John B

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great!   "Abra cadabra, gonna reach out and grab ya!" 
Al Forsyth

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Funny, because I'm not really an 80's fan but it is the decade that gave us image over content and where we live now in the pop world - but we here at usually don't fall for the hypesters. Although Madonna and Mr. Jacko did kind of dominate the 80's, Prince is the underlying muso genius who doesn't always get his due.  Couple this with really a fine group (The Bangles) and you have the song.  I LOVE playing MM on the acoustic guitar - a simple ditty really but fun and touching all at the same time.  Everyone can identify with it. 

This was from my girls vs. the guys week and the girls brought the guys up into playoffs.  I also had Bananarama in that week - no such luck. 

Time it goes sooooo fast ...
The artist:

Thanks Darren for everything and BBers for voting MM in. 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
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